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    What the F -- keys??

    I went back to using my original "white" keyboard based solely on the F key layout. exposé is, for me, a very handy feature for quickly switching between programs and documents. Now I find myself accidentally ADJUSTING THE VOLUME??? Bring back fully functional F9 thru F12 keys and we'll talk. Looks good though!

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    From seventeen years a Mac user: Congratulations to Apple - they have reinvented the keyboard. The trouble is, it didn't need re-inventing. Instead of giving us form over function for $49, why can't we have a keyboard with the feel of Apple keyboards of old, for which a lot of us would be entirely prepared to pay more? I know of many die-hard Apple users who are still using Apple Extendeds of early 1990s vintage. True, this new keyboard seems to be an improvement over the previous horrors, but its low profile and complete lack of adjustability fly in the face of ergonomic standards. And what's with the tiny Return key? But hey, it looks cool... and that's all that seems to matter these days. Jonathan, see me after class.

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    USB Useless

    I like the design and the function of the keyboard, however the big shortfall is in the USB connections. The ports are useless because they do not supply any power to run devises. For example want to plug in your IPOD it won't work, want to plug in a USB wireless mouse no go.
    I called tech support and received two different answers. The first one was that the keyboard I have is defective, and the other answer I received from the store is that the USB on the keyboard is USB 1 and it will not power anything.

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    usb 2.0?

    The feel of the keys is great, but the usb ports are completely useless. I get an "underpowered" warning when I try to use my sandisk flash drive. This is the same flash drive that worked fine on my old wired keyboard with usb 1.1.

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