• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    I like it but...

    • Written by from Altadena

    When I bought my iMac I was expecting to replace the mighty mouse because I have high standards for mouse ergonomics. I was surprised that I liked the mighty mouse's low profile, which took the strain off my mouse hand. Over the year I had it, I had to clean the scroll ball a couple of times when it got dirty, but it was not hard to clean.

    I just sold my iMac and bought a unibody Macbook, keyboard, mouse, and 24" cinema display. My complaint about the mighty mouse: The length of the cord is not listed in the specs for the product, and I find this inexcusable. I had to read many reviews to find out the cord was "short". It is not as short as the cord on the mouse shipped with the iMac. For those who need to know, the cord is about 28 inches long: too short to use with the notebooks having USB ports on the left, and about a foot too long to use with the wired keyboard.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Here's How to Fix the Ball

    • Written by from San Diego

    It's a sleek design. The buttons are totally customizable and work great. The biggest problem is that the little ball invariably collects too much dirt to work. Here's a simple way to clean the ball and get back to scrolling in 360 degrees:

    Put a piece of clean paper on your desk. Flip the mouse over so the ball touches the paper. Press on the bottom of the mouse so the ball pushes into the paper. Now move the mouse back and forth in all directions for about 30 seconds. Flip the mouse over and the ball magically works again. You'll probably see some neat dirt lines on the paper from the ball.

    -Don't grind the mouse casing into the desk, just push the ball.

    -If you don't unplug the mouse first, understand that you'll probably get a few random mouse clicks while your doing this.

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    Great mouse but.....

    • Written by from Niagara Falls

    FIX THE SCROLL WHEEL PROBLEM!!!! I'm tired of cleaning my mouse ball every few days. Some people don't even know how to fix it, it's unbelievable how Apple released such a poor product. Time for an update!

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    Cord too short for opposite handiness on unibody laptops

    • Written by from Verona

    This is generally a decent mouse, although the squeeze gesturing can be very awkward to fully trigger for certain hand sizes. The scroll ball is a bit too sensitive as well, which can prevent precise scroll control of certain screen elements. It's very difficult to click the ball without scrolling, which can be frustrating for certain app functions.

    WARNING: if you are right-handed, the cord is too short to use this mouse without an extension, USB hub, or external keyboard on the new unibody MacBook or MacBookPro. I expect the same is true for lefties on the MB Air.

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    Repair of scroll function

    • Written by from Rydal

    Best advice, per prior reviewer:
    "ball problem quick fix!
    Written by KT from Roswell
    Nov 16, 2008"

    My ball stopped scrolling UP after 9 months - Scrolling down, and everything else worked OK. Rolled the ball with my finger wet with rubbing alcohol a few minutes; wiped clean with Kleenex and repeated 4 times untll no dirt showed. Maybe we should wash our hands every time before booting!

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    ball problem quick fix!

    • Written by from Roswell

    So the ball sticks cause it pulls dirt in.... Hold the mouse in your hand upside down, take rubbing alcohol on your finger and roll it over and over you will see all that dirt come out and it will work again! Still- a bad design for a pretty mouse.. but it will save you money to just fix it yourself.

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    Finicky roller ball

    • Written by from Bourbon

    My mighty mouse officially lasted 2 1/2 years which sounds good compared to some of the other reviews. Just this week the roller ball quit scrolling upward. NOw suddenly it will scroll upward, but not down. It doesn't appear to be dirty, but I followed some of the advice on other reviews and rubbed it on a soft cloth and now it seems to be working. Since I can't take it apart to clean it more thoroughly, I'm wondering how much longer it will last.

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    scroll ball problems

    • Written by from Salt Lake City

    I was unable to scroll down and I searched for a solution. I read a review and it worked!! Here it is...

    As the directions instruct, "Hold the mouse upside-down and roll the scroll ball vigorously with the cloth that came with your Mac, or another clean, soft, lint-free cloth, to help dislodge any particles that may interfere with proper scrolling." Et voila! My scroll ball works perfectly again!

    Thanks TW for the tip!

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    I love you; I hate you

    • Written by from Austin

    The concept of the Mighty Mouse is good. But that pesky PIA scroll ball on the top of the mouse only works correctly about 50% of the time. Sometimes it will scroll in every direction, sometimes down, sometimes not at all. And sometimes the cursor packs up and moves to another location on the screen indiscriminately.

    When it works, I really love the way it feels and functions. If only it worked MOST of the time.

    Here's a thought, Apple. Why don't you create an external version of the new glass track pad currently included with the new MacBook and MacBook Pro. This would keep us from driving up and down the furniture and we could change from an up, down, right, left ball configuration to gestures. Oh boy, would I like that. And this would get rid of the ball.

    I would purchase this product if it were available. How about a Bluetooth model as well.

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    Mouse Has Problems

    • Written by from Mendota Heights

    Some times when I use the scroll wheel on the mighty mouse it will not scroll up or down. Some times it will just scroll down not up.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Decent mouse

    • Written by from SAINT LOUIS PARK

    The mighty mouse has gotten a bad wrap since it came out, but for the common user it is a very nice mouse. It has a sleek design with four completely customizable buttons, and the 360 degree scroll ball is amazing. I honestly don't know why more companies don't use a ball instead of a wheel. As with any mouse the scroll ball does get dirty, but if you turn it over and apply firm pressure while rolling the ball over a cloth (like the cleaning cloth that comes with your computer) it will remove a lot of the dead skin and other debris in the ball. The only real downsides are the mouse occasionally jumps to the opposite side of the screen at random and it doesn't have a dual click function which comes in handy when working on Shake and other high end programs, but this can be bi-passed by using shortcut keys. Overall a very decent mouse for regular use, but if you a looking for something specific such as a gaming mouse or need a dual click then by all means look for a different mouse.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good mouse, bad scroll ball.

    • Written by from Tempe

    Overall, I love the Mighty Mouse; as many have noted, however, the scroll ball is far too large a vulnerability in an otherwise fine product. The oils from your finger will eventually cause the ball to cease functioning properly, and eventually even the hardiest cleaning simply will not fix it.

    My suggestion to Apple: put that touch technology to use here and give us a touch-sensitive "ball" that doesn't actually physically move. The Mighty Mouse already uses touch sensing for its configurable "buttons", a touch sensing, virtualized scroll "ball" is simply a logical step forward.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Just broke.

    • Written by

    Well I have had my iMac for about a year now. And the mouse came with the computer. But the mouse finally broke. It didn't come as a shock because the reviews that I read said that the scroller on the mouse would become unresponsive. But anyway, I would think that a mouse could last longer than just one year. That is why I gave it a 3 out of 5. But I got a lot of use out of this mouse so it is not a terrible product. Just expect it to last about a year or so.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Works fine for a while

    • Written by from Potomac

    Similar to others, after about 12-14 months of ownership and use, the scroll ball has failed on mine. Mind you, only in one direction. Still scrolls up, or side to side, but downward scrolling is non existent. It's a shame that this has occurred. Fortunately, I have a mighty mouse wireless as well, but I can only assume it's a matter of time until that scroll ball fails as well.

    Great purchase for mild use, but if you use your mouse heavily (as I do), I'd recommend an alternate product, and this coming from an Apple faithful.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Love it, hate it

    • Written by from Patterson

    Never have I used a more comfortable mouse - the full-body click is absolutely perfect for when I draw in Illustrator or Photoshop. However, as everyone else points out, after a few months the scroll ball stops working. You can usually clean it one or two times and get it working again, but eventually it WILL stop functioning. Like a sucker I keep buying them because I just don't like the feel of any others, but this is a product in desperate, dire need of a redesign.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    It's been good...

    • Written by from Providence

    I've had the wired Mighty Mouse now for about 2 years. For the most part it's worked quite well. However within 6 months of having it, the scroll ball did not respond to any touch. Instead of giving up I opened it up and cleaned it out on my own. Since then, it's been great, except for the fact that there is no longer a lower retaining ring on it anymore... therefore the wire comes out every once in a while. All buttons and their function have worked reliably.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    50/50 out of 100

    • Written by from Whitehorse

    Ok so every writers leaves the bsst for last, At first I was really confused with the mouse, and it's touch sensitive features, I hate using my had to push the mouse down but I do realize it helps the mouse 3 button, when i first plugged in the mouse the mouse 2 button was disabled but once i changed it in the settings it was all good, I hate opticals, don't know why apple made a laser wireless and a optical wired, optical has terrible reflection issues. Overall the mouse works Awesome, and am satisifed with it, the side buttons are a little tough to press and the whole hand click isn't for me but i'll still use the mouse.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Definitely a source of stress

    • Written by from Baton Rouge

    While the mouse is aesthetically pleasing and functionally neat, it does cause me a lot of stress. Ever month the scroll ball will stop working and I start wondering if I'll have to replace it.. then after 15 minutes of vigorous attempts at cleaning it starts working again. I have had the product for less than 9 months and I'm not sure how long I can keep dodging the bullet. So buy with caution.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    How to fix your rollerball

    • Written by from Austin

    Like many of you I was extremely frustrated when my mouse started to malfunction. Fortunately all I had to do was take an alcohol prep pad and wipe down the mouse thoroughly (hold down rollerball and roll it use prep pad) my mouse started to work immediately. Hope this little tid bit helps.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice, while it lasted

    • Written by from Larchmont

    My scroll ball is dead. I have cleaned it and cleaned, and nothing. I have had the mouse for about four months I think. That is unfortunately so often the case with Apple produts - they just don't last.

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