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    KVM doesn't work!

    I am currently using the clear plastic Apple keyboard with a G7 wireless mouse. They are connected to a Iogear USB switch that connect a Apple G4 and a Sony desktop. The clear plastic Apple keyboard works GREAT in this Mac-PC network. Until I brought the brand new aluminum USB keyboard today, the keyboard simply does nothing with the KVM switch. Apple can do better than this. Don't they know how many Mac-PC users in the world? Please tell who ever doing the keyboard design to fix this problem ASAP! Also, please tell who ever doing marketing in the Apple headquarter, IT IS NOT ABOUT MAKING PC USERS SWITCHING TO MAC or MAKING PC WINDOWS WORKING IN MAC OS ENVIRONMENT, it is CO-EXIST - STUPID! Without PC comparison, people won't think Apple design is so cool. A lot of people, like me, in the world using both Mac and PC with KVM switch. Can't Apple fix a simple problem like this?

    ps. The 1-Star is for the good design of the box. For a keyboard doesn't work, there is no stars for it.

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    I bought this to replace the existing Apple "Crumb Catcher" keyboard I use with a KVM between my Mac Mini and Dell tower. Well, the Mac Mini won't recognize it through the KVM - yet the Dell does. So, it works fine on Windows but doesn't with my Mini. Infuriating. Such has been my 3 year journey with the Mac. This is the end of the road. I'm done with Apple.

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    Great Style at the Expense of Function

    I love the new style. Today I went to the Apple Store to check it out. But I didn't buy one. I find the changes to the F keys, as well as their smaller size, undesirable. I use a lot of professional apps were the F keys are used often. There is the system preference to make the F keys use the software function, but the keyboard doesn't have a Fn key to make the F keys use the hardware function. (Perhaps Shift? or Option?) I am also a laptop user and ideally I would like to use a full size wireless keyboard. Neither of the new keyboards fulfills my needs.

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