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    Uhg, not a fan!

    We have had the new keyboards at work for some time now, and I would say about 85% of us do not like them at all. It is incredibly uncomfortable to type on, the keys are flat instead of curved like a MacBook and I am constantly missing the space bar and some letters while typing. It's also hard to keep clean, since dust and debris can easily get in behind the keys. They are cool looking, but completely impractical.

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    I have been through four of these keyboards!! I loved the feel and all the special Mac related keys, so I kept giving them chances. The last two I left in the plastic to make sure they got no dust etc in them. They all just stopped working. Beware, these keyboards may die on you.

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    Looks good. Works not so good.

    Fabulous looking keyboard. Horrible performance. It seems that you really need to press the keys or it doesn't register. Same thing with the Shift key seems like you have to depress it in the middle or it doesn't sense it. I would serious consider looking on ebay or the used market for the previous style keyboard or gulp!, third-party keyboard. Just doesn't have the right feel. Go to your Apple Store and try it first.

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    The worst keyboard I ever used

    While the design is sleek and trim looking, it is andexample of form over function. The result is a keyword that is just plain awful. It's like the keyboard from a cheap laptop from a company you never heard of. The Apple keyboard it replaced was much, much better. The product managers at Apple must have decided that it was better to have a cool looking keyboard than one that incorporated basic principles of ergomonic design. And to be honest, the more you look at it the more it just looks like a cheap piece of hardware.

    If you look at most well-designed keyboards you will see that each individual key is slightly concave so your fingers settle into the keys. You will also notice the keyboard itself has a gentle curve as the keyboard rises toward the back. Not this one. It is not easy to type on and you end up making more typos. I really hope Apple replaces this with a keyboard that is designed to please the human body not just the human eye.

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    Many typos due to fingernails (and mine are not long at all)! I touch-type and have for many years, and my error rate has gone up significantly. I thought it would pass after I adjusted to the new keyboard, but so far no luck. Especially on the bottom row, I find myself having to type on the tips of my nails, which slide easily over the flat keys. I am a writer, and spend a lot of time on my keyboard so functionality is all I care about. I do like that the "F" keys are permanently labled.

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    Poor choice for a fast, touch typist

    I think BK from MÜNCHEN sums it up nicely. I have tried to use this keyboard for about six months now after my last one wore out. I am about to give up. I love my Macs but my love does not extend to this good looking but inadequate keyboard. Apple needs to design one that is both good to look at and works.

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    poor quality, nice design

    A beautiful design and it looks impressive on your desk. However, this is not a keyboard for serious work. you can push down a key beyond the touch point without seeing a response. This is unacceptable for a professional user. Especially the return key is a design error.
    if you hit this key on its vertical part or a bit off center you often see no response.
    The keyboard I bought also had one faulty key ("3") with a wobbling response, an unprecise touch point.
    Although I got used to the exrtremely short key hubs, a keyboard with short hub needs to have a precise, reliable touch point, and this keyboard is not precise enough. If you are trained and type fast, you will get annoyed very soon.

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    Worst keyboard ever.

    This is the worst keyboard I have ever used.
    There is almost no tactile feedback, key travel is horribly short and painful to type on.

    It does look great on the desk, but thats about it.
    If you type a lot, this is not the keyboard for you.

    I regret having to even give this product a single star, 0 would be the most appropriate.

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    Sorry guys... style over substance doesn't cut it

    After three months I thought I would be getting used to this keyboard, but it isn't happening. It is the poorest keyboard I've ever used. Never a complaint about Apple keyboards on G5's, PowerBooks, iMacs... but this is another matter. The keys are flat, not concave so the surfaces are very close to one another. There is little or no feel or travel to them. I have never made as many typos in my life as with this design. Inexcusable to sacrifice performance over appearance as has been done in this situation.

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    I hate this keyboard. It is awkward and inconvenient. Here's why:

    Apparently Apple never considered that high end professional users of it's hardware may use SEVERAL software packages that have important functions mapped to the F keys.

    The utterly stupid design of this keyboard commandeers the F keys for system functionality such as controlling widgets and brightness...things that can be easily controlled from the dashboard and system preferences. If you needed to have extra keys so badly, why didn't you just put a thin row of extra keys above the F keys and leave the F keys alone???

    This design flaw has left me with having to remap my F keys for my Autodesk 3d design software and the entire Adobe CS3... Unfortunately, the new higher F keys that Apple has provided are not recognized by these companies and are therefore entirely useless at this time.

    In this same vein, the HELP key in the bank of keys to the left of the numeric keypad is gone, and has been replaced by an *fn* key which must be pressed in order to access the traditional uses of the F keys. This defies logic to me for F keys have always embodied convenient shortcuts for all types of computing. Counterintuitively, the need to push this STUPID fn key, to access the traditional functions of the F keys is extremely inconvenient and practically renders the F keys unusable. This *fn* key is not even located anyplace near the control, command, or option keys on the extended keyboard layout.


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    Nice but useless USP ports

    Why would Apple make a keyboard USB port that doesn't have enough power to sync your Iphone or Ipod? The keyboard is really nice but I bought it to make Syncing my Iphone easier. Should have read these reviews first. Lessoned learned. I did mention I wanted to use the USB for my Iphone to the cute little girl at the Apple store and she told me that's what it was for. Maybe Apple needs a little tech support training for their staff.

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    If you use F-Keys for other apps, this keyboard Stinks

    The brightness, volume control, etc are all taken up by the F-keys.
    I have many custom shortcuts and scripts set up in photoshop that are activated by pressing an F-Key. Now i have to turn off my system's ability to change volume and brightness from my keyboard (which is frustrating to NOT have on a keyboard level) or sacrifice all my F-key shortcuts.

    Plus, while typing, this keyboard does not always recognize the keys you press. This keyboard stinks. I am going to take my old keyboard off my 2 year old G5.

    I love apple but they always miss the boat when it comes to this stuff... their Hockey puck mouse is another great example of their follies...

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    awful terrible idea

    Why would anyone want to use a bad notebook keyboard with their desktop pc? This thing is just like the MacBook keyboard with the chiclet keys! A keyboard, like a mouse, must be functional before you make it cool. This on is totally cool but the function is awful.

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    One of the worst keyboards I've used

    For those of us who really can type versus hunt and peck ~ this has no redeeming recommendations. Keys aren't responsive ~ you have to go back and hit the dang thing a couple of times. I've talk to the store who said they've had several return. If they would sell the old white classic keyboard, I've buy it. This is a REAL PIECE OF JUNK. If I could rate this with negative stars I would.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    NOT for FAST TYPISTS - space bar not responsive

    This is not a keyboard for fast typists. I type moderately fast, about 65 wpm, and am now on the second replacement - the third keyboard - of the aluminum model. I'll be returning it for a refund. The other two lasted a week before the space bar started malfunctioning, not registering spaces so words would string together, forcing me to go back repeatedly and separate words, an incredible waste of time and patience. It got progressively worse.

    This third one lasted a day. I'm now back on Apple's previous white model in the plastic tray, not nearly as slick, but it's nice and I'll take function over form any day.

    I wish Apple would fix the space bar problem, because otherwise I mostly love the keyboard, the easy touch, the beautiful design. My only other problem with it (and the white model as well) is the light gray and often too small characters. The F keys are half-size with tiny numbers and icons which I find impossible to read.

    I solve the light gray problem on Apple keyboards by using permanent black marker to darken and enlarge key characters, such as X,C,V, B,U,I, punctuation and hot-key functions.

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    Apple Wireless Keyboard not up to their usual standards

    My thin Apple wireless keyboard was replaced with this keyboard and I absolutely hate it and use my keyboard on my MacBook. If I could give negative stars, I would give it minus 4 stars!

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    Please are all of you kids?

    Is everyone posting on this board a kid who uses a blackberry or something?

    Look, the guy that designed the keyboard probably won an award, it's beautiful.

    But for anyone who 'touch types'. It's horrible. It's like typing on a huge calculator keypad. Old typewriters and YES the evil PC keyboard was designed the way it is for a reason; it's the most comfortable to type on.

    Try typing on this thing for a day or week and you will end up with carpal tunnel syndrome fast! My boss bought me a new keyboard AND mouse by the way...the minute he saw the keyboard. I work for an ad agency and I type ALL day. I can't type on this thing!

    But yes....it's beautiful! Is Apple going to keep it around like that little round mouse they had on the original Imac that was soo horrible and uncomfortable; just to prove some point? No one liked the round mouse either.

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    New Keyboard

    I dislike the new keyboard. It is fine aesthetically, but not ergonomically. It is too low, it slides too easily. It hurts my wrists and my fingers to use it. It is not for someone who writes all day. I think it would be fine for a child's hands but not for a grown person's hands--at least not mine. The old keyboard was better. I am replacing this with an ergonomic model.

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    Love it EXCEPT...

    Doesn't play well with early Intel iMacs running Tiger. I cannot boot from the DiskWarrior CD which may mean I can't boot from the iMac disk, either. I am finding others having problems with this. It works fine on the newer iMacs running Leopard. There is no info on the Apple site that I can find that tells you this and I was told the keyboard was compatible with my setup. I'm a little unhappy because now I can't buy the older keyboard that worked fine with my Mac.

    Of note, I was able to boot from my MacBook Pro just fine.

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    Apple Keyboards Getting Worse and Worse

    First of all, Apple is making more and more products for people who do not have longer nails. This new keyboard was a problem for me because the flat, slippery keys caused nails to slid all over the place, causing LOTS of errors. Furthermore, some keys/key combinations worked sometimes and not others, including shift-control and the space bar. In a nutshell: LOTS OF TYPING ERRORS due to 1) design, and, 2) due to key malfunctions. Let the buyer beware and let Apple produce a keyboard with "old-fashioned" mechanical keyswitches, improving typing, not degrading it.

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