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    Best mouse I have ever used!

    This is the BEST mouse I have ever used. It has many features such as scrolling up, down, sideways, expose, dashboard and MANY more! I've seen some comments that say negative things about the mouse many about the scroll wheel. There is a fix to the scroll wheel not working. Just get a piece of white paper and roll the wheel in circles on it. This takes out dirt from the wheel and it works perfectly for me! I went to best buy and looked at magic mouse and HATED it! It feels like your moving around a box with your hand! The Apple Mouse is the way to go!

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    Best Mouse

    This Mouse is the best I've had. The only problem i've had with it is the centre ball but apple replaced it straight away no questions asked. I love the 3rd and 4th buttons, I use them all the time!!!! I believe this mouse, even though it's wired is better than the new Magic Mouse, because it has the Expose and Dashboard activation buttons on the mouse. Apple this is your best mouse!!!!

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    Idiot proof scroll wheel fix

    A fool proof way to clean the scroll wheel is unplug it and get an alchohol wipe and wipe the scroll wheel and presto! Brand new Mighty Mouse!

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    Scroller malfunction fix

    I had similar problems with the scroller failing within a few months of buying the mouse. Really frustrated me till I read this review that a good citizen wrote for the wireless mouse. Try it...it works!

    This is not a review - it's a fix for the scroller.
    Written by AC from RESEDA
    Oct 30, 2007

    I went to the Apple store by my house today and talked to a guy about sending this mouse in for repair since I have only had it a few months. He said I needed an appointment, but he also said it was easily fixed. He advised me to clean the roller ball on the top with alcohol wipes or a q-tip soaked in alcohol.
    I thought it wouldn't work but since I had to wait for my appointment to send it in to apple I tried it and cleaned it thoroughly with alcohol and a q-tip. I let it dry for five minutes and it works like new.
    I am very pleased with the advice I got and just wanted to share with some of you who might be having the same problem.

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    Best Mouse on the Market

    I have used the wired and wireless version of the Mighty Mouse for several years, and it has become my favorite. The secret to reliable use of the scroll ball is to keep your hands clean -- not a bad idea anyway when using any computer peripheral. The left and right and multi-click commands were a little tricky to master at first, but now even that seems natural now that I have mastered the movements. Overall, a great mouse!!

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    Great Mouse, If you read manuals

    One of the best mice i've used, there are a lot better ones out there but its really neat and simplistic. Please clean the scrolling ball, CLEAN IT - the manual has it there... to clean the scrolling ball... read. clean. and good as new.

    neat laser easter egg.

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    Excellent mouse!

    I have been using various wireless and wired mice for years, but the wired mighty mouse beats them all. Wireless mice depend on batteries to keep operating and previous wired mice I've used have been awkward. The wired mighty mouse fits my hand, the scroll button allows me to scroll not just from top to bottom but from side to side in side a document. Now I just need to get a second one to keep with my older laptop!

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    I love this mouse. I wanted the wireless mouse but it was a gift and works amazingly. The only problem I have had was when i used it in my bed were there are like bumps and won't work there but otherwise it has worked for everything.

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    Try this before buying a new mouse!

    I went to purchase a new mouse due to my scroll ball failing about a year ago. They were out of stock of the wired mighty mouse, so I thought I would just order it online. I then read the feedback regarding cleaning the scroll wheel by soaking a Q-Tip in alcohol and thoroughly cleaning the ball. My mouse now works like new, just out of the box! I hardly remember it working so well, as it is close to two years old. I guess the oil from our fingers (probably mostly due to my kids fingers because they are the ones that are always messing with my Mac; they can't keep their hands off of it) gets into the mechanism and needs to be cleaned. Try this before buying a new mouse!

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    Check the Support Pages!!!

    I agree that its annoying that scrolling down doesn't work after awhile. But if you are OBSERVANT! you would notice in the support pages for the mouse. CLEANING the mouse fixes this exact problem. Just get a damp cloth hold the mouse upside down and run the cloth on the ball really fast to clean it out. Plus be sure its upside so dirty falls down and out. After that do the same thing with a dry portion of the cloth, and GOOD AS NEW. Just did it tonight and worked wonders.. ONCE again. This also goes for the Wireless Version So to you people who don't clean it. STOP WHINING!

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    Works great – pro or amateur user –

    I've been using this mouse for over a year and so far has been working great. I've been using it as a professional designer and as an animation student and has stood up to all those different clicks and scrolls of different programs.

    I highly recommend it it.

    Great product.

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    No batteries required!

    Less environmental waste!

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    Clean ball & scroll on

    I've had my Mac & mouse for 2 yrs, luv em both. Started to have scrolling problems w/the ball but came up w/a solution to problem. I just used "Goof Off" solvent to clean the ball & was scrolling like new again! Put a couple drops solvent on a clean smooth cloth, turn mouse upside down, roll ball over solvent in circular motion let dry & viola,
    back in action!! Too easy, yes, but effective! You can get it at any hardware store.

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    I don't see the problem...

    My husband purchased me an iMac for as an anniversary gift approximately a year and a half ago. I was mainly a PC/Windows user - I had never owned an Apple/Mac product before, so just about everything about it was foreign to me.

    I have to admit, while I LOVED the iMac's 24 inch screen, ease of use and the fact that the entire computer was built into the monitor (eliminated the tower and freeing up space), I initially HATED the keyboard and mouse that came with it in the box. I wasn't used to typing on something so flat, and while I liked the size of the keys, I didn't care for the fact that the keys weren't raised and staggered in height (meaning the overall tilt of more traditional keyboards). However, it didn't take me long to adjust to this new style and now my finger literally fly over the keys. I make few mistakes and notice that I don't become fatigued like I used to when I have to do a lot of typing.

    Now, to the mouse...yes I hated this thing too :o) I did NOT like that it didn't have the right and left click buttons. I eventually became used to it, and then I discovered that I could set up this mouse like the more traditional mouses (mice?) I was used to with a left and right click button. I love the buttons on the side as well. I find this little thing to be extremely versatile, ergonomic and easy to use. The scroll ball is amazing as well. It takes very little effort to move it around, which makes navigating a web page and documents very easy to do.

    As for the people who have given this product poor reviews, stating that it becomes dirty? First of all, anything we touch with our hands has the potential for getting dirty, which is why it is prudent that we take proper care of these items prior to handling. I have had this same mouse for a year and a half now. The white plastic casing and ball are as clean as and function as perfectly as the day I pulled it out of the box. I have had ZERO issues with any dirt, moisture and/or oils from my hands getting into the creases or down into the scroll ball. Then again, I always make sure my hands are clean and dry before I ever touch ANY of my electronics and I never eat around them.

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    Scroll wheel fix...

    Don't surf the interweb while eating fried chicken. The scroll ball gets gooey and needs to be cleaned, (I use Windex on a napkin). Hygiene people.

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    This Rocks

    So many complaints about this great product. You have to keep it clean. Had mine for 2 years now. If the ball doesn't work, I simply turn it upside down on my mouse pad and rub it in all directions a few times. Works fine.

    Easy to use. Great product.

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    Great Basic Mouse

    Simple, functional, scroll ball is great for graphic design or audio editing where precise horizontal scrolling is needed. I'd definitely recommend it for Windows or OSX.

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    Heavy User (web app programmer)

    I dont know what everyone is talking about. This product is great and I use it very heavily. Purchased in Jan. 08.

    I dont care much for wired computer equipment but I also dont like be stuck with a dead mouse and no batteries when I am in the middle of some very important work.

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    Mighty Fine

    The Apple wired Mighty Mouse is by far the best mouse I've ever known. Some people complain about the scroll bar collecting dirt, but mine hardly collects any. If you don't eat and use it then you will be fine. The wired version is great because you never have to worry about running out of battery and the fact that it plugs right into the side of the Apple keyboard is just the best ever! The two click shell is an awesome idea and this is an awesome product. I highly recommend getting this for both Macs and PCs alike.

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    Works great if you wash your hands

    I've had the wireless version of the mouse for nearly a year, the wired version for about 4 months - they work fine without a hitch. But if you like to eat greasy food (or wash your hands only once a day) you're doomed to gum up the scroll ball and dirty up the bottom of the mouse (creates drag).

    My keyboards are clean as well - some people tend to dirty up everything their hands touch so if you're one of those people you might not like this mouse.

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