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    Scroll bar ALWASYS stops working after a while.

    I am a loyal Mac user and this is the first bad review I have written about one of their products. Everything about this mouse is fantastic except the scroll ball which stops working eventually. It can take a few weeks, a few months or after a year or so, but it first stops doing downward scrolls then just doesn't work altogether. I don't know if it is overly susceptible to dust or dirt, but blowing in it or lightly tapping it doesn't help. Without the scroll function this mouse is a paperweight. I am on my third replacement one now and it just stopped scrolling no matter what I do. Had it for less than a year. At $49 I am not going to buy another one only to have it fail again. It pains me not to hook up a Mac product to my Mac computer, but I am going to try the Logitech LS1 Laser Mouse which looks like it will be less likely to have this problem. Hence, I cannot recommend buying this product if the scroll function is important to you - it WILL stop working!

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    Nice idea, but no dice ...

    The worst part of is the scroll ball. I've had the wireless Mighty Mouse and disassembled it to clean the rollers cradling the ball. Finally the mouse fell apart from too much maintenance. Why? Because it's not meant to be serviced at all. The Apple Mouse suffers from the same problem. Apple and all other manufacturers want people to continue wasting the planet's resources creating throw away items. This mouse just ends up in the trash heap faster. (there is no such thing as e waste recycling, just waste)

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    First let me address the scrollball issue. I too got angry and freaked out about the scrollball stopping all downward scrolling one day. I found the review here about using a dust-off compressed air on it and it worked with the first tiny puff inside the crack around the ball.

    With that aside, this mouse is unbelievable. I do graphic design and web design and I always need to scroll horizontal and vertical and CONSTANTLY switch between both windows and open applications frequently. The best part about this mouse for me aside from no batteries is the side buttons which I set to expose and the scrollball click button which I set to application switcher. I like this mouse better than the magic mouse and cant use anything else. Being able to jump to different windows and applications with a push of my thumb saves so much time. Nothing else Ive found can compete.

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    Terrible Mouse

    I went though at least one mouse per year until we upgraded to the new Magic Mouse. Many problems with it, most common was the scroll ball not working. One of Apple's worst products and would not buy this mouse again.

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    Second Day Use, Awesome Mouse..

    I've used Logitech, Microsoft, Razer, & Apple Mice in the past, and I have to say this is the best one I've come across, especially for Mac OS users..

    I'm a Web Designer, so I rely on pixel accuracy, and this mouse delivers in that area.. Not only that - it's much better then the Magic Mouse & it's certainly more ergonomic then the Magic Mouse..

    Now I've only had the opportunity to use it for 2 days, and I suspect based on a lot of the comments is that eventually It will loose some functionality.. But because I haven't experienced any issues just yet I'm going to give it a 5 star..

    I got this mouse for $35 Brand new sealed, so In my case I think it was worth it at that price..

    If it does end up failing, there is 1 year warranty, so I'm guessing after replacing it you could potentially use it up to 1 1/2 years.. Which is not too bad IMO..

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    Don't Buy it.

    This mouse worked great for a very short amount of time, and I mean shorter than the rest of apple's products.

    The scroll ball was the main issue, I had to open this mouse up (permanently removing the bottom plastic piece) 6 times to clean this ball, and I am a tech savvy guy, imagine if you don't have the patience to deal with it?

    Also, the mouse has been malfunctioning lately as well, registering left clicks as right clicks!

    Skip this one, go for the new version!

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    Easy Scroll Ball fix. Really!

    Yes, when it works it desearves five stars. But I don't know why Apple, after all these years, doesn't include this simple, effective solution to "clean" the malfunctioning Scroll Ball that eventually may get clogged with even invisible particles (skin cells?) in even the cleanest operating environments. Just get any can of "air," a compressed-gas duster that is typically used for camera lenses, etc., and attach the thin tube nozzle extension. Position the tip straight down onto the side of the Scroll Ball and gently depress it (the center click function) to open the small crack around the ball and usually just one gentle puff of air will dislodge the dirt from any of the tiny stuck wheels inside. Your wonderful Apple Mouse Scroll Ball will start working again. If Apple was smart, they would sell a small can of air as a recommended maintenance accessory for this terrifically-designed mouse.

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    $50 poorly engineered product

    I'm actually kinda shocked at Apple for this - The issues with mouse scrolling have been very well documented and lots of people are complaining about this.

    I have purchased mice that cost $8 and worked for years. I am now on my third Apple mouse, (at $50 a pop!) within 6 months.

    I tried all the tricks....cleaning, rolling it upside down on paper, etc. multiple times. This is just a poorly engineered item. Really, a $50 mouse should work for more than 30 days.

    Going to buy a cheap logitech that, while ugly, at least will work reliably.

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    The wheel stopped working

    They should just have the slick Apple touch mouse but with *wire*.

    This mechanical wheel just stops working after a while...

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    no good

    works for a few weeks tops, then the side buttons get real finicky and the scroll ball becomes useless.

    We had 50 of these in the library at school and it happened to EVERY SINGLE ONE.

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    Scroll wheel won't work for long

    Great mouse for the first couple of months then the scroll wheel stops scrolling up or down or both. Cleaning it helps for awhile but it continues to stop working on a regular basis, don't waste your time or money on this rare dud from Apple.

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    It was a good product i like the magic mouse better however i do like that it is simple to use and easy to learn to use!

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    this is my second mouse of this style. the ball is always getting stuck, so i am unable to use my mouse to scroll. i've tried cleaning with alcohol multiple times. that works for a while then just gets jammed again. i'd try something else before you drop $50

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    Form Over Function

    After a week of using this mouse I immediately switched back to my old Microsoft scroll wheel mouse. That was three years ago. The Mighty Mouse finally came out of storage last week after said Microsoft mouse died. I decided, begrudgingly, to give the Mighty Mouse a second chance. Below are my impressions from 2 weeks of continuous use:

    +Form: As usual, it looks like a well designed Apple product.

    -Function: It doesn't function like a well designed Apple product.

    1. It's not built for large hands. Not an issue for some, but it is for me. Lots of cramping and soreness.

    2. In order for the scroll wheel to function properly, you must clean it often; Sporadically stops scrolling down or, less commonly, up.

    3. The cursor doesn't want to be boxed in; it quickly jumps to the top or bottom corners of the screen. This is the reason the Mighty Mouse was put in storage three years ago. It has been often frustrating, sometimes infuriating, to have the cursor jump the moment I click.

    Speaking as an exclusive Apple user for the past 8 years, the company makes great hardware and software, but their mice (mouses?) have never been up to par. One star for being included, another for aesthetics.

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    At first, I loved the mouse.
    Now, not so much.

    1) The cord has gotten stiff and always has twists in it. How it gets twisted, I have no idea as it remains on its mousepad.

    2) The left click works. Too well. As it also counts as a left click even if I use the right button. I have to click very far on the right, nearly at the underside to register as a right click.

    3) Scroll ball works for up and across, but down, not so much. Yes I have tried cleaning it via the methods described but they only work for a few minutes. Like now; just before I started writing this review I cleaned the scroll ball and already it has stopped being able to scroll down. I really hate having to always scroll down via the page markers on the right instead of using the mouse.

    It's either time for a new mouse or prozac. :P

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    The least ergonomic object ever conceived

    A committee of Nobel-winning physiologists couldn't develop a more efficient way to develop carpal tunnel syndrome, nor a less comfortable way to click, drag and select desktop items.

    This thing is an absolute disaster on every level of design. Also, put a right click in for crying out loud.

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    Works Perfectly, Great Mouse

    I took two different electives at my middle school, with the same teacher and classroom. The class used iMac G5's with the Apple Mouse (formally Mighty Mouse). These computers and mice saw about 170 students everyday. Even being used by 170 different abusive middle school students, the mouse worked perfectly. The scroll ball is a great idea for scrolling all over the screen easily. I loved using it far better than any other mouse I've ever used.

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    You can Clean it...

    I know everyone lambasts the ball and I was on your side until I read up on a simple way to clean it out. All you gotta do is turn it over and rub the ball on a piece of paper. You'll likely see some nasty dark streaks appear if you're doing it properly. The equivalent of pencapping the tracking wheels from the pre-laser mice of yore. Now you can eat the greasiest of chips to combat blood sugar issues as you continue to work on with impunity. With this simple maintenance trick, the mouse here in the studio has been working flawlessly for years.

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    Natively slow, even at its fastest tracking setting. It needed a third-party app to boost its speed.

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