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    Its amazing

    I've had one of these for 6 years. it's in perfect condittion, i never clean it and it works amazing. people who say when it gets dirty it doesn't work. Mine is 6 years old and it's fine! treat your mouses better. The price is kinda outrageous though. just get one free with a computer, or just get a different mouse.

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    Best Mouse

    This is the best mouse that I have ever used. The scroll ball makes 360° scrolling a breeze, and the side buttons make using Spaces very easy.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    The best mouse ever created by man. Simple as that.

    Despite that I have a Windows PC, this mouse is great. The 360 degree scroll ball is not fully supported (L and R scrolling left and right), but does do up and down. I love how the side buttons can when both are pressed, take you a web page back when you need to (Windows Only). I will NEVER go back to my big pain in the rear end Logitech mouse, as it just feels tacky compared to the $49 magic of the Apple USB Mouse (formerly Apple Wired Mighty Mouse). Thank you, Apple, for persuading my parents to get me this for Christmas.

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    My Favorite Mouse!

    I've been a Mac user since the first Mac was introduced in the mid-1980s, and this is my favorite mouse of all. I keep my Apple Mouse working well. How? I squirt a bit of compressed air into the ball each time I finish using it for the day. It ALWAYS works, and it works well.

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    Great Product

    Overall, the mouse is a great product. It provides great functionality with the pressure sensitive sides and still works well even after two years of use. Those people who bought new mice because of the scroll ball issue could have done simply flipped the mouse upside down and rubbed the ball with a piece of printer paper. That information is easily available on the internet and Apple's website.

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    Love it

    Like all the multitude of functions in this small product, as well as the look/feel.

    Had been working just fine for a couple of months until recently when the infamous scrolling ball got stuck. Thanks for the tip on how to clean it. The upside down rolling motion on printer paper did the job.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Just some common misconceptions.

    I’ve had this mouse for two years now, and I absolutely love it! It has much more functionality (and more buttons) than Apple’s Magic Mouse; however, there are some things you should know.

    Here are the fixes one should be aware of when purchasing this product:

    1. The scroll ball must be cleaned occasionally by rolling the mouse upside down on a piece of printer paper. All the dirt and oils come right out onto the paper, and the ball works just like new!

    2. In order to right click, your left finger cannot be touching the left side of the mouse. You must life your left finger and press the right side of the mouse with your right finger. If you press the mouse with both fingers, it automatically registers as a left click.

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    I don't see the problem...

    My husband purchased me an iMac for as an anniversary gift approximately a year and a half ago. I was mainly a PC/Windows user - I had never owned an Apple/Mac product before, so just about everything about it was foreign to me.

    I have to admit, while I LOVED the iMac's 24 inch screen, ease of use and the fact that the entire computer was built into the monitor (eliminated the tower and freeing up space), I initially HATED the keyboard and mouse that came with it in the box. I wasn't used to typing on something so flat, and while I liked the size of the keys, I didn't care for the fact that the keys weren't raised and staggered in height (meaning the overall tilt of more traditional keyboards). However, it didn't take me long to adjust to this new style and now my finger literally fly over the keys. I make few mistakes and notice that I don't become fatigued like I used to when I have to do a lot of typing.

    Now, to the mouse...yes I hated this thing too :o) I did NOT like that it didn't have the right and left click buttons. I eventually became used to it, and then I discovered that I could set up this mouse like the more traditional mouses (mice?) I was used to with a left and right click button. I love the buttons on the side as well. I find this little thing to be extremely versatile, ergonomic and easy to use. The scroll ball is amazing as well. It takes very little effort to move it around, which makes navigating a web page and documents very easy to do.

    As for the people who have given this product poor reviews, stating that it becomes dirty? First of all, anything we touch with our hands has the potential for getting dirty, which is why it is prudent that we take proper care of these items prior to handling. I have had this same mouse for a year and a half now. The white plastic casing and ball are as clean as and function as perfectly as the day I pulled it out of the box. I have had ZERO issues with any dirt, moisture and/or oils from my hands getting into the creases or down into the scroll ball. Then again, I always make sure my hands are clean and dry before I ever touch ANY of my electronics and I never eat around them.

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    cleaning the ball may help

    Wow! I cleaned my ball according to CB using Windex and now my mouse works great again!

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    Apple Mouse

    I got to say, this mouse works perfectly. I love the 360 degree scroll. Actually, I got an iMac, keyboard, and this mouse for free! (thanks to my awesome uncle, it came with Windows Vista!!! LOL!) This machine is a white Intel 2006 iMac... so that must mean this mouse is almost 5 years old! This mouse still is really good, and even the track ball works great. I recomend this mouse, although I do not like the pricing on this... it should be $20... but still deserves 5 stars.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Cleaning the Ball

    Use some Windex(without Ammonia) or Cinch (a cleaning product I use).
    Turn Mouse upside down.
    Spray ball.
    Keeping ball upside down, press ball into a washcloth and move it in every direction until it is dry.
    Repeat this procedure using a piece of printer paper until ball is dry and there is no residue coming off the ball.

    Good for another 10,000 miles.

    This is NOT a disposable mouse. Clean it this way.
    You cannot take it apart.
    Apple WILL NOT publicly recommend using a cleaner, HOWEVER all the Techs and Store employees do it this way.

    My cordless Mighty Mouse is 3 years old and is still kicking and clicking.

    An obvious piece of advice: The cleaner you keep your hands, the longer your Mighty Mouse will go between cleanings.

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    Great mouse

    I have had my Mighty Mouse for a couple years. Only maintenance it has every needed is an annual touch of the scroll ball with an alcohol wipe to clean it off (takes a few seconds) and recharge of batteries every couple months. I love it!!!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Mouse!

    Thanks to apple because this mouse is awesome!
    It feels great in your hand way better than the magic mouse.
    I also really like the buttons on the side, i us then as a quick way to enter Exposé.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    3 years daily usage; never a problem

    I'm writing this review primarily because I wanted to offer a different perspective from some of the other reviews I see here.

    I've been using the cordless version of this mouse for 3 years, ever since I purchased my iMac. I use it for several hours a day, doing a lot of work that requires me to move things around the screen. It hasn't caused a single problem. I must have the world's cleanest hands because the roller ball hasn't even clogged up.

    I don't know if I'm lucky or what. But my ONLY complaint about this mouse is that it won't wear out, so I never have an excuse to try some of the new ones.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Mouse

    A lot of people say the scroll ball doesn't work, but I found it worked very well. I've had it for years and it hasn't failed. Wonderful design! It has a nice shape that is extremely comfortable in my hand. Great mouse; I definitely reccommend it.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Little Mouse.

    I've had this mouse since I purchased my i-Mac G5. NEVER had a problem. Ever. Is it possible I've had it since 2005? Love it.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Smooth tracking and scrolling. Great functionality.

    This mouse was given to me as a gift. I received it used, and it was experiencing the same scrolling problems everyone writes about in the reviews. There is a simple fix for this: Take a clean white piece of paper on a hard surface, turn the mouse upside down so its resting on the ball, and move the mouse around quickly in every direction. Try going fast and slow. The dirt that has accumulated on the ball will rub off on the paper and the mouse will work good as new.

    After the ball was clean, I fell in love with the mouse. Scrolling felt so effortless with the 360 degree ball. The tracking in impeccable even without a mouse pad. It's also fantastic having 4 buttons so that you can program expose and spaces for easy access.

    Do not be fooled by people rating one star. Just like any product, this mouse will need to be cleaned after prolonged use. Cleaning it is fast and simple and restores the initial ease of scrolling.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    1 year of heavy use and so far so good

    I have used this mouse for 1 year and and I have not had any problems with it. I never eat at my desk/computer area though. I use a cleaning wipe about once a month to clean it. Its great and looks really nice.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Mouse!

    I've read a lot of bad reviews, so I thought I'd put in my two cents. I've been using this mouse with my Mac Mini 1.66 Core Duo purchased back in 2006. I have never had any issues with this mouse. It's gone through several studio albums using logic pro, lots of final cut hd videos, and never once had a problem with the scroll ball. I love this mouse and will probably buy another one, when the time comes.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best mouse ive ever used

    i got this mouse 2 years ago. I have to say, it is the best mouse ive ever used, aside from the magic mouse. i plan on getting a magic mouse for my macbook pro, i just havent been around to it. anyways, the mighty mouse is fantastic, the ball you scroll with is perfect, i havent had any problems with it. It has a solid click, right clicking is super easy, the buttons on the side are awesome. i have those set to my spaces. its so easy. the tracking is perfect, ive never had a problem with it. And i dont understand why people keep on complaining about the ball. if you wash your hands, the ball will never get sicky and dirty. it will be fine. and i clean my mouse all the time. its the best mouse ever. Get one, and wash your hands. you will never have problems.

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