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    Works great...

    I have had this mouse for 3 years now and it still works great. The scroll ball just need to be occasionally cleaned which is easily done by turning the mouse upside down and rolling it on a piece of paper. Go to you tube if you want a video. People want to complain about the scroll ball not working but, mine works just as good as day one.

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    I LOVE this mouse! I'm writing this review because I've seen negative reviews that are clearly PEBMAC (Problem Exist Between MOUSE and Chair)!

    The people who say the scroll ball gets dirty too fast must not wash their hands... or maybe they wash their hands with sand, either way, if your hands are clean the scroll ball will be too! Also, if it gets dusty (assuming your hands are clean but you live in a saw mill) you can simply use a a can of compressed air to clean it our (hint: spray air while you scroll for a few seconds).

    And for the people who say it randomly clicks for no reason... are you fat? Do you have fat hands? Don't keep your hand resting on the device... duh. Some people have said "it's not ergonomic", look, I use my mouse a lot... A LOT, and its only tough on your hand if you sit all funny and leave your wrist in at a funny angle.

    Stop hating on the mouse, probably the best I've used!

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    Just some common misconceptions.

    I’ve had this mouse for two years now, and I absolutely love it! It has much more functionality (and more buttons) than Apple’s Magic Mouse; however, there are some things you should know.

    Here are the fixes one should be aware of when purchasing this product:

    1. The scroll ball must be cleaned occasionally by rolling the mouse upside down on a piece of printer paper. All the dirt and oils come right out onto the paper, and the ball works just like new!

    2. In order to right click, your left finger cannot be touching the left side of the mouse. You must life your left finger and press the right side of the mouse with your right finger. If you press the mouse with both fingers, it automatically registers as a left click.

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    So good I miss it when at work.

    I have to admit, much of what I like about this mouse is the integration with the Mac OS, but still, it's excelent. I'm very used to Exposé this is what I miss the most when using my Dell laptop at work.

    Scroll-ball click > App Exposé
    Side-squeeze > Dashboard

    It was getting to my nerves when it first started not responding to up/down scrolling until I learned how to open it up and clean the scroll-ball rolls - BTW, the insides are impeccably designed, as it is the scroll-ball mechanism. The one I have on use must be over 3 years old now with maintenance. I haven't opened yet the one that came with my iMac!

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    basic hygiene

    people -
    wash your hands. i have an aluminum imac at work and at home. one has the wireless mouse and one is wired. i have had no scroll ball problems thus far and the mice work great. as for battery life - im 60 days in on my wireless and still have 91% life left and only use one battery at a time because i like the lighter weight. i plan to replace my wired version with a wireless but will wait until a wireless keyboard is available with a keypad and my chemist friends will follow suit.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Better than the Magic Mouse. Better than the Magic Trackpad.

    Am I the only person who really likes this mouse?

    I understand that there are some trackball issues, but if you are a clean person and work in a clean office, then dirt and grime will not build up inside the trackball area, and if it does it can be cleaned with an alcohol prep pad easily.

    Everything else about this mouse is amazing, especially the way it works with Exposé & Spaces. The "center mouse button, right-click button, and side squeeze buttons" are features not available on the Magic Trackpad. Those features make it more powerful. It is also much easier to control and more versatile than the Magic Trackpad in terms of navigating the Mac OS.

    I own the Magic Trackpad, and it sits on the corner of my desk unused, unless I want to do mindless web browsing for fun.

    The Apple Mouse is for serious work and productivity and won't let you down. It's a classic.

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    This is Great

    I love the mighty mouse. It looks remarkably simple but it has 3 buttons, a side button, and 4 direction scrolling. It rarly gets confused to what button I am trying to press. The scroll wheel will stop working after a couple of months... If you don't clean it like the manuel sugest. To clean it just take an alcohol wipe or paper towel sprayed with Windex, turn the mouse over and scroll the wheel in all directions with the cloth.

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    cleaning the ball may help

    Wow! I cleaned my ball according to CB using Windex and now my mouse works great again!

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    Amazing Mouse

    I'm not sure what the other reviewers are referring to, but my experience has been perfect. The mouse is fully customizable, sleek and non-obtrusive. I think its great.

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    OMG rubbing alcohol WORKS!

    read the review about using rubbing alcohol or wipes to clean the roller ball and fix the unscrollable ball...WELL IT WORKS!!!! try it will fix it up!

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    Why all the fuss?

    I've had a great experience with my Mighty Mice. (The only reason I have more than one is because I have two computers.) It's precise, reliable, and yeah -- the track wheel gets dirty, but all you have to do is turn the thing upside down and give it a couple rubs on the mouse pad and you're good to go. Nothing's perfect, but the Mighty Mouse is darn good. How can you beat 360* scrolling? If you have special program needs that the Mighty doesn't meet, don't buy it. But for the money, the Mighty Mouse is just fine for me. (And it looks super-sexy sitting on my desk.) ;)

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    Clean scroll button

    Yes, cleaning scroll button with an eyeglass cleaner pad (alcohol) fixes all scroll problems, with slowness or stopping.

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    Mighty Mouse Solution

    Thank you, thank you, thank you to the reviewer who said to roll the ball on a piece of paper on a hard surface to clean out the dirt/lint/whatever else is in there. I did just that and it did seem a bit abusive to the ball at first. However, my Mighty Mouse is once again Mighty! Works like new again and I just saved myself $50 since I didn't have to get a new one. TRY IT...IT REALLY DOES WORK!

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    Great Mouse... Bad Eating Habits

    For a year and a half, 8 to 18 hours a day, 6 to 7 days a week, my little mighty mouse has raced flawlessly in Final Cut Pro. No issues whatsoever with right-clicking, and the scroll-ball zooms along the timeline with total precision. I have never cleaned it, I'm not a neat freak, but I like to take care of my equipment- you pay alot for nice stuff, KEEP it nice. The scroll-ball issues mentioned by so many are obviously caused by GRIME. And so I say to all you greasy-fingered Mac Trashers: LAY OFF THE CHEESE CURLS!!!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy to use... easy to clean too!

    This is a wonderful mouse to use, and the extra features make navigating my Mac so much easier. That said, yes, the little scroll ball can get stuck because human fingers are grubby and sticky. All those old skin cells do clog things up. I'm amazed by the number of people who claim their mouse is now useless. Get a lint free cloth, put some isopropyl alcohol on it, and rub it back and forth on the mouse ball while holding the mouse upside down. Works every time for me... voila, working track ball!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Have LOVED IT

    I have been using this mouse for almost 7 years and I have LOVED it. Yes, the little scroll ball does get sticky from time to time, but a good cleaning with alcohol and a q-tip works wonders. I've owned 2 Mighty Mouse(s?) and loved those even better because they were wireless. One quit working after several years and the other broke in pieces when it was dropped on a hard floor. Apple replaced these with the Magic Mouse, which is more awkward, too thin and doesn't have the two buttons on the side, which I programmed for Expose. I wish Apple would bring back the WIRELESS Mighty Mouse, I really miss that one!! Guess I'll have to use a hardwired one or get a Magic Mouse...not that magical. :(

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Smooth tracking and scrolling. Great functionality.

    This mouse was given to me as a gift. I received it used, and it was experiencing the same scrolling problems everyone writes about in the reviews. There is a simple fix for this: Take a clean white piece of paper on a hard surface, turn the mouse upside down so its resting on the ball, and move the mouse around quickly in every direction. Try going fast and slow. The dirt that has accumulated on the ball will rub off on the paper and the mouse will work good as new.

    After the ball was clean, I fell in love with the mouse. Scrolling felt so effortless with the 360 degree ball. The tracking in impeccable even without a mouse pad. It's also fantastic having 4 buttons so that you can program expose and spaces for easy access.

    Do not be fooled by people rating one star. Just like any product, this mouse will need to be cleaned after prolonged use. Cleaning it is fast and simple and restores the initial ease of scrolling.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Rub the ball vigorously and it will work

    We are a Mac office and about once a month someone's mouse quits functioning. I am not sure how we learned this technique but it works. Simply, roll the ball as hard and vigorously as possible and it will start working again. I am actually interested to try the alcohol trick to see if it is just as affective.

    I gave a five star rating basically because its an awesome mouse. The rolling ball most be sensitive and when dust or dirt builds up on the ball it quits working. The alcohol trick seems less aggressive, however, unless you work in a doctor's office you might not have alcohol readily available.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome'st mouse ever!

    I had come from the Windows world and I'm not saying that mice manufactured for this OS are not as good as the Mighty Mouse but... OK I am :D I use both Windows and MacOS now and both are awesome just has different uses. I absolutely love simple, understated designs. The Mighty Mouse looks simple but behold it's packed with features that allow you to do almost anything you can with a mouse and more (it can't left- and right-click simultaneously as mentioned so Maya users and the like are out of luck). I've had my Mighty Mouse (bluetooth variant) for about two years and I won't lie the scroll-ball does get dirty and you won't be able to scroll anymore ... UNTIL (wait for it) ... you clean it! How? Grab you Mighty Mouse, hold it upside-down with the scroll-ball facing down and rub on moist cloth and after a couple of strokes all should work again; also works on jeans ;) Therefore, 5 Stars!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Like it

    I've been using the Apple Might Mouse for about a year by now.

    I've been very happy with it. I have had to clean the 'little ball' once or twice. It wasn't difficult. I think I just followed the instructions I had found somewhere on this site.

    I don't mean to judge anyone. But I have read a lot of complaints about the 'little ball' getting dirty 'too easily.' If you like to eat certain foods while you use your computer, this might not be the mouse for you. You can probably just take a look at your keyboard to determine if your level of cleanliness will be conducive to Mighty Mouse usage. If you have a lot of filamentous structures (aka mold) strewn throughout with small food particles permeating every crevice, you may want to look elsewhere and hope a third-party will come out with a new product for you. They could call it the 'Dirty Mouse,' if they were so inclined.

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