• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Apple Mouse

    • Written by from CHICAGO

    My experience with the Apple Mouse has been a pleasure although. I haven't mastered all its features.

    I bought my computer in 2006 and on April 3, 2010 my nephew broke the mouse. I am reordering a replacement today

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    I love this mouse

    • Written by from Bluffton

    So far, I really do love the mouse although I did debate a lot about getting it after all the negative reviews I read on here. The mouse is beautifully designed and beautifully made. It has worked very well for me. I have the Magic Mouse for my MacBook Pro and use that most of the time. I got the wired mouse to use with the Windows partition on the MacBook since I couldn't get the Magic Mouse to work with that. I do prefer the Magic Mouse but am very happy with the wired mouse. The scroll button works very well although I don't do a great amount of scrolling. It fits my hand well. For the button to get really dirty, as so many people complain here, and for a lot of black gunk to be in it, seems really strange to me. Do all those people live in really dirty houses or do they ever wash their hands? Things, including mice, do need to be cleaned and Apple described in the booklet accompanying the mouse how to clean the mouse and the scroll ball.

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    I have loved this mouse for years

    • Written by from THE VILLAGES

    I have had this mouse for two years. I have had only one problem with dirt that was easily fixed. Other than that it is so easy to use and much more reliable and comfortable than the Magic Mouse. It also has more functions.

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    Stop complaining about the roller ball and fix it!

    • Written by from Rochester

    Love the mouse. Fortunately I read the "cure" for the "non functioning" roller ball. IT WORKS. Now my mouse it perfect again. So before you trash it, read the entries about fixing it – so simple it's ridiculous I couldn't have thought of it.
    Definitely NOT a reason to not buy the mouse.

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    Scroll wheel fix...

    • Written by from camano island

    Don't surf the interweb while eating fried chicken. The scroll ball gets gooey and needs to be cleaned, (I use Windex on a napkin). Hygiene people.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Exactly What it says

    • Written by from Savage

    This is a great product and does exactly what it says it does, it has a lift and right click you just need to go into settings to change it from a single click to a double click, so people think it is only a single click, also it is very durable, unless you have a defected product or you just don't take care of it

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    Best mouse ever!!

    • Written by from Auckland

    the side buttons are a brilliant design feature and the main clicking buttons are so discreet. Well done Apple

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Flawless, dont listen to poor reviews

    • Written by from boynton beach

    I had to write this review in response to some of the poor reviews I have seen. I have owned this mouse since the first year of production. I have never had a problem with stray clicks, the mouse always works properly. As long as you understand how the mouse works, there is a tutorial, it is simple and easy. I like it far better than a single button mouse or even a multi button mouse. As far as the trackball getting dirty, which only shows up as an issue every several months, just push down on the trackball and roll it. It cleans the sensor and works fine, this process only takes several seconds.

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    Very good mouse, Wireless version better, Magic Mouse best.

    • Written by from DF

    This mouse is very good, I had it for about 4 months, then it was replaced with it's wireless version. A couple of weeks ago I got the new Magic Mouse and it is definitely the best option, although it is quite expensive ($69)

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    love it

    • Written by from New Hartford

    im so loving this mouse i dont know why you guys have problems i got it 3 months ago and the scroll ball works Fine and im an editor i use it a lot but the only problem i have is when i use the buttons on the side it will keep clicking it but i just turned that feature off over all great mouse and t works on windows pc not just on boot camp>......

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    Best mouse I have ever used!

    • Written by from New Carlisle

    This is the BEST mouse I have ever used. It has many features such as scrolling up, down, sideways, expose, dashboard and MANY more! I've seen some comments that say negative things about the mouse many about the scroll wheel. There is a fix to the scroll wheel not working. Just get a piece of white paper and roll the wheel in circles on it. This takes out dirt from the wheel and it works perfectly for me! I went to best buy and looked at magic mouse and HATED it! It feels like your moving around a box with your hand! The Apple Mouse is the way to go!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    What are you taking about!!!

    • Written by from Mooresville

    This is the best mouse i have ever had!! For all the people who complain about the scroll ball getting stuff in it, heres an idea. WASH YOU FREEKIN HANDS!!!!!!!!

    Works perfectly. Don't listen to all the people complaining about the track ball its a great innovation.

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    Great Thus Far

    • Written by from Belmont

    I got the Mighty Mouse two days ago at my local apple store and have been very impressed with it so far. I recommend if you buy this product that you also buy iklear. iklear will come with an entire cleaning set for your Mac but also has the anti static cloth in it that helps you clean your mouses scroll ball. I liked it better than the magic mouse because my hand was always getting stuck on the Magic Mouse, making it impossible to use. I would recommend to get the Mighty Mouse and upgrade to the Magic Mouse when some improvements are made. My favorite part about the Mighty Mouse is the fact that there are four different buttons that can do four different actions. Even the scroll ball is a button! This is yet another one of the great Apple products i have purchased since buying my macbook!!

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    Rub the ball vigorously and it will work

    • Written by from columbia

    We are a Mac office and about once a month someone's mouse quits functioning. I am not sure how we learned this technique but it works. Simply, roll the ball as hard and vigorously as possible and it will start working again. I am actually interested to try the alcohol trick to see if it is just as affective.

    I gave a five star rating basically because its an awesome mouse. The rolling ball most be sensitive and when dust or dirt builds up on the ball it quits working. The alcohol trick seems less aggressive, however, unless you work in a doctor's office you might not have alcohol readily available.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best mouse on the market... but with quality issues

    • Written by from Växjö

    The apple mouse is intuitive, simple and has many different functions without having buttons crammed onto every available space. The scrollweel is somehing I can't live without nowadays, especially when doing more advanced editing. Brilliantly simple in design and looks really good as well.
    The only downside, as many have pointed out before me, is that the scrollweel has a strong tendency to stop working. Most people I know who owns a mac has had the same problem with this mouse. Some have been able to fix it and some havn't. The glitch seems pretty ramdom and I don't really know what causes this error.
    I've had my mouse for 3 years now and the scrollweel has quit on me several times, though I managed to fix it without any major problems. Now however it seems to have given up for good. Anyway, 3 years is a pretty OK lifespan for a mouse so for me this hasn't been a big issue.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Mouse, Easy to Clean.

    • Written by from Cambridge

    If your scroll ball stops working, you can easily fix it by making a Que-Tip slightly damp, rolling the Que-Tip around on the ball, then flipping the mouse upside down on a blank piece of paper and pressing on the scroll ball as you move the mouse around.

    Search on YouTube for :"how to clean apple mouse" and there will be loads of videos on how to clean it easily WITHOUT taking it apart.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    fantastic mouse...bad rating undeserved

    • Written by from Bloomfield

    Before buying the wireless version of this mouse (identical, but using a bluetooth connection instead of a wire), I was unsure whether or not I should make the purchase, because I saw many dissatisfied customers.
    However, trusting Apple as I do, I decided to buy it, and it has been well worth the expenditure. I use it daily with my Macbook Pro, and have not regretted buying it once. It tracks very smoothly and is quite forgiving as to where I place my fingers on the shell for right and left click. The side buttons are a great alternative to Expose on the trackpad, and the functionality of the trackball is astounding. I have rediscovered the mouse.
    I have noticed, in general, that complaints arise around Apple products when either the user is rough on the equipment, or does not understand the interface. Recommendation: learn how to use what you buy, and treat your tools with care.
    Simply wipe the mouse with a soft cloth every week or so, and rub the trackball against a clean pant leg. Stow it in a dust free place if you are not going to be using it for a while, and you will have years of use out of your Mighty Mouse.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Don't know what everyone is complaining about

    • Written by from Sequim

    Had this mouse for about 4 months. No problems. No scroll wheel issues. Just everyday-works-the-way-it-is-supposed-to. Buy it. And by the way...if you do jam up the scroll wheel just invert on a standard sheet of white paper and roll back and forth and up and down. I have "fixed" 3 of them in our office.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Calgary

    I have had the wireless version of the Apple Mouse (previously known as the mighty mouse) for over a year and a half now. I love my mouse, and with the proper care (i.e. don't do things that are generally bad for any computer or mouse-like eating while using) and you should have a great quality mouse. (The wireless version works like a dream and I haven't even needed to replace the batteries yet!)

    The only downside is that you cannot click the right and left buttons at the same time, this is almost never an issue and has only been a problem for me in one piece of software that required that functionality. However, this will not be a problem for the average user.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Gloverville

    I just bought my Mighty Mouse a few hours ago and it works great!!! I have a windows computer.

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