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    Do Not Buy This Mouse

    My first Apple (Mighty) Mouse died after the scroll-ball stopped working. I've had my second Apple (Mighty) Mouse for about six months and I can't scroll up. I've tried cleaning it, but it still won't work. Do not buy this mouse.

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    No good...don't buy this.

    Bought my iMac this past summer with the Apple Mouse. It was only a month old when the scroll ball just decided to work when it felt like working. Now it doesn't scroll down at all, no matter what I do. One would think that a mouse that costs $49 would do what it's supposed to do, and it should certainly do what it's supposed to do for longer than one month. I plan on investing in the Magic Mouse in the very near future.

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    Horrible dont buy

    impossible to clean. also scroll ball stops responding after very little use. basically it is horrible don't waste your money

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    Great mouse... not!!

    Three months use is all I got out of it, before the roller died. I am disappointed that $50 only gets you a temporary mouse.

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    World's worst mouse!!!

    I've gone through two of these mice. Neither managed to last two months. The scroll wheel constantly malfunctions despite cleaning it. Very costly for something that doesn't work. Apple can build an amazing computer, yet something as simple and necessary as mouse seems to have them baffled.

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    Spend more time cleaning than using!

    I have the wireless version which I spend about an hour a week getting the small ball to scroll properly. Although I have the 3 year warranty and am well within it, all I get is encouragement to keep cleaning it. I've owned half dozen mice over the years and have Never had this many problems. They should all be recalled and replaced!

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    this is the cheapest mouse i have ever used, i have had this IMAC for 8 months and i am ready for my third mouse, the ball stops working, plain junk

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    Scrollball failure

    Purchased 6 months ago and scrollball has failed. Can only scroll up but not down. Disappointing.

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    Wow. Had it a month and the scroll wheel is stuck. Sure don't feel like cracking the mouse open and fixing it..

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    Design faults

    Hi im a UK user and I got my mac after my husband desided i would get more use out of it creatively, I was also gaming a lot on it and enjoyed the panoramic views I got with my screen and high definition in wow. Then after about 1 year I got the same issues as the other users here.
    1) the mouse cable is too short to use on conventional desks so I got an extention.
    2) the roller ball doesnt work for scrolling which links in wow terms to zoom in or out and for healing limits you by 1 button.
    3) there is only one side button and only two buttons that can only be used alternatetly.
    4) I have to scrape the dust and grime off the bottom of my mouse every week!
    5) the pointer will periodically jump from one side of the screen to the other randomly!
    6) the size of the mouse means that users who are on the mac all day will get a sore polished effect on their hand where it rubs on the desk.

    So to sumarise you get 3 less buttons than a £3 Tesco value mouse and half the wire length. The price tag on this mouse has got to go! Only thing is when you use a microsoft mouse you can't use the side button fuction or any other customised fuctions on the mouse. Thought that the mac was supposed to be accessory friendly but its not. (btw not just the mouse the keyboard I have is microsoft too and it wont let me use EU settings and crashes it!)

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    Mighty Mouse is.................

    .........a mighty royal pain in the ***. I've had my I-mac for 26 months and I've replaced this little stinker twice and been on the phone with apple tech about it a few times. Right from the start the 1st one started jamming up. Was told to use the black cloth that came for the screen. Scrub the ball hard in all directions. Upside down too. Told to try cloth dampened with water or alcohol if dry did not work. Have done all a zillion times. The ball needs constant 'cleaning'. Would not be that big a deal if it was an rare or infrequent occurrence and was resolved easily. The mouse never seems to work well immediately after damp cleaning but does so hours later or the next day. I only use a touch of dampness by the way. I love the little 360 ball.
    Just wish it worked flawlessly. Will probably switch to a trackball.

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    Worst Mouse Ever

    This is the first time I have been gravely disappointed with an Apple product, but this mouse is just awful. I wanted to love this device but found that it became non responsive after a few uses. The scroll ball seems to pic up everything none to man and gets clogged after a few uses and that is with clean hands.

    What makes this device poorly designed is that an ordinary consumer can not effectively clean the gunk out of the mouse without taking it apart and having to put it back together again. I really wanted to love the mouse but after several months of owning this device, I feel like a fool for buying it. Apple should give us all who bought this device a regular mouse that just works like it suppose to.

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    Apple mouse scroll ball issues

    The scroll ball on this mouse requires constant cleaning and eventually even that will not make it work. Do yourself a favor and avoid this piece of hardware.

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    Breaks Down quickly

    I've had my MAC for only a month or two and already the mouse isn't scrolling properly. I'm hoping I can get a replacement at no cost.

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    Great... for awhile

    Have only had for about a year or so and the scroll ball is now completely unreliable. I clean it, following the Apple Support page instructions, and it just doesn't work consistently anymore no matter what I do. Now that I'm so used to the scroll ball, it is just a source of frustration that it rarely works as it should.

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    Scroll Bar Issue

    Bought our Mac 11/01/08. Began having issues with the scroll bar within the first six months, but "rolled it" out and it would work again. Now, it's quit completely on the downward scrolling.

    Not satisfied.

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    Breaks Every Week!

    Scroll Ball gets dust trapped inside of it. At first the scroll bar stops working every month or so, then after long term use, it stops working every week and needs to be cleaned. Apple has never updated it with a larger scroll ball, so it will always be a bad mouse. Once dust get's inside, it's really hard to get out, so I am sure there will be dust beneath the scroll ball for it's lifetime.

    When it functioned properly early on in it's short life, it worked great in Mac OS X because if it's 4 programable buttons. But now it seizes to function because Apple is lazy.

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    mouse is good except roller ball dies

    I have had my Mac for about 7 months and love everything about it, except now the roller ball on the mouse won't scroll down.

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    Worst Apple Product

    After going through not one but three of them I am thinking it is the worst product in Apple's line-up. By the end of my experience I ended up buying the cheapest Logitech mouse I could find in frustration one night and it works to this day outlasting three Apple mice at a fraction of the cost. I missed the squeeze function but that is nothing compared to the frustration of faulty scroller ball.

    The roller ball is the critical flaw, how they could not get something correct that is used so much amazes me. It will cease operating. You will clean it, it will function for a week or two and it will again sputter. On the first go around I gave it a second chance and ordered another. Repeat entire issue.

    On the third go around I bought the wireless and made every attempt to keep my work area as clean as an Intel chip production factor floor. Still repeat on the roller ball jam up.

    Part of me wanted to demand all of my money back on it.

    I am ordering the new magic mouse with great optimism and here is to hoping Apple has finally got their mouse issue fixed. It is really the only piece of Apple Hardware that I have had massive disappointment on.

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    Considering Apple's supposed high quality on all their products, this mighty mouse is a huge disappointment. The scroll ball doesn't work. The Geniuses said I have a lot of gunk and dirt on my fingers (not sure how they determined that), so I have to clean the scroll ball with alcohol on the end of a cotton swab. This only lasts about a week before I am unable to scroll again. Also, the pointer sometimes goes nuts and ends up on the opposite corner of the screen. And if you scroll down (like zooming out on a map), the mouse ends up zooming all the way in. Maybe they can put this mouse in their hilarious PC commercials. Apple should provide a free, or highly discounted, upgrade to their new mouse (if it, in fact, works as advertised).

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