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    Pretty good mouse, bad scroll ball

    I thought the mouse was a pretty good product except for the scroll ball. It kept getting grime on it and would stop scrolling. Then I would have to clean it. I would get a different mouse if I were you.

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    Clean Fix

    I went to the Apple Store to shop for a mouse, as I thought my present one had had it. I got about a year and a half out of it before it stopped scrolling up completely. Before, it was occasional tracking malfunctions that always seemed to fix themselves.

    Well, before plopping down 50 bucks, I read several comments relating to actually cleaning the darn thing, and it worked! A little alcohol wipe, and less than two minutes later, my mouse is good as new.

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    mighty mouse with non mighty scroll wheel

    It's definitely good mouse, horizontal scrolling is a really comfortable option, especially for working in Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign, but there is one little problem - I have bought 2 mighty mouses for 1 year (It's expensive enough) and now I need the third one - scroll wheel does not work for a long time. In both cases it stopped scrolling down but still continues to scroll up and horizontally. Hope we'll have some new mouse with a better scroll wheel.

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    Scroll Wheel Will Stop Working

    I think most other reviews have mentioned this: the scroll wheel gets dirty and stops working. For me, it will only scroll up now because lint has found its way into the ball. The ball itself is the exact ball that Blackberry puts in their current models like the curve. Its VERY hard to clean on a Blackberry (pieces are magnetized and very tiny). I cleaned the ball once and bought a new one a few months later just to avoid the hassle. Apple makes cleaning the ball impossible because the plastic pieces are glued together.

    Still, I like the aesthetics of the mouse and, when the ball is working, I find the mouse comfortable and perfect for my needs. I'm not a designer and I don't play games - just read email and surf the web. So I can't say up or down if the tracking rate is better or worse than others out there.

    The cord is short and it wasn't a problem on my Mini or iMac when I plugged it into the keyboard. But now that I have a laptop, I need to use an extender to use on the right side.

    Bottom line: Looks good, works well enough but will need to be replaced once the ball attracts dirt. I had mine for 2 years before the ball got dirty enough to stop working. At $50, that's $2 a month to use or 7 cents a day and I guess that's an OK cost.

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    Attention Macbook users!!!

    I haven't had the mouse long, but regular Macbook users should beware:

    The Macbook only comes with USB ports on the left side, but the mouse is traditionally on the right. The cord is maybe 2.5 feet long, but once you wrap the cord around the back you have minimal movement available.

    This mouse is smooth to use, works on any surface... I really do like it so far. Unfortunately, the side buttons are a little too sensitive, I tend to squeeze them accidentally but I'm getting used to it.

    I would suggest getting the wireless version of this mouse!!!

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    Cleaning mouse/no scroll down or up?

    People. this mouse can get dirty like any other mouse. Take some rubbing alcohol along with a rag or sock and really clean this sucker. Wipe it in all positions for about a minute. My mouse quit scrolling down completely and I really cleaned the scroller with alcohol and got it to work again with no problem. I just now periodically clean it more since the scroller picks up dirt and other material.

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    Scroll wheel wont scroll down...

    I've this mouse for a while but unfortunately I can't scroll down. I can scroll up and to the sides BUT NOT DOWN and this is extremely frustrating considering it's less than a year old and it's already not working. I've tried holding it upside down and rubbing it around with a damp cloth like apple suggests on their support page but nothing helps. Otherwise a great mouse.

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    Short Mouse

    I recently purchased my Mac and love it, but the cord on the mouse is shorter than the keyboard and will not reach where I want to put it.

    I will try the wireless.

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    Useable, but not chooseable.

    Although it has obviously benefitted from apple design and innovation, the funtionality leaves much to be desired. My first problem was trying to right-click, it you don't develop a technique it just recognizes it as a left-click half the time instead, very annoying. I also run into the common problem with the scroll ball malfunctioning, but it usually goes away on its own, as I don't use the ball very often. However, after 2 years the left-click is now intermittently failing to register. It works just fine for a while if you're getting it free with a computer purchase, but if you're looking to buy a mouse, (likely to replace this one) then look elsewhere.

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    Fixing non-working scroll button

    I'm not sure where to put this but I fix the mouse by pushing down on the scroll button for about 10 seconds. Usually after a few months it cannot scroll up but pushing down on it works.

    Anyway, the mouse is good except that sometimes the side buttons (not the clicking ones, the "force" ones on the side of the mouse) are very sensitive and I ended up disabling that feature. Also, it's very hard to press the right click sometimes. Otherwise, it's a good mouse.

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    Useless cord

    It works ok and it does what is described. The main issue is that all my ports are on the left side of my book and I am right handes . So using it with it reaching behind the screen gives me only 2 inches of cord if that. Rethink & revamp PLEASE!! poorly designed.

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    Just clean it

    I was having the same frustrations as 95% of the mighty mouse owners are experiencing with the trackball sticking. I followed the advice from a reviewer who said to simply use the lint-free cloth that came with the computer and to clean the trackball with that. I didn't hold much hope since alcohol and a swab did little, but I was amazed to find out it actually worked great. It works like a new mouse again.
    Now I just keep that cloth next to my computer and I'll use it when the same problem returns, which I'm certain it will.

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    Not Bad... But Room for Improvement

    This mouse has much to offer with its many features and customizable options! However, the scroll wheel get jammed often, I've had to take my mouse apart at least 5 times now to clean the wheel heads. Also, as I open this mouse it takes a great deal of patients and care to not damage it, as it was created without any screws or easy open access. With this and the material used to mold the mouse it becomes evident that Apple has no interest in this mouse being recycle friendly. Why? Every other product is going in that direction. I think that Apple should make a mouse that either doesn't get jammed easily or is easy to open and clean. Additionally, it should be made of aluminum. This way, it's environmentally friendly and it matches with the rest of the Apple lineup.

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    Great mouse but.....

    FIX THE SCROLL WHEEL PROBLEM!!!! I'm tired of cleaning my mouse ball every few days. Some people don't even know how to fix it, it's unbelievable how Apple released such a poor product. Time for an update!

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    It's been good...

    I've had the wired Mighty Mouse now for about 2 years. For the most part it's worked quite well. However within 6 months of having it, the scroll ball did not respond to any touch. Instead of giving up I opened it up and cleaned it out on my own. Since then, it's been great, except for the fact that there is no longer a lower retaining ring on it anymore... therefore the wire comes out every once in a while. All buttons and their function have worked reliably.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars


    Still better than any other mouse, since I'm now spoiled by the 360° capabilities of the scroll ball, but I've had my second Mighty Mouse for a mere month and already the scroll ball is messed up. I JUST fixed it myself--by mashing it into submission, which is not a way anything should be fixed. The scroll ball is too sensitive, especially for someone who clicks it as much as I do! Steve Jobs, help!

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    Scroll ball - No good

    The mouse works very well but the scroll ball broke after 6 months. I can't scroll using the ball. i tried using the trouble shooting tips but no luck. I would buy the magic mouse, works a lot better

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    Not terrible, but don't buy it over another mouse

    I have to say that the Mighty Mouse is not a bad mouse, but it does have some annoying 'features' that would not make it a good choice to just buy separately. Firstly, the 'right-click detecting' is kind of annoying. Seriously, what is the problem with putting 2 physical click buttons in it? Don't downplay the power of the right click, Apple! Right and left clicking, simultaneously, is used in many games. Secondly, the '360°' scrolling is also annoying. Yeah it makes moving pages a little easier, but when will you be on a webpage so wide that it will be needed, at full screen resolution? And I can't scroll along only one axis. The third thing about the mouse is its tracking. It seems sluggish, even at the highest setting. This might be a software issue more than a hardware one, but still.

    Now, that's not to say that there aren't good things about this mouse. It does beat the trackpad on my MBP, and it lets me start spaces and exposé using the button configurations, which I don't think other mice can do. That's about it for the good stuff.

    In short, this mouse is sluggish and a tad bit annoying, but lets you use some useful things like spaces and exposé more easily than hitting fn+F8. Don't get this mouse for your Mac, but if it comes with it, don't bother replacing it. If you are looking for a new mouse or one to replace the gosh darn trackpad, find another 2 (two) button scroll mouse. This one is too expensive, and handles like a wheelbarrow full of cinder blocks, driven by drunk elephants and manned by hippos riding unicycles. Well, maybe not that last part, but $50 for a mouse?!

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    Be gentle...

    I am new to iMacs as of February, and cannot describe how fantastic and exceptional they are. I have had problems with the scroll ball. I consulted the manual. It didn't work. But you know what did?
    Try a few drops of water on the black cloth that came with your computer. Make sure it soaks into the material. Gently roll the mouse upside down on the wet surface in all directions. It works. I have also disabled the Dashboard application that you get when you 'click' on the scroll ball. This, I would imagine, reduces wear and tear. If I need Dashboard, I just click on it on the dock. I hope you find this useful.

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    scroll ball problems

    I was unable to scroll down and I searched for a solution. I read a review and it worked!! Here it is...

    As the directions instruct, "Hold the mouse upside-down and roll the scroll ball vigorously with the cloth that came with your Mac, or another clean, soft, lint-free cloth, to help dislodge any particles that may interfere with proper scrolling." Et voila! My scroll ball works perfectly again!

    Thanks TW for the tip!

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