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    Nothing Else Like It

    • Written by

    The Apple Mighty Mouse is very unique and there is no other mouse in the market like it. I prefer the corded because it's for my laptop which is right next to my mouse at all times and so that I don't have to put batteries in it. But like I said there's nothing else like it!!! BUY ONE TODAY!!! NO REGRETS

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    Greatest Mouse Ever!!!

    • Written by from Peoria

    This has been by far, the best mouse I have ever had. I used to have the "Power Mouse", but it was clear, so it showed dirt and dust. This ones works wonderfully. The scroll ball works great and I'm very pleased with it. I would certainly recommend it.

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    Works great...

    • Written by from SAN DIEGO

    I have had this mouse for 3 years now and it still works great. The scroll ball just need to be occasionally cleaned which is easily done by turning the mouse upside down and rolling it on a piece of paper. Go to you tube if you want a video. People want to complain about the scroll ball not working but, mine works just as good as day one.

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    Wonderful Mouse

    • Written by from Hermitage

    I love the Mighty Mouse. It has all the features you could want (unless you are a gamer) and works flawlessly. I have had my mouse for well over a year without a single problem. In fact, I like it so much I bought I wireless Mighty Mouse to use with my MacBook.

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    Great Basic Mouse

    • Written by from Hummelstown

    Simple, functional, scroll ball is great for graphic design or audio editing where precise horizontal scrolling is needed. I'd definitely recommend it for Windows or OSX.

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    A Good Mouse

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    I've had an Apple Mighty Mouse for over a year. My mouse if still working great. I've never needed to clean the scroll ball or cracks. I think it is a very good product and its functions still work.

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    Best Mouse on the Market

    • Written by from Sealy

    I have used the wired and wireless version of the Mighty Mouse for several years, and it has become my favorite. The secret to reliable use of the scroll ball is to keep your hands clean -- not a bad idea anyway when using any computer peripheral. The left and right and multi-click commands were a little tricky to master at first, but now even that seems natural now that I have mastered the movements. Overall, a great mouse!!

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    what's wrong with the mighty mouse?

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    I bought my iMac just over a year ago, and absolutely love the mighty mouse. like everyone else here, I had issues with the scroll wheel just a few weeks/months after my purchase. something that I was told by Apple when I called in: use a CLEAN sock and some rubbing alcohol to clean the scroll wheel-just rub it around & back/forth, and it'll come clean. this makes the wheel work again!
    if you use your computer a lot, you'll have to do this pretty often-or wash your hands more often. but it's WAY better than wasting $$$ on a new mouse when this one works just fine.

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    • Written by from Mexico, D.F.

    I don't know exactly why everybody complains about this mouse... I have one like this, and one wireless. I use them about 4 - 5 hours each everyday. I bought them by March 2007, and so far, so good! No problems at all; they are really intuitive and functional. Way to go, Apple!

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    OMG rubbing alcohol WORKS!

    • Written by from Brookline

    read the review about using rubbing alcohol or wipes to clean the roller ball and fix the unscrollable ball...WELL IT WORKS!!!! try it will fix it up!

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    • Written by from Westville

    this mouse is a very great mouse. The Rollerball get a little sticky sometimes but all you have to do is clean every once in a while. This is the best mouse By far that i have used.

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    Heavy User (web app programmer)

    • Written by from Pflugerville

    I dont know what everyone is talking about. This product is great and I use it very heavily. Purchased in Jan. 08.

    I dont care much for wired computer equipment but I also dont like be stuck with a dead mouse and no batteries when I am in the middle of some very important work.

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    Perfect little mouse

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    This is a great and intuitive mouse for beginners and opened minded advanced users. I've used a PC my whole life (both Linux & Windows) and I think I like this design better.

    It's also really easy for my children to use because there is no button per se.

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    A wonderful mouse - don't believe all of the reviews!

    • Written by from San Bernardino

    I have owned this mouse for 3 years and I am just now experiencing what several of the reviewers said happened to them after a few months-the mouse roller stopped rolling up and down. I absolutely love this mouse. I hate track pads and love all of the features - especially the 360 degree scrolling. I came to the site to buy another one. I read the reviews and learned I could clean the roller ball! I used a tissue and rubbing alcohol - it fixed the problem. Thanks to the reviewer that shared this information. Sorry Apple! I don't need to order another Mighty Mouse!

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    The Danger of Online Reviews

    • Written by from Denver

    I am really surprised that the Mighty Mouse is rated SO low. Could it be that Joe Public doesn't know how to use a mouse? Anyway the Mighty Mouse is wonderful, even if you are a gamer! If you have a problem with how the buttons are configured, just go into settings and reconfigure them and everything will be great. I have played World of Warcraft with this mouse and edited video and sound as well as everyday surfing etc. WONDERFUL. The only reason I didn't get the Mighty Mouse sooner is because of the low rating from other consumers. Don't let the three stars stop you from buying this great Apple Product.

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    Awsome Mouse

    • Written by from Perrysburg

    This is the best mouse ever!!

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    Great mouse compared to others

    • Written by from Fords

    I bought the wireless mighty mouse for my macbook pro, and i recently wanted to make my macbook pro into a desktop just when i'm in my room. so i bought a wired mighty mouse and an apple keyboard. the mighty mouse is great, i love the design, and the structre and overall look of it. it looks so sleek than other mouses, and looks so simple but so intuitive. the buttons feel great to click and i just love it. the scroll ball could be improved and looks like it might wear off when used a lot, like the other reviews said. i've had my wireless mighty mouse for awhile and the scroll ball is still working fine, and i've had it since november of 2007. and i expect the wired mouse to work just as fine. the only thing is that they should make the wire a little longer, it's not a problem for me because i plug it in to my keyboard, but for some people who need a little more distance, this might be too short. but overall a great mouse.

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    Love this mouse

    • Written by from Seattle

    I bought this mouse about 2 years ago and love it to death. Whenever I work on another mac I realize how useful this little guy really is. One minor downfall the scroll wheel after using this thing for two years has now given out on me. I'm off to buy another...

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    Side to side

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    I used this mouse on the job for over a year, full time, and never had an issue with the ball sticking. I recently purchased a Macbook and have been shopping for a mouse locally because I forgot to order the Mighty Mouse at the same time. No other mouse can scroll side to side as well and up and down. Once you get used to that feature, the other mice are incomparable. So, I am placing my order for Mighty Mouse right now!

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    basic hygiene

    • Written by from Fort Collins

    people -
    wash your hands. i have an aluminum imac at work and at home. one has the wireless mouse and one is wired. i have had no scroll ball problems thus far and the mice work great. as for battery life - im 60 days in on my wireless and still have 91% life left and only use one battery at a time because i like the lighter weight. i plan to replace my wired version with a wireless but will wait until a wireless keyboard is available with a keypad and my chemist friends will follow suit.

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