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    I just bought my Mighty Mouse a few hours ago and it works great!!! I have a windows computer.

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    Best Mouse

    This Mouse is the best I've had. The only problem i've had with it is the centre ball but apple replaced it straight away no questions asked. I love the 3rd and 4th buttons, I use them all the time!!!! I believe this mouse, even though it's wired is better than the new Magic Mouse, because it has the Expose and Dashboard activation buttons on the mouse. Apple this is your best mouse!!!!

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    This has been the best mouse I have ever owned. I don't know why people have such problems with the scroll wheel. I love being able to scroll in all directions. This mouse is great!

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    There is a fix for the broken scroll ball, don't lose hope!

    For those of you complaining about the scroll ball and getting dirt trapped beneath it, don't worry. You can fairly easily open (just be careful not to yank open the mouse, there are two cables connecting the top to the bottom) up the mouse and once it is opened its a piece of cake to get every little bit of dirt off. When you are inside you will see a small plastic square around the ball. Take this off and clean EVERYTHING, this includes removing the small black wheels that surround the ball (make sure not to lose them!). Carefully put everything back together and there you go, a resurrected mighty mouse. This works MUCH better than just cleaning the mouse off because you are getting rid of the grime that is trapped around the ball and below it.

    Hope this helps

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    Great Mouse

    This is the best mouse I have ever had. Can't imagine not having a trackball now that I've got one.

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    Don't be Haters, It's great!

    I got this mouse right when it came out and loved it. It was the first mouse Apple released that had right click capability. I love the dashboard shortcut and the side pressure buttons. When I heard the wireless version was coming out, I dashed to the Apple store. Its a great mouse, but like any other piece of electronics, you must take care of it. So, all you people who say it breaks, I have two of them and haven't had any problems.

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    Great But go wireless

    The mouse is great is great qty. , but i recommend the wireless b/c 1 less wire is nice is and works even better. =)

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    Awesome! Apple is the best!

    I love this mouse, nice and smooth sailing. Better than ANY microsoft mouse I have used. Its nice and small, but not too small, and its perfect for the iMac, or even any MacBook. Great job Apple! Don't listen to those other 1 star reviews, they are just mad because they eat a bunch of junk food by their computer.

    This Mouse is very smooth, operates perfect for anything!

    Keep up the excellent work Apple!

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    Idiot proof scroll wheel fix

    A fool proof way to clean the scroll wheel is unplug it and get an alchohol wipe and wipe the scroll wheel and presto! Brand new Mighty Mouse!

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    Works Fantastic!!

    Not sure why everyone has such a hard time with the scroll ball. I am a mechanic and use the mouse with greasy hands all the time. Not once has the ball stopped working.

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    A great mouse...

    I use this mouse for a variety of applications, both on a PC and a Mac. Whether gaming, browsing or doing design work, it's never let me down. As for those who've experienced roller-ball issues: just give the mouse a good cleaning, and it'll be working like new again. I've found that a microfiber cloth will clear just about any jam - if it's particularly bad, lightly damp the cloth. I've been using mine since the Mighty Mouse was released back in 2005, and plan on using it for many years to come.

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    This is a great mouse. The 360 degree scroll wheel is awesome. Only complaint is you have to clean it regularly to ensure the wheel doesn't stop working over time. People eat or go outside and don't wash their hands and then use the mouse and it starts to stick. Over time, you can clean the wheel with a swab but it begins not to work if you don't do it religiously. Great mouse, otherwise. Wouldn't expect anything less from apple

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    Can't go back to the wheel

    Love this mouse and the wireless version. Have used them both since their release and have had NO issues. How dirty are you people who have the scroll ball seize up all the time? If it's not running smoothly, just turn it over and quickly run it up and down the front of your jeans, the length of your thigh. Takes ten seconds and it's working again. I have also used a can of compressed air to blow out the dirt, when I've had a can handy, but usually this isn't necessary 'cause it works fine and every six months I use the jeans trick.

    Once you get used to having a mouse that will activate Exposé and the Dashboard, you won't want to use anything else.

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    Nice mouse!

    I have reviewed a lot of products and up until now, never offered a commentary on other reviewers. Allow me this observation about the whiners complaining about the scroll ball sticking: Try washing your hands before using your computer and don't eat and type on your keyboard at the same time . . . You could also try dusting your desk once in awhile! Now that being said, we have three iMacs with users ranging from 10 to 54 in the house and have had absolutely NO problems with this mouse. It is a great design with simple to use features, perfectly matched to the Mac OS interface. So, if you can manage not to eat and use your computer at the same time (step away from the Cheetos!), you are probably going to love this mouse. If you can't steal yourself away from your computer long enough to make and eat a proper meal while sitting at the dining room table, then you're liable to have sticky computer peripherals and accessories and this mouse is no exception.

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    Confused is the only word that i can come up with in reference to the scroll ball sticking, mine never has? ever and I am on my laptop quite a bit since I became paralyzed. Although I have purchased several new Apple mighty mouse replacements due to dropping them on my hardwood floors, and I do not expect them to be able to take that kind of a shock from a 3 foot drop. Other brands I have used but I keep coming back to the mighty mouse.

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    Love it

    Not sure why all the bad reviews, I personally LOVE my Mighty Mouse!

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    All these negative reviews really surprise me.

    I've had the wired mouse with my macbook pro for a couple of years and I love it. Never had a single problem, the ball is easier to use and more functional than a wheel. The only thing I can imagine is that some users must have awful dirty hands if their balls are getting clogged all the time! Seriously, it is a great mouse. I just bought a wireless one to get rid of the wire and I'm expecting the same flawless performance. Funny, seems that some people always have problems with their equipment and others rarely do. I wonder if it depends on whether you are a "hard rough" user (like my kids) or a gentle one. I own many apple products, but have never experienced any of the mechanical issues that some seem to have.

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    Awesome'st mouse ever!

    I had come from the Windows world and I'm not saying that mice manufactured for this OS are not as good as the Mighty Mouse but... OK I am :D I use both Windows and MacOS now and both are awesome just has different uses. I absolutely love simple, understated designs. The Mighty Mouse looks simple but behold it's packed with features that allow you to do almost anything you can with a mouse and more (it can't left- and right-click simultaneously as mentioned so Maya users and the like are out of luck). I've had my Mighty Mouse (bluetooth variant) for about two years and I won't lie the scroll-ball does get dirty and you won't be able to scroll anymore ... UNTIL (wait for it) ... you clean it! How? Grab you Mighty Mouse, hold it upside-down with the scroll-ball facing down and rub on moist cloth and after a couple of strokes all should work again; also works on jeans ;) Therefore, 5 Stars!

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    Excellent mouse for all users

    I hesitated upgrading my mouse due to the negative comments. The time came for my old mouse to go, and I have been happy with the change. Right-click works with a mouth stick, a rarity for Apple products, and has worked well in the few months I've had it.

    The scroll button takes a little getting used to, but works well.

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    Nice, full feature set with minimalist design

    I love the mighty mouse. You folks complaining about the trackball, trying cleaning it! And clean your grimy hands once in awhile so you don't clog it up!

    Mine works perfectly and I love the light, minimalist feel to it. You get super easy scrolling with minimal movement.

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