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    High Maintenance

    • Written by

    Excellent mouse, the side-buttons are particularly useful, but as noted the roller-ball stops functioning on a regular basis. I've found the application of cleaning alcohol will free the mechanism, but I think Apple need to be working on a version less susceptible to dust and oil accumulation.

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    Works Great, If You Clean It

    • Written by from Genola

    I also had the problem of the scroll ball not moving down. I came to the Apple website and found the reviews for the product. I found others with the same problem. I learned from Clean It! DM from Chicago, that it will work great if you clean the ball every so often. Simply use the lint free cloth that comes with your computer and roll it over the scroll ball. At first if it doesn't work use a electronic equipment wipe. Do this for a little while and it will be brand new. Don't spend $50 on a new one, it will be fine if you just clean it. Thanks again DM from Chicago.

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    Clean it!

    • Written by from CHICAGO

    I had been enjoying my Mighty Mouse for several months, then the trackball stopped working properly (it wouldn't scroll down). I thought I needed to replace the mouse, but checked the support forums first. The Mighty Mouse trackball CAN be cleaned. Turn the mouse upside down and rub the trackball with a lint free cloth such as the one that comes with the iMac. This solved my problem and has restored the might of my mouse.

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    It is better than you think

    • Written by from BEATTY

    2 years ago the design of this mouse bothered me. Given time, I have not found a better one. A scroll wheel is a must for me; flipping the mouse and rolling is a good start. To do better, I use DeoxIT Faderlube type F5. It's designed for plastic and controls, I just spray the ball (inside my trash can), give it a good rolling and wipe the mouse off.
    Got it from Parts Express on the web plus several other types for stereo gear and such.

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    The roller ball CAN be fixed!

    • Written by from Gig Harbor

    Honestly...for all of you thinking that you're hosed when the roller ball stops working (or working properly), there is a quick, dumb fix: Simply take a damp cloth or rag and run over it a few times. Make sure to use some decent pressure - and viola! - it works like new.

    I was about to trash mine - when I mentioned to the guy at the Genius Bar who let me in on this little secret. Hope it works for you!

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    Won't scroll down

    • Written by from Thousand Oaks

    The mouse is great but for one area. The ball will turn on the mouse, but the screen will not scroll down. After cleaning per mac instructions, I've been able to scroll up, but not down.

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    Great Mouse!

    • Written by from Basking Ridge

    This mouse is great. It really serves it's purpose for me. The only thing is that I got a USB extention for my keyboard and now I have to keep on unplugging it and plugging it back in every time I turn on my iMac.

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    Love it!

    • Written by from Gaithersburg

    I've had my mouse for 5 months now and it's stopped working twice. Very frustrating! The roller ball completely stops working. However, all you do is clean the roller ball with rubbing alcohol. Dab some alcohol on a clean paper towel and rub the ball over and over on it. That's all it takes....a simple cleaning with alcohol. No need to spend lots of money purchasing a new mouse! A pain to have to do this, but the mouse is great otherwise!

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    good mouse

    • Written by from SAINT CHARLES

    This is a good mouse despite having to clean the scroll ball frequently with alcohol swab. That is annoying but otherwise a well designed product. My wrist no longer bothers me like it used to with my other mouse. My hand doesn't fall asleep or get cold now since I started using this mouse. So it may be more ergonomically designed than it looks. Lightweight, fast (when adjusted with the mac), and comfortable to use. Short cord tho. This doesn't bother me because I hate having all those long cords tangling up under your feet and on your desk. Overall good product, but be prepared to be cleaning the scroll ball.

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    Okay mouse, but with problems.

    • Written by from fremont

    The mouse is easy to get used to; right clicking just involves slightly lifting your left finger off the mouse.
    However, the scroll ball stops working every month so you'll need to get it rolling right again by putting some water on the ball and rolling it around a little.
    When your hand has lots of static on it, the side buttons start clicking by themselves. Put your hands on a flat metal surface to discharge the static and stop the side buttons from clicking themselves.

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    Mighty Mouse scroll ball problem is an easy fix....great mouse, I love it!

    • Written by from Westerly

    It happened to me once and I thought it was broken, but suddenly I found a simple solution:
    Pick up a clean blank sheet of paper
    Put the Apple Mighty Mouse upside down
    Roll the trackball on the paper, in all directions, till it starts to work, fixes it instantly!

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    Sticky Rollerball Issue

    • Written by from Boonton

    I've been completely satisfied with the Mighty Mouse... Loved the addition of the rollerball - Even though sometimes it gets clogged. But I'm sure we all remember the days of having to pull the hard rubber ball out of the bottom of our old Apple mouse and remove the gunk to regain the smooth precision we all ache for.... Well the tiny little rollerball just needs some TLC like it's predecessors. I find if I take a small corner of paper and slide it around where the ball meets the plastic on all sides, it removes enough of the "build up" so that it works like new again every time.

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    Cure for malfunctioning scroll-wheel

    • Written by from London

    I, like all the users here, had the same problem: a scroll-wheel which scrolled down, not up, after about a year of use. I was about to toss the mighty mouse out as everyone here has suggested when I thought of the can of Air Duster (Kenair) I use for cleaning optical equipment. A blast all around the track ball (hold in the little ball and blast all around it) had the thing fixed in about 5 seconds. Cured! For the cost of a can of air it's worth it, the mouse is back to full working order.

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    Scroll Bar Cleaning Method

    • Written by from los angeles

    I've had the same frustrating problem that many of you have - the scroll wheel scrolls up, but not down (or vice-versa). This led me to replace a mighty mouse at least once that I can recall - while still under warranty. Well it just happened again! But I thought it best to read some reviewer suggestions before throwing it out the window. Glad I did, because it gave me the idea to combine a couple of separate suggestions and I think I've hit upon a new(?) way to clean the wheel that seems to work.

    Lay out an isopropyl alcohol cleaning tissue ( I have the Flents brand Wipe'N Clear), turn the mouse upside down and roll the scroll wheel vigorously over the tissue with a clean piece of paper underneath. After a few rounds of this my mouse has resumed working perfectly. Good Luck.

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    Clean Scroll Ball

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    I have had my wired Mighty Mouse for several years with no problems...until a couple of months ago. The scroll would only work in one direction. I read one of the reviews and instead of Lysol wipes, I used a Q-tip and isopropyl alcohol. I gently depressed the ball with the Q-tip that had been saturated with the alcohol. I rolled the ball around. Repeated the process and within less than 10 seconds the ball was working fine.
    Note: Use isopropyl alcohol - not rubbing alcohol.

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    Scroll Ball can be EASILY fixed

    • Written by from Los Altos

    Besides the scroll ball malfunction, the mighty mouse is very useful and worth buying. The scroll ball can be easily cleaned. You just use a Lysol wipe and clean it ever-so-often while rolling the ball. After using the mouse for at least a year, that quick method has worked every single time.

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    not bad mouse

    • Written by from Mississauga

    This mouse is generally a good mouse. I've liked the side buttons alot: I have it configured to 'show all windows' or something like that, and it makes for easy switching between apps. The scrollball is also an innovation I like alot. [btw, i noticed some complaints about it breaking down after a few much.. to all those people whose scrollball failed, if yu flip the mouse upside down, and roll the ball around on some clean paper, if clears any debris that could be messing it.] All in all, this is a decent mouse.

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    trackball fix

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    I too had the track ball accumulate dirt and stop functioning. I read on a subsequent blog that turning the mouse upside down and running the roller over a clean sheet of paper for about a minute or so would purge the dirt. It did, and now the mouse works as good as the day I bought it.

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    Amazing product with some difficulties

    • Written by from Rigaud

    I think this is a wonderful mouse. If only it worked. The "squeezing" and pressing the school button functions are really useful for Dashboard and Expose. The 360 scrolling can be useful. But. You keep left-clicking when you want to right-click because the one-button isn't perfectly sensitive. The cord is rubbish if you use it on a laptop with no external keyboard, and if you're a rightie, because MacBook USB ports are on the left, and the mouse cord is incredibly short. However, I'm using it with my Elevator stand and Apple keyboard, which has a USB port on the right, so I'm good. I've read reviews of people who said their scroll ball stopped working. I've been using it for about two-three weeks without any problems, so we'll see. I'm guessing you just have to keep it really clean.
    But with all of this, I still rate it four stars. I guess that tells you how awesome it is, enough to counter the difficulties.

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    Read this if you experience problems with your scroll ball

    • Written by from Alamo

    Many people complain that their scroll ball stops working after a very short period of time. I experienced the same problem and thought I would have to live with it forever. While reading how to clean my Mac, however, I discovered that the scroll ball problem is simply a matter of CLEANING it!

    As the directions instruct, "Hold the mouse upside-down and roll the scroll ball vigorously with the cloth that came with your Mac, or another clean, soft, lint-free cloth, to help dislodge any particles that may interfere with proper scrolling." Et voila! My scroll ball works perfectly again!

    I love every other thing about this mouse. The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it is not ergonomic in any way, so it's a bit awkward to use if you've never used one before. You get the hang of it after a while, though. I recommend this product.

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