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    It's all true--the good and the bad

    I think I've been really lucky with my mouse. I have had my mouse since it came out (four, five years ago?). Anyway, I have that very same mouse to this day. I have absolutely experienced frustration with it--sometimes it stops scrolling, sometimes it stops moving at all. It's at these times I have slammed it down in frustration and suddenly it starts working again. I obviously don't recommend this. I'm just telling you what it's like for me.

    I have many Apple friends and ALL of their mouses stopped working in the first six months. I wonder sometimes if they should have waited for it to "come back" or if their mice were truly dead. For these reasons, it is very hard for me to rate this product but I will give it four stars since I am using mine as we speak.

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    pretty sweet...

    i run ubuntu windows and leopard this mouse works perfect on all of my os' the side buttons which trigger expose are used as the previous page button while running the net, takes some getting use to.

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    scroll button is fine after 2 years

    I bought my mouse in 2007, and it's still working perfect.... I just don't understand why so many people are complaining about the scroll button.

    I always carry the mouse around with my macbook, so I'm not keeping the mouse in antiseptic condition.... I also use it while eating something. My hand is not necessarily clean when using the mouse.

    I do feel the cable is too short, and that's why I'm not give 5 stars. However, the scroll button is fine with mine.

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    The only I like to use

    I am an IT RN and spend my day in front of a computer. I use a generic Windows mouse at work. I dislike it because of its limitations. At home, I have been using the wireless mouse for more than 2 years. It is far superior for internet, Adobe and Microsoft programs due to the scrolling wheel. I have cleaned it twice. I like being able to use a single battery. It helps keeps the weight down.

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    Great mouse if you know how to fix it

    I started using the mighty mouse when it first came out. As a graphic artist I found the 360 scrolling to become very addictive. I would purchase this mouse again!

    The Good:
    Small, accurate, stellar design, 360 scroll ball

    The Not-So-Good:
    Hard to keep clean, Scroll ball binds up or stops working.

    THE FIX!!!
    If your scroll ball stops working I have the answer. I devised this on my own (so use at your own risk)and it has worked for 2 years flawlessly. Grab yourself a little alcohol pad (the kind in a first aid kit). start with the mouse right side up and place the pad between your finger and the scroll ball and vigorously scroll in all directions. Then turn the mouse over and continue with a new pad or clean part of the previous one. Approx 15 seconds per side and your mouse scroll ball will work great again. I have to do this about 4-5 times a year. Hope this helps.

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    Just needs a good cleaning

    We've had our Mighty Mouse for two years and love it, but like others experience frustration with the trackball not working.

    I combined two tips I read online, and after months of not working, my trackball is now like new again.

    I got a pre-moistened alcohol wipe and put it down on a hard surface. Then I turned the Mighty Mouse upside down and rubbed the trackball firmly in all directions over the alcohol wipe. Just wiping the mouse with the alcohol wipe had done nothing to improve its performance, so I was skeptical, but the combination of alcohol and pressure did the trick, and now it's working just fine again.

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    Still clickin'

    I've had my iMac and Mighty Mouse since I bought them in 2006. I've occasionally had trouble with the MM, but after a while it would right itself. Yesterday, the MM quit scrolling anywhere but up. Today I checked into the product reviews to see what might be learned(and I was considering a wireless mouse). One of the reviews mentioned the damp cloth technique,so I tried it. And I'm back in business. Hard to say how long this fix will last, but I'm happy to have some control IN the 'fix'. I work at home, on the computer, so a working mouse is important, and yes, food, oils and dirt get in there, and I agree with folks who complain the mouse is impenetrable for maintenance. But, on the whole, no complaints here.

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    So far, so good

    This is a good mouse. I replaced a wireless MS mouse that just stopped working one day. Glad to get rid of it, because of the way it ate batteries and took forever to wake up after waking up the computer.

    Back to apple mouse. The customizing functions are good and fit my needs. I like the feel of the mouse (your feel may vary). The lack of individual main buttons takes a little getting used to. To get the right click to work, I have to push farther to the right side of the mouse than I am used to. This is a minor irritant that I hope goes away eventually.

    The small scroll button seemed weird at first, but now seems normal. The 360 degree scroll works great. My mouse is fairly new, so I have not encountered any scrolling problems associated with dirt or grease on the scroll ball as some reviewers have complained about. Of course, numerous other reviewers have pointed out that you just need to clean the ball once in a while. It's a fact of life. Mice and keyboards get dirty. Even the apple mouse manual (who reads them? I always do!), tells you how to clean the scroll ball!

    You pay a premium for a high tech mouse, but so far it's been worth it.

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    The mighty mouse is a must-buy for mac owners

    I've had my might mouse (wired) for almost 7 months. its absolutely fantastic, even if it does take time to get used to lifting your left finger to right click. This product is worth it for the scroll ball, and side buttons alone. i would never use any other mouse simply because setting the side buttons to expose make work so, so much easier. the side buttons do get a little looser over time. I have not had many problems with scroll ball malfunctioning, although it had been stuck twice, a damp cloth fixed that. as long as you aren't going to be using it when your hands are really dirty, there is nothing to worry about. I must say though, the cord is short so consider that. I'd say its about 3 feet, so you might want to look into getting a USB extender. Overall the mouse is comfortable (as long as you don't mind a mouse you use with your fingertips, rather than resting in your hand) the features apple promote are great, but remember, it IS an electronic, so dirt is never a good idea.
    if you have a mac, its worth buying for the side buttons alone.

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    Love it!

    Best mouse I've ever had, the only problem is that the scroll-ball stops working every so often and need cleaning.

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    Easily Fixed

    To fix the scroll ball get a hand wipe and place it on top off the ball, move it around in a circle in till it becomes a lighter gray, then just dry it with some toilet paper. It gives a nice response but i s a bit expensive, and the pressure needed for a click is just right.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars


    i dont know what every body is talking about it works great on all 3 of my machines (windows xp windows vista and windows 7)

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    cool mouse

    i don't have a problem with the short cord, but the scroll ball is unreliable.

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    Right Clicking

    How to right click: Go to System Preferences. Under Hardware go to "Keyboard & Mouse." You will see a picture of your Mighty Mouse, for the Right Drop Down Menu, change it from Primary Button to Secondary Button. Tada! Now you have a "right click" button, no more need for Ctrl+Left click. :)

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    Just Clean It

    Seriously, whoever it was that wrote the review that explained to roll the ball over a sheet of paper on a firm surface... Thank you! This will work people. This mouse is awesome, just clean it. I was amazed at the uber grossness that was lurking inside of it. Roll it on the paper and it's like having a new mouse! And like the other reviewer said, stop working with messy hands, wash up. The only complaint I have is where has the right click function gone? If someone knows how to use that, please share.

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    Clean it

    I've had my Mighty Mouse for over two years and like most reviewers here, I had a problem with the scroll button functioning. I thought it was broken and that didn't make me happy. Then I read how to clean it. After turning it upside down and rolling the scroll button back and forth on a piece of plain bond paper, it was like new again.

    After a time, it became dirty again and stopped working. I simply repeated the procedure, above, and it was like new again. I would give it 5 stars if I didn't ever have to clean the scroll ball, but it only takes a few seconds to clean it. I know I'm kind of messy - eating, etc around the computer so part of it is my own fault. Just clean it.

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    Keep your hands clean

    Ease up on the good old Mighty Mouse, people. It's one of the lightest (the wired version, at least) and most comfy mice you'll ever use.

    You already know how to CLEAN the trackball. So when it gets gunked up, clean it. Which leads me to the most important point:

    Don't use your keyboard/mouse with dirty hands. In fact, your hands should be clean whenever you're touching your home-based devices, if you can help it. The soft surface of the Mighty Mouse tends to attract gunk and dirt a bit more easily than other mice (there's no avoiding this), so keep your hands clean when sitting down for an extended session. Besides, you should be keeping your hands clean regardless.

    Also, keep the surface on which your keyboard and mouse rest clean as well. A lot of gunk tends to accumulate on these surfaces, and it doesn't make much sense to place a clean mouse on a dirty surface.

    Less dirt means less cleaning the mouse, which is more convenient and hygienic for the user.


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    Mighty Mouse

    I have used this product for a year and I have not had problems with the scroll button. It would be helpful for right handed users if the area of sensitivity for the left click could be enlarged.

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    Great Mouse

    I've had this mouse for two months and not yet encountered the scroll ball issue. As far as I know this mouse is the best mouse I've ever used for both my Mac and PC's. The only real compliant that I have to add is that the side buttons are not programmable for my windows machines.

    I love using the scroll ball in safari when browsing in narrow windows. Although I've not yet encountered the scroll ball problem I have read many tips and suggestions and I do hope the work if my scroll ball does ever stop working.

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    Okay mouse

    I've had this computer and mouse for about 4 years and I love the way it scrolls up and down and I can make the words bigger or smaller. The only frustration I've had is when it gets clogged up and it won't scroll anymore. But like others have said, alcohol and a Qtip fixes it very quickly.

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