• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good and Bad

    • Written by from Saginaw

    I've had my mouse for about 2 years. The scroll ball stopped working after about a year, but it just needed to be cleaned. I cleaned mine with a diaper wipe, rolling the ball around a lot. It works fine now. I read on Apple support that other people used rubbing alcohol, or handi-wipes, etc, to do the same thing. So it's no big deal.

    I like the mouse a lot. However, it does a very bad job on my shiny white desk. My 6 year old Logitech laser mouse works pretty well on the same desk. So that is my only disappointment.

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    Apple Care Steps for Cleaning Roller Ball

    • Written by

    I've had my Mac for 8 months. Between my business and my husbands grad school work, we use the internet frequently. Only recently has the roller ball been getting stuck. It would scroll down but not up. Reading the other reviews I was worried about having to clean the mouse. I didn't want to do damage and void the warranty.
    I called Apple Care and was told, yes if you use the wrong chemicals or take it apart, it could void the warranty. This is how they told me to clean it. Take a clean dry paper towel/ tissue and hold it in your hand. Flip the mouse over and rub the roller ball in all directions on the towel. If that does not work, add a few drops of water to the paper towel for a little moister and rub the roller ball again. After doing so, my mouse works again. I find it is always best to call and ask instead of risking the warranty.

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    Great for 12 months, then it gums up and into the landfill it goes!!!

    • Written by from Edina

    I've been using this mouse for about 12 months, and it's absolutely great when the scroll ball (track ball on the top of the mouse) is working. I like the size and ergonomics of the mouse just fine, the left and right clicking works perfectly, and I love the multi-directional scrolling with the track ball which enables me to scroll quickly both up-down and side-to-side on large spread sheets and web pages. The problem lies in the maintenance of the little track ball. Once it starts to get dirty from the normal oil that we all have on the surface of our skin, it slips a little on the inside of the mouse (meaning that the track ball moves but the cursor on your screen doesn't), Apple recommends that you flip it upside down and run it around on a damp cloth, which works fine for a month or so, but eventually the dirt on the inside of the trackball housing accumulates to the point where the track ball gets so intermittent that it's useless. And like so many other seemingly high-design Apple products, it's impossible to take apart and properly clean. Since there is no recycling symbol on the bottom of the mouse, there is only one place left for it to go --> into the trash and into the landfill. So much for Apple's green commitment.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good at being a mouse, but flawed.

    • Written by from MAGNOLIA

    For one thing, this mouse is quite overpriced at essentially 50 dollars (for a wired mouse? Really?). It doesn't have a solid feel in the hand, since it is plastic and weighs nearly nothing. It hardly matches with the recent Apple build-quality aesthetic.

    The ball is cool since it allows you to scroll 360º, but it's so small that it takes irritatingly long to scroll through long documents.

    The absolute worst part is that if you try using this with a Macbook that doesn't have a standalone keyboard, you're out of luck. The cord is short to make it look like desk candy, but it prevent right-handed users (ie most of the world) from simply using the mouse with their computer. Huge oversight/laziness on the part of the designers.

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    Cleaning the scroll ball

    • Written by from ANTHEM

    You can clean the scroll ball using a can of compressed air to blow out the dirt and wipe the ball with an alcohol wipe. It is annoying when the scroll ball stops working but the above is a quick and easy fix.

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    Repair of scroll function

    • Written by from Rydal

    Best advice, per prior reviewer:
    "ball problem quick fix!
    Written by KT from Roswell
    Nov 16, 2008"

    My ball stopped scrolling UP after 9 months - Scrolling down, and everything else worked OK. Rolled the ball with my finger wet with rubbing alcohol a few minutes; wiped clean with Kleenex and repeated 4 times untll no dirt showed. Maybe we should wash our hands every time before booting!

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    How to fix your rollerball

    • Written by from Austin

    Like many of you I was extremely frustrated when my mouse started to malfunction. Fortunately all I had to do was take an alcohol prep pad and wipe down the mouse thoroughly (hold down rollerball and roll it use prep pad) my mouse started to work immediately. Hope this little tid bit helps.

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    Scroll ball bummer

    • Written by from Tacoma

    The scroll ball stops working every once in a while, so it will not scroll up or down. The best fix is to unplug it, turn it upside down on a sheet of copy paper, and rub the scroll ball with firm pressure on the paper. It will leave streaks of grime that come off the ball, but will restore the scroll function. Think of it as "routine maintenance".

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    Cord too short for opposite handiness on unibody laptops

    • Written by from Verona

    This is generally a decent mouse, although the squeeze gesturing can be very awkward to fully trigger for certain hand sizes. The scroll ball is a bit too sensitive as well, which can prevent precise scroll control of certain screen elements. It's very difficult to click the ball without scrolling, which can be frustrating for certain app functions.

    WARNING: if you are right-handed, the cord is too short to use this mouse without an extension, USB hub, or external keyboard on the new unibody MacBook or MacBookPro. I expect the same is true for lefties on the MB Air.

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    See the 12/28/12 Mr. Clean magic eraser solution - it works

    • Written by from yonkers

    I looked at this suggestion from 12/28/12 even after I purchased a Rocksoul laser mouse for my Imac; it worked~
    First, after using a magic eraser back and forth, it worked slightly better than not at all. But then, I read the whole review - the part about rolling the mouse scroll button back and forth vigorously over a clean piece paper. The dirt inside the mouse was wiped off on the clean piece of paper. I did this several times and now the mouse works just fine. Great solution!

    I was irritated by this malfunction too, but I have to admit, after seeing what came off on that paper, that is makes sense that dirt and oils will effect the functioning of this - and any other - scroll button mouse.

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    The scroll ball fix works

    • Written by from Kearns

    This mouse gets low marks mostly because of problems with the scroll ball. My mouse was acting up, too. I read the "fix" of turning the mouse over and vigorously rubbing it on a white piece of paper (in order to see the dirt coming off it). I was about ready to pitch the mouse, so I got quite aggressive in the rubbing process. There wasn't much to lose. Well . . . the process works; the thing scrolls just fine, now. I really like this mouse, and it's too bad the solution to a common problem of sticking roller balls isn't very straight forward.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great except for scroll ball

    • Written by from Chicago

    Serious design flaw with the scroll ball. Collects too much gunk and stops scrolling after a little while. I'm constantly cleaning it off.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Works fine for a while

    • Written by from Potomac

    Similar to others, after about 12-14 months of ownership and use, the scroll ball has failed on mine. Mind you, only in one direction. Still scrolls up, or side to side, but downward scrolling is non existent. It's a shame that this has occurred. Fortunately, I have a mighty mouse wireless as well, but I can only assume it's a matter of time until that scroll ball fails as well.

    Great purchase for mild use, but if you use your mouse heavily (as I do), I'd recommend an alternate product, and this coming from an Apple faithful.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Mouse, Horrible for gaming

    • Written by from san rafael

    Great mouse for everyday use but horrible if you need tp play a game that requires at 3 button to play. Some games you actually need to hold down the right button and fire with the left. This mouse does NOT allow for this action.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Finicky roller ball

    • Written by from Bourbon

    My mighty mouse officially lasted 2 1/2 years which sounds good compared to some of the other reviews. Just this week the roller ball quit scrolling upward. NOw suddenly it will scroll upward, but not down. It doesn't appear to be dirty, but I followed some of the advice on other reviews and rubbed it on a soft cloth and now it seems to be working. Since I can't take it apart to clean it more thoroughly, I'm wondering how much longer it will last.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    way to fix your mouse

    • Written by from Arlington Heights

    Ok guys listen up first of all I think this is an all around decent mouse. I've had it for four and a half months and it done fine. If you r having a problem fixing your scroll ball do this-clean the roller ball on the top with alcohol wipes or a q-tip soaked in alcohol. that should fix it. If it doesn't fix it (in the unlikely circumstance that it doesn't) you can always have it taken to the apple store and be fixed.(oh and i really think that this mouse is four stars not three)

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    Track Ball Cleaning Suggestion

    • Written by from Forest Grove

    My MM is 4 years old. The scroll down feature quit working after 18 months. I took a Q-tip, dipped it in rubbing alcohol and rubbed it over the scroll ball multiple times in all directions. The Q-tip got noticeably dirty. I repeated it with another clean Q-tip. I let the alcohol dry a few minutes and then tested it out. It worked like a champ. I have had to repeat this process several times over the past few years. Every time it seems to work. I imagine it will eventually stop recovering the scroll feature but so far it seems to do the trick. Good luck.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Decent mouse

    • Written by from SAINT LOUIS PARK

    The mighty mouse has gotten a bad wrap since it came out, but for the common user it is a very nice mouse. It has a sleek design with four completely customizable buttons, and the 360 degree scroll ball is amazing. I honestly don't know why more companies don't use a ball instead of a wheel. As with any mouse the scroll ball does get dirty, but if you turn it over and apply firm pressure while rolling the ball over a cloth (like the cleaning cloth that comes with your computer) it will remove a lot of the dead skin and other debris in the ball. The only real downsides are the mouse occasionally jumps to the opposite side of the screen at random and it doesn't have a dual click function which comes in handy when working on Shake and other high end programs, but this can be bi-passed by using shortcut keys. Overall a very decent mouse for regular use, but if you a looking for something specific such as a gaming mouse or need a dual click then by all means look for a different mouse.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great functionality, poor durability

    • Written by from Virginia Beach

    I love Apple! I am a huge fan. I like the way the Mighty Mouse feels. I love the functionality, and customizability. If only the scroll wheel would work properly for more than 6 months. Even so.. it gets dirty, which is to be expected. Problem is, there is no way to open it up and give it a good cleaning with out voiding the warranty, or possibly causing permanent damage.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Scroller problem

    • Written by from GRADIGNAN

    After few weeks the scroller ball started to malfunction : down scroll stopped working. Just now it scrolls well in all directions with some strange frictions... wouldn't recommend it.

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