• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    A constant battle to keep the scroll ball working

    Works great in the beginning. Very customizable and cool-looking. But soon, you find that the scroll ball begins to malfunction. There are temporary fixes (Windex, alcohol, pressing hard and scrolling), but the problem only gets worse with time. In general, I love Apple products because they are robust for years. This product is a dog!

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    mighty mouse

    loved this mouse when I first got it. The scroll ball stopped scrolling down after just a few months. This quickly becomes a big pain in the neck!

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    The wheel stopped working

    They should just have the slick Apple touch mouse but with *wire*.

    This mechanical wheel just stops working after a while...

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    Works well for 6-9 months

    The mouse works well until about 6-9 months when the scroll ball will stop working in one direction due to dirt buildup. Even if you clean the mouse frequently this will happen. The worst Apple product that I have used. Design over function.

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    The mouse that came with my spring 08 iMac died in a few days - replacement has held up for almost a day now, we'll see.

    Couple of caveats - useful features, all in the mouse control panel, like zoom, are by default tied to keys that are commonly used in other programs (ctrl to activate zoom) - be wary of zoom (if your pointer wheel goes bad zoomed in) - also - if you use spaces, you can't deactivate zoom while in spaces, so if you're zoomed in a gajillion percent on a photo, and move to the spaces screen, no amount of scrolling will get you to another space.

    Only way I've found around is to click the space I'm in (or hit esc), zoom back out to close to normal, then use spaces. Also be aware of your zoom functionality if enabled - it doesn't discriminate. Again, the zoom keyboard command mappings - highly recommend to change them to something not used by anything else on your box... or just turn zoom off.

    Tracking is ok for an optical... tried it on gamepads and foam, doesn't seem to matter much - it's an optical not much more to say there.

    Right clicking (contextual menus) are in nearly every program now, and while the MM can be right click enabled, or you can use ctrl-click - it's nowhere near as as responsive as a regular two button mouse... I've just decided to click on the very very outer edge to make sure - an awkward move, being used to lightly tapping a regular two button mouse.

    I must have bagged the bad combo here, cuz I've got lag in the keyboard and mouse (fiddled with the control panel, still unpredictable), and they're wired... mondo, whatever.

    Fingertip moisture, from whatever source (just drank a cold soda? sweaty?) - turns that wheel into a slippery sucker fast - actually, the hard shell and slippery shape I don't like at all, but it's holding me out until I decide on "The Replacement".

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    Thank you, Kensington

    My track ball stopped working, again, but this time in the scroll down instead of up. Again, I reached for my 8 year old kensington mouse (solid parts) no external scroll or perturbing scroll, or however the *^%$# you want to put it, and continued with my work.

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    Frustrating Buttons

    What Apple doesn't tell you is that you can only click one button at a time.

    The problem this causes for most users is that *any* pressure on one of the other buttons will prevent the others from being clicked - frustrating if you're used to resting your fingers across the top of the mouse while you use it.

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    Unreliable and impractical

    It looks nice, if only it worked as nice.

    The miniscule scroll ball is nice, but it gets stuck so often, if you want to get help with it, Apple will tell you to turn it upside down, roll it around, and blow into it. Great.

    The side button is nice, and actually pretty helpful.

    The main problem is the whole "clicking" thing. There is no way to right click and left click at the same time! As someone who likes to play games on the Mac's sub-par hardware, I find it very frustrating.

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    What were they thinking?

    An otherwise fine product is seriously marred by the inability to be able to clean the trackball. There is no way to open the mouse and clean the innards, and the "fixes" are temporary.

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    Had this computer less than 2 months

    I bought this computer the last week of Feb. Already the mouse will NOT scroll up, and the little ball "catches" when scrolling. Can't wait to see what else with happen.

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    Great but flawed...

    The mouse itself is a very good multi-button mouse. HOWEVER, the issues with the scroll-ball are too large to ignore. With no way to clean the ball the mouse is defective and should be recalled. Mine stopped working after about 4 months.

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    Scroll Ball Broken

    I see I'm not the first to have this problem... All of a sudden, the scroll ball has stopped scrolling down. A frustrating (common, by the sounds of it) problem that I hope Apple are looking into. (Odd that it stills scrolls up and left and right - some sort of design fault?)

    In all fairness, I've had over a year's worth of use in a work environment from what is otherwise an excellent mouse; however, I wouldn't say that it's been over used or mistreated in any way. The cost of a replacement is steep. If these are irrepairable, and therefore throw-away items, perhaps the price tag needs to reflect this at the very least.


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    Another Broken Mouse

    Just as everyone else after about a year my mighty mouse scroll ball stopped scrolling. Other then that it is a good, but apple needs to fix this.

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    Good mouse Bad ball (mixed emotions)

    I purchased my computer in 2009 the Apple mouse came with it. The scroll ball in the mouse worked for just over a year then it started not wanting to scroll down and from there it got worse. An acquaintance suggested trying to clean the ball with alcohol [just use the alcohol sparingly]. I did this and it worked for a while.
    if the ball was removable like the ball in the rollerball mice was it would be easy to clean and I would have only one complaint about one of the best ideas to come from Apple so far. It doesn't come cordless.
    NO other mouse I have seen or used comes close to this one.

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    After 3 months it's done!!!

    After 3 months of having my iMac the Mouse doesn't scroll the ball is done.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars


    In my opinion, this is Apple's worst product. It's a decent mouse, but I would much rather use something else. The main problem is the roller ball, as it can get stuck which requires cleaning and regular maintenance. When it comes to a mouse, I think it should just work without having to clean it once a week. Also, the side buttons are pretty awkward to use. It just needs a complete redesign.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Happy Life, Tragic Loss

    Great mouse. Had it for a year. No problems. And then one unfortunate and tragic day, the roller died. I haven't been the same since. I feel that i've just lost some of my aesthetic quality.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars


    I like the 3 buttons and scroll wheel design a lot. But the scroll wheel stopped working (just in the up direction) after a couple weeks. I bought a second and it failed in the same way. I'm buying a third, but I can't recommend this product until they change the scroll wheel design.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Same scroll ball problem and awkward design

    So as many of the reviews indicate, I too have been suffering from the scroll ball problem periodically. It's stopped working twice already. I am going to invest in a non-Apple mouse while awaiting a more financially rational, better design. The scroll ball is weird. The whole design is awkward. And I've had the left button start to function as the right all of a sudden, only restarting fixed it. Very disappointing.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Please, please....redesign this mouse

    I have had two MM's so far, same problem, the trackball fills up with gunge and stops working. I have to admit my hands are naturally a bit damp, but this must apply to a large % of the population. Hence, the trackball picks up skin detritus quickly and the trackball stops working.

    I have dismantled both mice to get them working again, but, not a totally satisfactory solution.

    Best solution is to redesign the trackball.

    My humble suggestion is to use an optical trackball solution. No mechanical interaction, so dirt etc cannot interfere and also possibly, more accurate.

    So please, Apple, update the Mighty Mouse and you will have a winner!!!

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