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    Mac External Extended Wired Keyboards

    I have 3. The oldest, 2010, I use at work because the company supplied ones are nasty. Works perfectly. No2, 2014 lost a line of keys after 1 year, No 3, 2015, has just lost 3 numeric keys. Tried it on a different computer to no avail. I notice that the 'feel' of the newer ones is not as good as the 2010 version. I have been advised to take the failing ones to an Apple store, but at the price they are I really resent having to appeal to Apple to back products just out of warranty. I can buy a cheap and nasty keyboard that lasts for years, Apple ones, sleek, impressive and nice to use appear to be sub standard on the longevity test.

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    Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

    PROS: Keyboard

    CONS: USB extension cable. WARNING - for Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad ONLY !

    A sort of proprietary USB 2.0 connection that will not fit any other USB device or cable. As a result physical damage can occur if connected ( I damaged a cable itself and a 4 Gb drive due to this)

    Apple please provide an additional replacement and supply via store of extension cables alone. I will gladly pay to get a new one...

    Thank you

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    Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad (not fully working with 10.5.8)

    KeyBoard works overall, but the Delete keys can not be held down to perform continuous delete. You have to keep hitting the delete buttons, one letter at a time.

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    Very Nice

    Much better feel than the old fullsize. However, the old fullsize was wireless/BT why not this one? Would have been great!

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    This keyboard is much better that on the Macbook Pro, but the 'documentation is worse than useless - misleading, vague and intended for other keyboards, as is Apple's online information. There are 19 function keys, but what the last 6 are for or how to program, them is probably buried under some rock. The placement of the keys is easier to use than other Apple keyboards, and having page up and down, home and end keys is a relief for a professional writer. These work differently in different programs, Wish I didn't have to get the Numeric Keypad with it, but nothing's perfect. There are third party keyboards designed like that - with the middle row of keys - for the Mac, but they all work differently and most vendors won't let you try them out.

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    Excellent keyboard, the keys have great and crisp feel,it has great design, but one of the reasons i bought this product was because apple told us it has 2 2.0 usb built in ports so i can plug in any device i want.
    You simply can´t plug any usb flash drive or an ipod, because the system tells you that the usb ports are low powered.
    So that´s a big disappointment for me, other than that, it´s all good!!

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    style and function

    I truly enjoy this keyboard but after a few months the "6^" key went nuts and randomly types sixes. The key "7&" has failed. I can't attest to the quality of this product as I can to my other Apple products. I don't have an Apple store locally and our Apple products seller here only warrants for 10 days. Maybe you'll have better luck than I did.

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    Pet Peeves got the best of me...

    Overall good keyboard. I bought this keyboard because it was easier to type on. I previously had the old white wireless keyboard with numeric pad, but I was getting tired of all the typo's I was having because I have to put more effort into pressing the buttons down hard. And when time is an issue (which is always the case for me) and you need to type up a template or respond to an email quickly, it gets really annoying.

    So I bought this wired keyboard because of the numeric pad (I don't know why the aluminum wireless ones don't have 'em; very unprofessional) and the issue was resolved. I could type with speed and ease without the worry of typo's due to the actual keyboard. Better yet, I was super excited to have two USB inputs on either side of the keyboard. Hoping to use it for misc. electronic appliances (ie. both my blackberry and iPhone, IPod, Flash drives, etc.)

    But alas, the USB ports on the keyboard do not support power to any appliance plugged in through these slots and because of this it didn't recognize the plugged in device at all. Therefore, plugging my little gadgets through the USB ports on the keyboard was USELESS because everything draws power through the USB nowadays. That was a huge pet peeve for me because I lost an extra USB port on my iMac to support this keyboard. Hence, the loss of two stars (one for each USELESS USB port).

    I returned it and bought the bluetooth MacAlly keyboard with numeric pad.

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    Good but not Great

    The light weight, angle for the hands, and overall strength and flexibility of the full keyboard are really great. It could be so much better if it came in a Bluetooth, wireless model. Some applications, such as Logic Studio, work best with a full keyboard - meaning that there is a numeric keypad on the far right of the keyboard. While one can go in to the application and reprogram / redefine the keys to fit on the wireless keyboard in some fashion or another. That is a lot of pain-in-the-neck work just to get a wireless keyboard.

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    Poorly designed USB ports

    The Apple keyboard is a superb product except for the USB ports: they're underneath the keyboard so you cannot connect a larger pen disc. The USB slot should be located much closer to the edge of the keyboard, or on the back, as in previous keyboards.

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    Problematic keyboard not ergonomic, more ergonomic/customizable needed

    The keyboard looks slick and has nice USB ports on the side...

    However, it is too thin at the base - causes problems for folks with large hands. You have too extend and bend your wrist to be reach first and second row of the keys. In addition, the keys do not provide sufficient level of padding.

    The old Apple keyboard was much better.

    I hope Apple design folks introduce better and more ergonomic keyboard soon. It would be nice to have keyboard that is customizable extends for different size of folks - both horizontally and perhaps vertically with thicker base or option to add padding/layer under the base.

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    5 Stars for Style...

    ...but minus 2 for not having a wireless keyboard WITH numeric keypad. It's kind of a given that this is what would satisfy the majority of users.

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    Sometimes an extra six inches is undesirable

    After using an Apple wireless keyboard for two years, I decided to move the wireless keyboard into the living room to control another Mac in my home entertainment system. So I went to the Apple Store to get a new keyboard for my desktop. They were out of the wireless keyboards, and all they had were this extended wired keyboard and the smaller wired keyboard that mimics the wireless keyboard. I thought, "Once in a while I miss the number pad. I'll get the extended wired keyboard." It was a mistake. I now have to move my mouse six inches farther over to the right, which is uncomfortable. I still hardly ever use the numpad. And the USB ports on the side are useless. No matter how small a device I plug into them, I get the message, "A USB device needs more power." Even when I just plug in a little SD or CF card reader or a jump drive. It's ridiculous. It seems that the only thing the two USB ports might be good for is a mouse. And I already have a wireless mouse.

    Let me clarify that I love the looks of it and the ease of typing and cleaning. But these qualities are present in the smaller wired and wireless keyboards, so I recommend those instead, unless you *really* need the extra six inches for 10-keying.

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    Mistake Prone

    Beautifully designed. A real esthetic addition to your office space. I've had this keyboard for some time. Takes some adjustment. Comparatively speaking, I tend to make a lot of typos on this keyboard due to the thin keys and dead space between them so I don't recommend it for those who type really fast. The action is a bit siff and funky somehow.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Looks great but not for professionals who have to write a lot.

    For some reason keys don't register often.
    I often have to go back to sentences to correct for missing characters.

    Also the keys lack backlighting which would be nice for low light and nighttime typing.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great. But USB lacks.

    The overall product is nice. The keys are perfect and presentation matches the Mac lines nicely. My only two complaints are the little rubber feet on the bottom offer absolutely no traction. My comp is at an angle (its on an artists table) and in the morning I find my keyboard to have slid considerably. Lastly, if your looking to use the USB ports for flashdrives and such, you won't find a solution here. The only way you can connect something through the USB is if it has its own power source. Otherwise the keyboard doesn't power it. Even tiny flashdrives with light indicators won't work simply because of the light.

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    Totally great keyboard.... but...

    This keyboard is truly great if you're a typist, but there is one thing I don't like about this keyboard. You can't dis-assemble it. It's glued together.

    I've enjoyed my Apple aluminum keyboard for six months now, but today one of the keys had stopped functioning and I hadn't spilled anything on it. My best advice to anyone interested to buy this keyboard is - SAVE YOUR RECEIPT! Keys shouldn't stop working after only six months. I hope this piece of aluminum might still be under warranty.

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    Handsome but USB connection/detection problems

    This handsome keyboard has two usb ports. Sounds convenient, but if you keep a wired mouse plugged into the keyboard's usb port-- which is the device you are most likely to leave connected-- neither the keyboard nor mouse are detected when you plug in the keyboard. Therefore every time I re-attach the keyboard, I must first detach the mouse, attach the keyboard, and reattach the mouse. Perhaps this is the fault of my PowerBook G4, and its ports, but this now seems an unanticipated flaw with the keyboard.

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    It looks great, but that's pretty much it...

    At first, I found this keyboard to be eye-pleasing. It's slim design and nice white keys struck me as nice. However, after taking it home, I found that the keys are very similar to those of a laptop (by that I mean that it feels like it's going to break in the near future). This presents as a problem to me because as I'm typing, I feel as if I'm typing too hard. It feels as if over time, the keys will just give out due to my typing style (I tend to have heavy fingers). The only reason why I'll probably keep this keyboard because there's not much of an alternative to a nice Mac keyboard out there. Like another reviewer had stated, it seems as if Apple has chosen form over function once again. Ideally, I would like someone to come out with a keyboard that's comfortable, provides nice feedback from the keys and, being the student that I am, ergonomic. And oh, it'd also be nice if the keys felt as if they were sturdy and could withstand my typing.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    flat, keys = cool look and cheap to make i guess...>

    It's like trying to type on a scrabble board.
    if you touch type even to a small degree, you'll find it a real pain (i'm no secretary - but get by without looking at the board %100 of the time).

    I can type way quicker and more accurately on my old powerbook, which has the nice scissor keys, but they are larger, and curved to suit you fingers so you naturally find the middle of the keys. this problem means you fingers also bump in to other keys if you go to far to the edge of one.

    they really need to re-think what has clearly been a bit too much style over content for the only part of the mac you really touch rather than look at.

    and while you're at it apple, how about some backlighting for all us late night dingy room lovers?

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