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    Hate the scroll ball!

    Have now had three of these silly things in 18 months (the extended warranty covers them), because the scroll ball continually stops working. Tech support will tell you to 'clean' the mouse by wiping the scroll ball with a damp lint-free cloth and that worked for a while, but each time, the scroll ball eventually stops working. (They will also tell you that they 'hardly ever' have to exchange these things due to malfunction.....and never receive complaints about them). Found out today that Apple has charged me $49.74 to ship a 'covered by service plan' mouse out to me! There is no way I would have paid for another one of these ridiculous things. I would have gone in to the Apple store and exchanged it for something else. Needless to say, there is nothing mighty about Mac at the moment.

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    I hope Apple replaces this product soon

    I really want to like this mouse, I went out of my way to purchase an Apple mouse for $50 and for a few months it was great. I use it at work and am a Graphic Designer so ease of use was very important to me. Right away I was annoyed by the lack of right-click but got used to it. Also, the "touch sensitive top" isn't. Then one day the ball became gummed up and no amount of "rub it on your shirt" or "use and alcohol pad" was doing the trick so I too it apart (not without scratching up the mouse first) and after fiddling with the micro-sized parts managed to clean it and get it working again, for a few months. Now, 8 months after buying it I am ready to toss it into the trash. Out of the blue, my left scroll is not working and I am going back to my 6 year old Logitech which I never should have put away in the first place and still works as good as the day I bought it.

    I love you Apple, but you need to face the fact that a persons first point of contact with a computer is the mouse and if it does not work, you ruin the experience of the whole machine.

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    Apple tries too hard sometimes

    We use a lot of Macs for our business and there are three things that just irritate me and everyone else.

    1) The dang scroll ball gets too dirty and using it turns my joy into frustration.

    2) The pair of buttons on the side are useless for the user who does any sort of drag-and-drop (grabbing the mouse for a drag-and-drop operation improperly invokes the button squeeze). I always turn this off in System Preferences.

    3) The left-click / right-click "areas" on top are just not intuitive. Even after I turn the right-click option ON out of the box, people just don't know where to click for a right-click. Apple, face it... we live in a right-click world and we don't need a 'Mighty Mouse' - we just need a mouse that works like people expect.

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    It's great - for a month

    I own two of these things, one at work and one at home. Both of have exactly the same problems.

    First, reliability is bad. Wwithin a month they start loading up with dirt and you have to clean them regularly. By the year mark, both had lost one direction on the ball - one won't scroll left, the other won't scroll up.

    Second, the error rate for right click vs left click is too high. If you don't have your fingers fairly precisely positioned, you'll get left when you want right or vice-versa. The design of the mouse does nothing to ameliorate this, as the front is a smooth fixed-radius curve.

    Frankly, I'm giving up on these and going back to a real two-button mouse, with a real scroll wheel, with real ergonomics. Apple should be ashamed of making a poorly designed failure-prone product. That they charge a premium price for it is just adding injury to insult.

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    Loved it -- for 15 minutes. Now it gathers dust.

    It's sleek, with horizontal scroll, and five buttons. But two fatal flaws made me trade it in for my old Logitech.

    1. The Right Click doesn't work unless you lift up your other fingers. After a while, this gets very uncomfortable. As a former classical pianist, I have excellent posture and hand position, so can be on my computer for 14 hours a day without any strain. This is the first mouse in 20 years to give me a sore wrist.
    2. The scroll ball is unreliable. It would sometimes quit working in a single direction, while the other three directions would be fine.

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    Love apple, HATE this stupid mouse!

    I can't believe Apple designed this mouse.

    Every Apple product I own is AMAZINGLY well designed - even down to the lowly Apple remote.

    But, this mouse is TERRIBLE. The right click never works properly, and the scroll wheel... oh the scroll wheel... I have nightmares about it.

    The reason we switched to laser mice is because wheel mice kept clogging up. So who in the F thought it would be a good idea to essentially use an upside-down wheel mouse instead of a scroll wheel?

    After a couple of months and a few cleaning attempts I bought a white Microsoft Arc Mouse for $38 and it works beautifully with Snow Leopard. The only functionality that I lost was the (useless) horizontal scroll.

    Please apple, redesign the mouse...

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    Scroll ball not working

    After having my iMac for over 2 years - the "mighty" mouse had stopped being mighty. The scroll ball would only roll up and side to side but not down, causing me to revert to using the scroll bars on the side of my open apps.

    I read a review, which said: "Put a piece of clean paper on your desk. Flip the mouse over so the ball touches the paper. Press on the bottom of the mouse so the ball pushes into the paper. Now move the mouse back and forth in all directions for about 30 seconds. Flip the mouse over and the ball magically works again. You'll probably see some neat dirt lines on the paper from the ball."

    The dirty lines I got were quite considerable and a little dust ball chunk fell out as I was doing this. My "mighty" mouse now works great!!


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    what's wrong with the mighty mouse?

    I bought my iMac just over a year ago, and absolutely love the mighty mouse. like everyone else here, I had issues with the scroll wheel just a few weeks/months after my purchase. something that I was told by Apple when I called in: use a CLEAN sock and some rubbing alcohol to clean the scroll wheel-just rub it around & back/forth, and it'll come clean. this makes the wheel work again!
    if you use your computer a lot, you'll have to do this pretty often-or wash your hands more often. but it's WAY better than wasting $$$ on a new mouse when this one works just fine.

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    wire too short, stops scrolling

    I agree about the scroll wheel issue so many have commented on. I just got mine back working (only 6 months old) by using compressed air. Hope it stays fixed. Last time I followed advice I found on-line and tried rolling the wheel back and forth vigorously. That did not work this time.

    I wouldn't mind a longer cord either. Also, it is very finicky about the cut and paste right click location. You have to monkey around with it to find a mysterious sweet spot so that pop-up menu with cut and paste options shows.

    It's true that when it comes to mice, Apple needs to hire some Logitech engineers. I loved my wireless Logitech mouse with my MacBook. Maybe I will go back to using that instead...

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    Cleaning the Ball

    Use some Windex(without Ammonia) or Cinch (a cleaning product I use).
    Turn Mouse upside down.
    Spray ball.
    Keeping ball upside down, press ball into a washcloth and move it in every direction until it is dry.
    Repeat this procedure using a piece of printer paper until ball is dry and there is no residue coming off the ball.

    Good for another 10,000 miles.

    This is NOT a disposable mouse. Clean it this way.
    You cannot take it apart.
    Apple WILL NOT publicly recommend using a cleaner, HOWEVER all the Techs and Store employees do it this way.

    My cordless Mighty Mouse is 3 years old and is still kicking and clicking.

    An obvious piece of advice: The cleaner you keep your hands, the longer your Mighty Mouse will go between cleanings.

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    It's pretty but you have to buy a new one every 3 months

    I bought my latest mouse only a few months ago and the scroll has already stopped working. I'm on my 4th mouse in less than 2 years. It's handy but has no durability

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Mighty Mouse scroll ball problem is an easy fix....great mouse, I love it!

    It happened to me once and I thought it was broken, but suddenly I found a simple solution:
    Pick up a clean blank sheet of paper
    Put the Apple Mighty Mouse upside down
    Roll the trackball on the paper, in all directions, till it starts to work, fixes it instantly!

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    Mouse malfunctions

    The "Mighty Mouse" is an example of poor design. The base picks up dirt easily and, worse still, the scroll button pulls dirt inside the mouse and stops it working. insertion of thin paper around the ball helps to clear any obstruction temporarily - but once once problems start it is only a matter of time before the mouse seizes up completely.

    This brings us to the worst feature - the mouse is a sealed unit which cannot be taken apart for cleaning. Once it bungs up - there is no remedy.

    Surely, the manufacturers could provide a dirt-proof seal - or provide a means of access for cleaning.

    A poor and unreliable product not worthy of the Apple label.

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    The Cord issue

    can some folks tell me why the mighty mouse cord is only 18 inches long? My iBook is 12 inches and the USB plugs are at the left side of the laptop, so I'm right handed and the cord is not long enough for doing the job. I got the mouse from eBay (are they fake?). Thanks from Brooklyn

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Worst Apple Product Ever

    The ball gets dirty and works down but not up. The ball gets dirty and works up but not down. Tape, rubbing alcohol, dismantle and clean, more tape. What a joke. Now the clicking lags or barely works. One star for you! Sure looks pretty though.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Read this if you experience problems with your scroll ball

    Many people complain that their scroll ball stops working after a very short period of time. I experienced the same problem and thought I would have to live with it forever. While reading how to clean my Mac, however, I discovered that the scroll ball problem is simply a matter of CLEANING it!

    As the directions instruct, "Hold the mouse upside-down and roll the scroll ball vigorously with the cloth that came with your Mac, or another clean, soft, lint-free cloth, to help dislodge any particles that may interfere with proper scrolling." Et voila! My scroll ball works perfectly again!

    I love every other thing about this mouse. The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it is not ergonomic in any way, so it's a bit awkward to use if you've never used one before. You get the hang of it after a while, though. I recommend this product.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Scrolling Ball stinks!!!!

    Scrooling Ball gets stuck all the time and now it won't work. The first mouse I got I sent back and Apple replace it. Now the second one is broken as well and Apple won't replace it. Don't waste your money on this. The same is probably true for the wireless as well. This is the only weakness At Apple so far.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Unsticking the mouse's ball

    I really like the way the mouse functions, but then it developed the non-functioning ball syndrome I have read about in other review. Mine would roll fine but would only move the cursor up, not down or side to side. Then I read one of the reviews that said try putting a little hand purifier on a paper towel. I used a very small amount worked into the paper towel so there was no excess liquid. l used it to lightly roll the ball in all directions, moving the towel a bit to contact the ball with an unused area of the towel (10 strokes or less). IT WORKS! I'm a happy camper again. I think I will keep the hand purifier and some paper towels around to clean my hands regularly before using the mouse and see if that helps prevent the problem.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor industrial design - great mouse for an expert, though

    As an expert user who understood how the mouse works, I immediately loved it. The 2D scroll ball was great. Sure, I had clogging problems, but I had no issue clearing them.

    Then I saw what happened when I put my "easy to use" computer in front of novices. There is absolutely no visual cue that this is a four-button mouse. Inevitably, someone clicks on the ball, calling Dashboard up. Or they get nervous and trigger the squeeze buttons, starting Expose. And there is absolutely nothing that immediately shows the user that tapping the left half is different than tapping the right half.

    Lastly, for gamers, this major is a disaster. I was playing Quake, and right-clicked to zoom the scope in, and couldn't hit the trigger (left click) because the shell was already articulated, and couldn't register a click separate from the other button! This mouse is an odd Apple product, in that form clearly trumped function here.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    lovely mouse - awful scroll wheel

    I have had my might mouse only a few months and the scroll wheel is the worst I have ever used.

    The wheel mechanism easily gets dirt in it, then scrolling becomes difficult if not impossible. Cleaning it using the 'push-down-hard-and-move-the-mouse-wheel-around' method works for at most a day or two.

    If the mouse wheel was not so awful I would rate this mouse 5 stars. Hard to believe that product testing did not reveal this drawback.

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