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    Great new keyboard

    Apple has another hit on their hands and is definitely on a roll. I replaced my original apple keyboard with the new one for my Mac Pro since the original did not have a crisp enough key stroke...it seemed "mushy" sometimes...but now....amazing!

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    Apple New Wired Keyboard

    Hooked up the new keyboard today and its is a real site to behold. Very thin and lite weight. The new key design has a great feel and very large keys so you don't make many mistakes.

    THE ONE PROBLEM I HAVE WITH IT IS the two usb ports will not support an ipod. I have the video Ipod and I get a warning that the USB power is too low to power the attached device. I bought this key board to clear away clutter on my desk and hopefully eliminate a few cords. Unfortunately its not true and I was disappointed. I am very much an apple fan but the low USB ports were a not as advertised on the website.

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    Well, on the OS X side this is the best keyboard I've ever had. Took a little while to get the feel of it, but now it's second-nature. Once problem...Boot Camp. This little baby uses Function keys for audio up and down and brightness, and Vista really didn't like it. Sadly, I'm going to have to keep using my old keyboard until they update BootCamp to work with this new keyboard. That's why I'm only giving three stars. Otherwise, it'd be a full FIVE, baby!


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    Why oh why not wireless?

    Just purchased a new iMac and the lovely wireless keyboard that came with it does not have the usual attached keypad. Ok, I get it, maybe most folks don't use it. But to not even OFFER AN OPTION of this larger keyboard in wireless form? Seriously?

    The wired keyboard is great, except that it is WIRED. Why am I forced to go backwards, technology wise, due to Apple's apparent belief that the keypad isn't necessary? IT IS NECESSARY. Please provide a wireless version of this keyboard. PLEASE???? (It would be 5 stars except...it's WIRED)

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    @Apple: This keyboard with Numeric Keypad NEEDS to be wireless! I can't stand the shortened wireless variant.


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    Valid replacement

    The design needs no review as it is stunningly minimal with clean lines. The keys are bouncy and the travel low so this makes a great kb for those like me that have arthritis which makes depressing keys a pain in the long run. The greater distance between the keys also help as the risk of clicking 2 keys at once is greatly reduced.
    Now, the powered USB ports: this has to be clarified: if you plug the keyboard directly into your Mac's USB port you'll get powered kb ports. If. like I, plug it at the back of your Apple display, the ports will not have enough power for items such as your iPod, flash drive, printer etc.
    This aside am still glad I got this kb.

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    Fantastic Product, but why no Wireless Option?

    I love this keyboard, but why not provide this in a wireless option? You already make a beautiful wireless keyboard, but it doesn't have the full size arrow keys or numeric keypad - why not update this product to be wireless?

    Otherwise, this is the single greatest keyboard I've ever owned. I have two so far and am thinking of stockpiling several in case it's ever discontinued.

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    Be carefull, it work only with the new Mac Intel processor machine

    I was looking for a new keyboard. I decided to buy this one for the 2 high speed USB port. In is web site, the Apple company don't mention that you need a Mac with the Intel processor to use the USB high speed port. I have a macmini with the 1.42 GHz Power PC G4 processor. I can't use the USB port on the new keyboard. I gave a phone call to the Apple assistance service that told me that after I tried to connect my Ipod mini on it without success. It will be fair to mention that point on the Apple web site.

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    Intolerable design defect

    I had great hopes for this keyboard. I played with it at the Apple store, and even though it was not what I would call an excellent keyboard by any means, it was better than most of the keyboards that you can buy these days, most of which are horrible in comparison to the typical keyboards of the decades past.

    This keyboard has one significant design flaw, and one design defect. The design flaw is that the top surface of the keys is too flat to permit you to sense whether your fingers are centered on the keys. There is a reason why the top surface of the keys is concave on most keyboards. The only reason why this unbiquitous practice was skipped on many notebook computers, is because flatter keys mean a skinnier notebook.

    The design defect is that the space key does not register the way that it should. With any keyboard or keypad, if you press the key just to the point where you have exceeded the force required to cause the key to "give", and you feel the discrete transition within the key, i.e., the "click", the key should register, without exception. If you feel the click, the key should register, each and every time, with no exceptions. The space bar on this keyboard does not do this, and that is why I am going to take it back to the store either today or tomorrow. For anyone who doubts what I am saying, the way to test whether this is true, is to gently press on the space bar just to where you feel it give, and no further. If you do this, you will find that if you are gentle enough, that even though you get the sensation of having pressed the key, that the keystroke does not register. No keyboard should work this way, and as far as I am concerned, this is a design defect. In any case, I can't tolerate it, because I can't stand having to continually go back and insert spaces where they were missed.

    Aesthetically, this keyboard is beautiful, and I've never said that about any keyboard before. It would never have occurred to me to think of a keyboard as a piece of sculpture. But sculpture is exactly what this keyboard is. So the question becomes, whether it is better to type on a piece of sculpture, or on a keyboard for which function was the only significant design consideration.

    Apple has become an enigma of sorts in recent years. More and more, Apple's products seem to be driven more by style and aesthetics than by function. The new iMac is beautiful to look at, and it is probably the best value of any Apple computer in perhaps twenty-five years, in terms of the hardware that you get relative to the price. Unfortunately, the iMac and its monitor are an integrated unit, and the monitor that you get with the new iMac, has a reflective front surface. Glossy monitors have strong show-room appeal, but I can't fathom that anyone who anticipates working in front of a computer day in and day out, would be in favor of the idea of having the constant reflections of the ceiling lights.

    While writing this, I would estimate that the space key has missed perhaps two dozen times. That's way too much. There is a used computer store a few miles from here, and I think that I will drop by there today and see if they have any good used keyboards.

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    USB ports really aren't full function

    "And two USB 2.0 ports provide high-speed connectivity for your iPod, Mighty Mouse, digital camera, and other USB-based electronic devices."

    The above sentence is directly from Apple's advertising material for the new keyboard. Oh, how I wish it were true. I was facing the purchase of a USB hub because I was tired of turning my iMac, unplugging one item, plugging in another. I thought this keyboard would be a great solution. But even my Nano iPod kicks up a low power warning. The keyboard is great aside from the USB function. Great feel, easy access function keys, etc.

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    Buy a new one every year and a half!

    After 18 months of use, the entire middle row of this keyboard stopped working. I tried to fix it using all the methods outlined in the keyboard troubleshooting pages on the Apple site to no avail. It had to be replaced. There was no spillage, no Windex sprayed into it, no dropping it on the ground, nothing to warrant it breaking. Just normal, regular use. Obviously after reading some reviews I find that I am not the only one with this issue. Furthermore I find it very odd that all of the similar, negative reviews of this keyboard mentioning reliability are found less "useful" with more "thumbs down." I would think that a "my keyboard died in 18mo of regular use" review is much more useful than an "zomg I just got it it's so cooool" review.

    Honestly I find a keyboard that dies in such a short amount of time unacceptable, especially from a company that sells expensive products. I have never, EVER had a keyboard die on me. I'm pretty sure my first one from '95 still works. There's obviously something faulty with this model and Apple should care to look into it as I don't feel like buying another faulty replacement. Honestly, I'm not going to comment that it is nice, because it doesn't matter how nice it is if it dies so quickly. What an absolute waste!

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    Awesome keyboard for Mac or PC

    I bought this keyboard for use with my main computer, which happens to be a PC and it is fantastic. I was using the $150 Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 prior to this, and while the wireless was nice, this keyboard is better in every way. I really forgot how nice it is to have a number pad since I had only used wireless keyboards without one. The cord is also very short, which is nice for those of us with USB ports on our computer monitor so there isn't a long cable dangling around (Apple includes an extender cable if you need your cable to be longer). And keep in mind this is only a $49 keyboard, I had used $150-200 keyboards prior to it - this one is the best!

    My one wish is that Apple takes a small amount of time to write a keyboard driver for XP/Vista so that the media controls would work on PCs also - I can't imagine this would be too difficult or take much time. Otherwise , a perfect and affordable keyboard whether you use a Mac or PC.

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    Seriously, why is there no wireless version?

    I effing love this keyboard. It's so easy to use, but seriously, why do we have to choose between having a complete keyboard and having wireless? MAKE A WIRELESS VERSION ALREADY. There are enough people asking for it.
    I'm a PC girl, and I would still go out and buy the wireless version of this even though I already have the wired one.

    The cord is rather short, even with the extender. Once again, problem solved by wireless version.

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    Best keyboard I've used

    I can't give it 5 stars because it's not completely flat. That would be ideal. But realistically, you need to put the circuitry somewhere, so I understand why there's a small angle to this thing.

    It's worth the money. My wrists rest on my desk as I type. Keys feel good. Typing is easy on this thing. I'm positive that I'm reducing hand strain. And it's small & minimalist, leaving out any stupidity and preserving everything you need. Takes up a minimum space on my desk. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

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    Great look and feel, but...

    I like this new keyboard a lot, but was VERY disappointed to learn that ipods and the iphone will not operate through the keyboard's usb ports. The keyboard's description on the apple site reads:

    "And two USB 2.0 ports provide high-speed connectivity for your iPod, Mighty Mouse, digital camera, and other USB-based electronic devices."

    Too bad.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Somone at Apple must be a darn good typist.

    And that person must have had a lot to say about the design of the latest Apple keyboard.

    At first glance, it looks like a touch typist's nightmare. It's too flat! The keys barely move! Where's the tactile feedback I need to get up to speed?

    I scoffed when I first laid eyes upon it, but after a few minutes with one at an Apple retail store, I was hooked. While the profile of the keyboard is low and lean, the keys and their spacing are generous enough for big shovel hands like mine. The touch is reminiscent of a good electric typewriter, not mushy and uncertain like so many "quiet" keyboards. The keys can't bind against each other and the space between them prevents cruddy build-up.

    Since it's also the stock keyboard for the new aluminum iMac, the keyboard provides USB 2.0 support for low power and externally powered devices when connected to other computers, including the white plastic iMac, any MacBook, the Mac mini and the Mac Pro. That won't be a big issue for most users who plug a mouse or trackball into the keyboard. You'll still need to plug your iPod diretly into a USB port on the computer.

    One more thing. . .

    Apple has finally labeled the Command key with its name in addition to that mysterious cloverleaf symbol. For Boot Camp users, the Option key is also labeled "Alt".

    Well, OK, that was TWO more things.

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    USB Does Not Work

    This keyboard looks great and functions well, but only as a keyboard. I used the USB ports on my old Pro keyboard all the time (because they actually supported 500mA devices). This new keyboard only supports 100mA devices. No iPods, no flash drives unless you have an alum (2007+) imac... I do not. This huge functional constraint forces me not to recommend this product unless you have the hardware to support it.

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    Great Keyboard but....

    This is a fantastic keyboard, most comfortable i've ever used. I have 3 of them. But.. please produce a wireless version! The smaller wireless one is fine for casual typing, but not so great for when using Pro apps or for number crunching.

    Make a Wireless one and you'll have more of my money!

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    Great keyboard, but WHAT THE!?

    This is a great keyboard. The key layout and spacing is fantastic and makes for very accurate typing. It's also nice and quiet to type with, which is important as I tend to press keys hard when I type, which can be very noisey on different keyboards.

    .......but when it comes to the USB ports all I can say is 'WHAT THE!!!!'.

    The two USB ports on either side of the keyboard are STILL lower power ports, and cannot even run a USB 2.0 memory stick!

    Seriously Apple, nobody uses USB 1 memory sticks anymore, and you cannot even buy a wired version of the Magic Mouse so why on Earth would you include LOW power USB ports!?

    If providing sufficient power to the USB ports is an issue, Apple should add support for an auxiliary USB cable from the Mac to the keyboard, or even add an AC power adapter, which would allow the ports to run at high power similar to USB ports that are now present on many monitors.

    So this keyboard is great, but could be better with high power USB ports.

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    Great Keyboard

    When I took this keyboard out of the box I was not so sure about it, but after using it for about 15 to 20 minutes, I found that this was a fantastic device. I would highly recommend you to get this if you are shopping for a new keyboard.

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