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    Okay mouse

    This mouse is okay, but the scroll wheel dies after some use. I use my Mac almost everyday and the mouse wheel just stopped working after 6 months. Up until now the mouse is fine, but it is annoying not being able to use the scroll wheel.

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    a little tail

    i have worked with a variety of these mouses as all the computers at school have them

    some squeeze buttons are so touchy i have to turn that option off entirely! and some track balls are sticky, but thats to be expected for the amount of use it gets in a school setting. but not all of them have these problems. some work like magic.

    but they all have one HORRIBLE thing in common: the tail. I loved them at school so much, i bought my own for my MacBook. What a mistake. No one told me the tails are only about 25" long.

    I am right handed and the USB ports are on the left side. Once plugged into the left side and brought around the back of my MacBook to the right side, there is only about 10" (if even that) of cord left!! Giving you limited mobility and never ending frustration.

    About 100 times a day i wish my ports were on the right hand side, or i pray to wake up and find my mouse has grown a longer tail.

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    Not the best. Apple Could have done a lot better. the problem I have most is the scroll wheel. I had it for a month with my iMac, and then the scroll wheel stopped working. I tried cleaning it and everything, but it didn't work. Now i have to chick and drag the slider down on the side when I'm on the internet.

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    Love it but...

    I'm on my second one because the scrolling ball stops working after awhile. The first one was on warranty and I've only had this one a few months. It doesn't appear to be dirty. It's too bad because the little ball is my favorite part.

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    Mighty Mouse: My Opinion

    I purchased the Mighty Mouse today to replace an older Apple optical mouse on a G4 tower. The first thing I noticed is how cheap and light the Mighty Mouse feels compared to the old Apple mouse. If I'm paying $59.00 plus taxes, I want the mouse to feel somewhat substantial.

    Otherwise, the mouse seems to work satisfactorily. The addition of the scroll button is nice.

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    Not that good

    I had a Mighty Mouse for 6 months and now it's dead. About 2 weeks ago it started to give me problems and now after some seconds of being plugged in it freezes and nothing works. I tried using it on my other Mac and on a PC and it had the same problem on all. I did enjoy the extra features like the 360 degrees scroll ball and the squeeze buttons and the mouse looks great.

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    Nice Product But last's Only So Long

    For 20 dollars I would go again with this product. Fifty, not ever again at this cost. As others have said, it is of a truth that when dirt gets into this baby & it does no matter what over time, she just shuts down. I've taken mine apart many times and cleaned it, and this is not an easy task. It would then work again for a while until dirty again. Fixed it so much that now it's unfixable. Looking for a more economical mouse now,,,,,,,Apple, lower the cost to 20 dollars & I would buy it again.......

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    Short Lived

    Great product, great concept, goes squirrelly and while in use ie: photoshop, at any given time goes anywhere on the screen

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    could be great....

    When you first get it, it's amazing, then it just dies. The wheel stopped working after three months. It's a almost - perfect mouse, but the scroll ball thing always stops working. Even if you try cleaning, the down scroll just dies.

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    I love this mouse but...

    I really love this mouse, it came with my computer and I've really gotten used to it, so much so I can't use any other mouse! They're pretty durable, but the scroller ball dosen't always work well. I wish this mouse was wireless, my old mouse's wire broke. All in all its a great mouse and I couldn't live without the squeeze feature!

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