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    Rubbing Alcohol Really works!

    All the posts about this mouse is about how the scroll bar doesn't work after a while. I saw a review about using Rubbing Alcohol and a Q-tip to fix it. It Works! Just take a Qtip, dip it in rubbing alcohol and then scroll around on the mouse with it. After all the gunk in out the scroll will work again! thanks so much for the tip!

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    Tip for cleaning the scroll wheel

    We have ~20 of these wired Mighty Mice in our office that are all about three years old and I have not had to replace a single one yet. Yes, if you have dirty hands or eat greasy food while using the mouse the scroll ball will malfunction. That is just common sense. Luckily I have been able to fix problems with scroll wheel malfunction every time by using an alcohol prep pad. Rolling the pad over the wheel does a really nice job of dissolving any built up grease, oil, and dirt that may have accumulated from use. After a good cleaning the mouse is as good as new. I have tried other methods for cleaning the scroll ball, but it is the alcohol that is key. Remember, a mighty mouse is a high tech input device, treat it like one by taking good care of it and it will last. Cleaning your mouse should be something you do anyways to stay healthy. As my computer science teacher always told me, "Its not the tool its the fool."

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    Good as new!

    After having given up on the MM months ago in annoyance and frustration, because I was unable to unclog the track ball, I just happened to read today the ingenious solution mentioned by RL:

    "If your wheel does clog up try this: Put a blank sheet of paper on a hard and smooth surface. Then roll the mouse upside down on it for 60 seconds. Voilà! As good as new."

    This totally worked for me. In other words, the original track ball function can be easily restored WITHOUT taking everything apart or buying a new new mouse. APPLE SHOULD HIGHLIGHT THIS SIMPLE AND ELEGANT SOLUTION TO A ANNOYING PROBLEM IN RED LETTERS, AND READERS SHOULD CONTINUE PASSING IT ON. Give the solution a try and you may be able to enjoy once more the entire range of scrolling functions you might happened to miss. I was overjoyed to have recouped my $50 investment in this useful device.

    The reason for the 4 star review is that the right-click remains temperamental and doesn't always work on the first try. Nevertheless, I'm delighted to be able to use the MM again full time and happy to enjoy its unique features. It's the fastest mouse for internet scrolling and for iTunes. The ability to scroll horizontally and see everything on my iTunes view list is a great convenience and time-saver. --HP

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    Fixing a scroll ball problem

    I read the reviews, concerning the Apple Might Mouse, after the scroll ball on my mouse, stopped scrolling up, the down scrolling worked fine. I called Apple, concerning the scrolling problem, I was instructed to take a clean piece of paper, turn the mouse upside down, and roll the ball on the paper. I rolled the ball on the paper for about 10 seconds, checked it, scrolled up very little, so, I rolled it on the paper again, for about 30 seconds, and could feel roughness, I kept rolling the ball until the roughness went away. Afterwards, the mouse worked great!

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    How to clean the scroll wheel

    I have had on going problems with the scroll wheel only working to scroll downward. I tried cleaning it with numerous products to no avail, until now.

    Use a dry Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. A couple of wipes while pressing down lightly on the ball and VOILA! It works as good as new!

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    Easy to Restore Scroll Function

    As mentioned in other reviews the scroll ball does have a tendency to gum up and fail. After running into the same problem, I simply sprayed some cleaning solution on a paper towel and rubbed the scroll ball around. It immediately restored the full function to it. On the whole a great product with a flaw that's easy to correct.

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    You can Clean it...

    I know everyone lambasts the ball and I was on your side until I read up on a simple way to clean it out. All you gotta do is turn it over and rub the ball on a piece of paper. You'll likely see some nasty dark streaks appear if you're doing it properly. The equivalent of pencapping the tracking wheels from the pre-laser mice of yore. Now you can eat the greasiest of chips to combat blood sugar issues as you continue to work on with impunity. With this simple maintenance trick, the mouse here in the studio has been working flawlessly for years.

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    Mighty Mouse scroll ball problem is an easy fix....great mouse, I love it!

    It happened to me once and I thought it was broken, but suddenly I found a simple solution:
    Pick up a clean blank sheet of paper
    Put the Apple Mighty Mouse upside down
    Roll the trackball on the paper, in all directions, till it starts to work, fixes it instantly!

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    Read this if you experience problems with your scroll ball

    Many people complain that their scroll ball stops working after a very short period of time. I experienced the same problem and thought I would have to live with it forever. While reading how to clean my Mac, however, I discovered that the scroll ball problem is simply a matter of CLEANING it!

    As the directions instruct, "Hold the mouse upside-down and roll the scroll ball vigorously with the cloth that came with your Mac, or another clean, soft, lint-free cloth, to help dislodge any particles that may interfere with proper scrolling." Et voila! My scroll ball works perfectly again!

    I love every other thing about this mouse. The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it is not ergonomic in any way, so it's a bit awkward to use if you've never used one before. You get the hang of it after a while, though. I recommend this product.

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    Unsticking the mouse's ball

    I really like the way the mouse functions, but then it developed the non-functioning ball syndrome I have read about in other review. Mine would roll fine but would only move the cursor up, not down or side to side. Then I read one of the reviews that said try putting a little hand purifier on a paper towel. I used a very small amount worked into the paper towel so there was no excess liquid. l used it to lightly roll the ball in all directions, moving the towel a bit to contact the ball with an unused area of the towel (10 strokes or less). IT WORKS! I'm a happy camper again. I think I will keep the hand purifier and some paper towels around to clean my hands regularly before using the mouse and see if that helps prevent the problem.

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    Ball sticks but it's easy to clean

    Remove the mouse from computer. Turn the mouse upside down and, on a clean sheet of paper, rotate the ball quite vigorously. Less than a minute should do it. That will disperse any buildup of oil or dirt that came from your finger, and the mouse is as good as new. I almost threw mine away. I'm so glad I didn't.

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    Great mouse if you know how to fix it

    I started using the mighty mouse when it first came out. As a graphic artist I found the 360 scrolling to become very addictive. I would purchase this mouse again!

    The Good:
    Small, accurate, stellar design, 360 scroll ball

    The Not-So-Good:
    Hard to keep clean, Scroll ball binds up or stops working.

    THE FIX!!!
    If your scroll ball stops working I have the answer. I devised this on my own (so use at your own risk)and it has worked for 2 years flawlessly. Grab yourself a little alcohol pad (the kind in a first aid kit). start with the mouse right side up and place the pad between your finger and the scroll ball and vigorously scroll in all directions. Then turn the mouse over and continue with a new pad or clean part of the previous one. Approx 15 seconds per side and your mouse scroll ball will work great again. I have to do this about 4-5 times a year. Hope this helps.

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    How to clean that pesky trackball.

    As many reviews have stated, the trackball of the wired apple mouse can become unresponsive if left uncleaned for too long. This problem arises from the oil and dead skin cells that collect on the trackball and its box-like enclosure. Unlike what most individuals think the solution to this problem does not require you to crack open the mouse, breaking the seal, instead it requires only a single sheet of paper and a flat surface. First place the scratch paper on the flat surface of your choosing, whether that be a coffee table or kitchen counter, it doesn't matter. Next, turn the mouse over so that the trackball touches the paper. Lastly, apply a moderate amount of pressure and roll the track ball all over the paper. What looks like black grease will accumulate on the surface of this scratch peper and presto-chango! your mouse is full functional again.

    This is a great mouse and it has served me well for a while. This would be a five star product, except for its occasional need to be cleaned, hence the four stars and not five. (It would be better if apple still sold the cordless version as well)

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    trackball fix

    I too had the track ball accumulate dirt and stop functioning. I read on a subsequent blog that turning the mouse upside down and running the roller over a clean sheet of paper for about a minute or so would purge the dirt. It did, and now the mouse works as good as the day I bought it.

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    defective mouse

    I was shocked to see that so many people were having the same trouble as me with the "sticking ball" syndrome. I actually never had any problems prior to this and was ready to order a new mouse until I saw someone saying to use some hand sanitizer with a little paper towel and roll the little ball back and forth and up and down, and it worked!! My mouse is working beautifully again! Don't buy a new mouse until you've tricked this little trick!!

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    A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser...

    ...works best to clean the scroll ball. Using scissors, cut off a small piece of the Magic Eraser (because you don't need to waste an entire one). Dampen it, lay it on a flat sturdy surface and then turn the Apple Mouse upside down and roll the scroll ball along the Magic Eraser horizontally and then vertically. Then use a paper towel or a lint free cloth to dry it. I did this with the wireless version and it worked great. I gave it four stars because it's a really good mouse, wired or wireless. It would have been five stars if the scroll ball had been a touch sensor instead. Then, like optical mice, they wouldn't need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

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    The Mouse that works

    Read several reviews as the scroll ball would scroll up but not down. Then it would scroll down but not up. The first time I used canned air to spray everywhere around the scroll ball and it started working again. After several weeks it stopped scrolling up. I did the spray a second time it stopped hoping it would scroll up. No deal. After reading about the paper method, I did that, and it works like a charm. Yes it's a hassle, but regardless how clean you keep things, including your finger, stuff does get on the ball. I don't intend to wear an exam glove on my 'mouse hand' to prevent the natural oils and don't plan on building a mini clean room in which to stick my hand to operate the mouse. But the paper solution does work. for those that don't or cant scroll to see the entry, I unplugged the mouse, got a clean sheet of paper and rolled the scroll ball in every which direction and plugged it back in and it works great. I don't work for Apple, and am a recent convert from Windows.

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    The piece of paper trick works

    holy smokes it works. i just unplugged the mouse, turned it upside down, and pressed the little round ball scroller on the paper for like 30 seconds, in every direction, and now the scroller is working again. excellent tip, thanks.

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    Keep 'em clean!

    I understand the frustration of all those who have had trouble with their "mice". I have both wired and bluetooth and both quit scrolling down at almost the same time. However, since I've cleaned them with a homemade window cleaner, both are working once again. So, before you panic and throw that mouse away, clean it. And then, always be aware of what you have on your fingers. It's going to end up on the scroll wheel.
    Could it have been designed better, sure. But you can keep it working if you keep it clean.

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    Flawless mouse, but short cord

    I've been using this mouse since I purchased my iMac in October and it still works like new. I haven't had to clean the scroll ball once, but then again, I'm a chronic hand-washer. Right/left clicking works flawlessly as well. My only complaint is the very (ridiculously) short cord. I'm forced to use the mouse directly under my computer, which is quite frustrating and uncomfortable given the design of my desk.

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