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    I've used this mouse for several months now, and primarily because of the "Scroll Ball", it has offically become my favorite. The scroll ball enables me to be more efficient than ever before with my mouse hand, allowing very small movements instead of the constant back and forth motion to the scroll bars that old mice forced me to do. Tack on that you can configure the mouse to have a "Right Click" and it has quickly become my fave. Sleek design too. Bravo!

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    Cleaned the scroll and it works!

    I was having a problem with the scroll button until I stumbled upon an advice on this page to clean it with alcohol. I used my facial toner instead with a cotton wipe and viola! My scroll button is working again. I was about to buy a new mouse. Thanks guys!

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    I have had no problems with this. I highly recommend it.

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    Really good product

    I've used this mouse before and I loved it! I really like the right-click option so you don't have to control-click everything. What's also really cool is that the scroll wheel has always worked for me and it has never frozen, no matter how dirty it's gotten! It's smooth and fast and doesn't jerk you around like those Microsoft mice do.

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    BEST MOUSE EVER!!!!!!!!

    This is the best mouse ever!!! I am typing on it right now!!! Yes, this mouse is really great. It has perfect feedback and I tend to make less typos! I would recomment this mouse to everybody! It is a two button mouse with a one button look. To program it to use two buttons, you have to go to System Preferances. It is really great! The only thing is that the scroll ball gets dirty and malfucntions after about 2 months but if you get some alcohol pads and wipe the ball with them a few times then it is as good as new. This is way better than the Apple Pro Mouse before it! Do not beleive in what everybody else says! They probably just want you to go and get a lesser quality keyboard! I give this 5-stars for truly being the MIGHTY MOUSE!!!!!!!!

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    Keep mouse in good working order use damp cloth

    Don't worry if you don't have rubbing alcohol you can use a damp cloth, it works the same. Dampen a cloth and rub the scroll ball in a circular motion. After a moment or two the scrolling functions are restored. Keep that money in your pocket you won't need to get a new mouse.

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    It's a tool to be used properly...

    It is not only pleasing to the eyes but has all of the functions a person would need. The buttons are well placed- the squeeze, the scroll ball, and the left/right/center click are great. Like any tool, it takes a little bit of practice & finesse to use it properly.

    And remember, it's a "wired" mouse, so the wire may get in the way at times. That's normal.

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    Great Mouse! Great for photoshop work, and other design programs

    I am a student at Otis college of art and design, and pretty much ALL of the macs here at Otis use either a wired mighty mouse or a wireless one. the only computers that dont use them are the pc computers, and the library macs.
    Im not sure why people are complaining so much about the performance of the scroll balls, considering, at the school, each lab is used multiple times a day, and the mice get extensive use every day, i have never run into any problems while using these computers, i was so pleased that i went out and bought both the bluetooth keyboard and mouse for my macbook at home.
    Overall a great functional apple product

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    Wow Really Good Mouse!

    I was using M$ mice since I liked the smooth scrolling. But after upgrading to leopard I've had issues with it so I figured lets try the apple mouse and after configuring it in systems preferences to the way I want the buttons to work I'm very happy. All works, I have right-click as this is one main feature I needed since I develop code. A++ highly recommend. On a personal note I like how its one button but the mouse has pressure sensor to know if I hit right click.

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    I don't know what everyone is complaining about!

    I've used this mouse for six months and it's by far the best mouse I've ever used. The scrollball has not failed me. All features work as advertised. The only reason why this mouse has a low rating is because all the people who received faulty mighty mouses have complained while the people who received working mouses have not rated the mouse because it JUST WORKS!

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    Very good product

    Most people say it breaks within a month. However I have had my mouse for almost 6! it still works like it should even with heavy usage. Its integration with 10.5 is flawless. Sometimes the tracking goes off by a hair but otherwise it is wonderful. It does require cleaning so it is not meant for people who are too lazy to take care of things properly or a mouse which requires no work it all (which does not exist). Apple does know that there is a scroll ball problem and addressed it by adding cleaning instructions. The people who bought it and gave it a bad review more than likely did not clean it.

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    Try this before buying a new mouse!

    I went to purchase a new mouse due to my scroll ball failing about a year ago. They were out of stock of the wired mighty mouse, so I thought I would just order it online. I then read the feedback regarding cleaning the scroll wheel by soaking a Q-Tip in alcohol and thoroughly cleaning the ball. My mouse now works like new, just out of the box! I hardly remember it working so well, as it is close to two years old. I guess the oil from our fingers (probably mostly due to my kids fingers because they are the ones that are always messing with my Mac; they can't keep their hands off of it) gets into the mechanism and needs to be cleaned. Try this before buying a new mouse!

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    2 Years+

    I used my Mighty Mouse For 2 +years and i did not have any Bad issues Whit the scroll ball

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    Just got this for bday

    My girlfriend got this for me for my birthday! Yay, thanks babe! I'm difficult to buy gifts for, it's nice to receive something that I really like. I'm not a regular mac user, I love GNOME and this works well with it. I love how responsive this mouse feels, the scroll ball works well and the buttons work like magic. The mouse has a stable base that doesn't rock like some mice with multiple feet, making it great for graphics editing.

    For all of you who keep giving this mouse bad reviews, it seems that you all share the same problem, lemons. No matter how good of a manufacturing process a product may go through you must expect some to come out deficient, this applies to all hardware from all manufacturers. Apple has great support and if you got a dud send it back, get a new one and then come back and give this incredible mouse a REAL review.

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    upgrade mouse.

    I replaced my old Microsoft optical mouse with this baby and I LOVE IT!!!

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    I have had this mouse for over two years and have had no problems!!!! I wipe it clean each week, so I have not had any issues whatsoever with its trackball not working. Great mouse:)

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    Just incredible....

    Everything works perfect...

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    the mighty mouse is by far the best mouse on the market.

    all of you people complaining about the scroll not working because it gets so dirty should seriously consider washing your hands before you use your computer. dont blame apple for the copious ammounts of grease from your local take aways clogging up your mouse

    thank you

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    like it alot

    I bought a logitech mouse YEARS ago and love it. It's seen better days though, and I've been in the market for a new mouse. I've read the might mouse reviews on here and it's gotten it's fair share of negative remarks.

    Our local best buy has a 'apple store' in it, and I just decided to impulse buy the mighty mouse.

    It's been about 3 weeks, and so far, I've had no problems with it.

    Very good product.

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    I love this mouse!

    I have been using this mouse on three computers and have never had a problem. I love it!

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