• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    This mouse is useless.

    I have now had two and the track ball on both of them lasted 3 months max. And they are not cheap. DON'T buy this product! It stinks. I'm a total mac person and preach about about how macs rule but this product is s a huge disappointment.

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    They Just Don't Last

    I absolutely LOVE having a mouse with a scroller ball. The feature is great, BUT, expect it to break in just a few short months. If you're someone like me, who makes a living at their computer, and uses their mouse all day long, expect to be buying a new mouse every 3-4 months. Yes, the scroller ball fails that quickly. Apple makes such wonderful, reliable products. How did they go so wrong on this one?

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    Bad mouse

    The track ball on this mouse will fail . Don't buy one.
    I am a dedicated Apple consumer since 1980 and always will be.

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    Faulty design

    Apple needs to build a better mouse. This is the 3rd mouse in 2 years. The scroll button always malfunctions in exactly the same way - won't scroll down - and doesn't return to proper functionality even after following Apple's cleaning directions. I brought the last one into the Apple Store and they couldn't get it to work.

    Very disappointing and frustrating. I love Apple products and I'll probably be a Mac person for life, but this mouse is flawed.

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    An Embarrassment to Apple

    The build quality is very poor-- I had the wires fray and pull out of mine in under a year of normal use. The design is abysmal. The two-button top shell functionality is extremely clumsy and imprecise, which is no surprise as the top buttons are not readily distinguished. There's no way to clean the scroll wheel, which means it will inevitably fail in a matter of months due to normal buildup of dirt. Disassembly for cleaning involves prying glued bit off and unscrewing screws, definitely not something users are intended to accomplish. While Apple could be easily forgiven for packaging an inexpensive mouse with their products, selling it for $50 is just shameful. Their are much better mice available for a fifth of that price.

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    This mouse is garbage. It gets dirty and there is no way to clean it so you have to get a new one.

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    Scroller not working

    As I've read the reviews of this mouse, my experience seems to lean toward the unfavorable. The scroll ball doesn't scroll up the pages, only down. There is no grip on the scroll ball traction.

    I am disappointed with this "Mighty Mouse" and now have to fork over another $50 for a mouse that should last more than one year. The other Mac hardware (e.g. keyboard, monitor, etc.) are solidly built but this mouse is too flimsy.

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    Seriously flawed and overpriced

    This is beyond any doubt the worst Apple product I own. The issue is the scrollball which stops working after a couple of months. The mouse cannot be disassembled and all advice Apple proffers on cleaning works a few times, then the thing just breaks and becomes an expensive paperweight.

    The mouse is plain and simple a seriously flawed product that should have been pulled by Apple a long time ago as they are certainly aware of the issues. Keeping this on the shelves is simply a disgrace bordering on consumer fraud as far as I'm concerned.

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    Apple should be ashamed.

    This is the third mighty mouse to fail me in a little over a year. Despite cleaning the scroll ball they all eventually fail. I'm truly surprised that someone has not initiated a class action law suit against Apple for this miserable product. If it was an el' cheapo mouse that would be one thing, but these are expensive. If this was car part it would be recalled, if it was an aircraft part the FAA would ground it, if it was a medical device the FDA would ban it.

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    the worst

    Bought this for my mac mini, scroll ball does not work anymore after 2 months of use..

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    Dust can kill this mouse. Can't clean it.

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    Not up to Par

    With products so good, how can the Apple mouse be so poorly designed. I own an iMac, a Mac Book, and a Mac Book Pro and although these are tremendous products, the mouse interface is awful. The scroll button sticks, then eventually stop working. Is is the worst mouse that I have ever used. I have purchased a competitor's product that I am much happier with. Mr. Jobs, please put a few of your best people on solving the mouse interface issue. Really, it shouldn't take more than a few weeks to come up with something better.

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    Worst product Apple ever made

    One of the worst design Apple ever made, as usual I blindly believed this Apple product and bought one. It works as long as the scrolling ball is clean, once it accumulates some dust inside may be within 6 months to one year, the ball miss behaves and won't work properly. Most dumb part of the design is you can't even clean, the mouse is sealed you have to break open if you like to clean on your own.

    Over all do not waste money, Never buy this product.

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    Nothing but a pain!

    The scroll ball doesn't always work. It will stop working for days at a time, and then just start working again. I get so frustrated I have to stop using the computer.

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    Apple Needs to retink this Mouse.

    After many years on a PC, I bought an iMac 2 years ago.

    All of my previous mice worked as advertised for a long period of time. (years)

    This one started having problems with the trackball after about a year.

    I tried to keep it as clean as possible, but after about a Year and a half it just quit and wont work at all!

    it IS small enough for children's hands ( I have none) and maneuvers easily, but the wired aspect make it need more room on my desk than I have sometimes.

    Apple needs to put a scroll wheel in this instead.

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    Buy an iPod instead

    Just like all the other complaints, the ball sticks! I have tried the online fixes and they work for a while but then it is back to the same issue over and over. I am on my 3rd one hoping the problem would go away. Shame on Apple for making an inferior mouse and shame on me for falling for it over and over. Of all the fine Apple products you buy this should not be one of them.

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    I don't understand how Apple could have messed up so badly. My Blackberry, which is over two years old and uses a scroll ball as well, has never given me this sticking problem.

    If you can manage to have desert-dry hands and keep the mouse in a humidity-controlled room it will be fine.

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    Hate this!

    I used this mouse in journalism and photoshop classes and I cannot deal with it! The ball never works and it is not ergonomically correct at all. I would not recommend this at any price.

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    Clean hands but mouse still dirty

    Many of the positive reviews blame the dirty mouse on the user eating junk food, having a dirty house or being picky. I have gone through at least 4 mice and found the same thing to happen every time no matter how often I clean it or my hands.
    With that said, an odd thing happened once after doing some system diagnostics, the mouse worked for a day-and-a-half; right out of the blue, no cleaning - it just started working while I had an Apple Tech. on the phone. After we corrected the software problem I was having I told her about the mouse, when she asked for the symptoms, I used the mouse so I'd be able to report the problem exactly but there was nothing wrong with it.

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    Once again about the scrolling ball!

    I want to share my experience with this product. I was exited to get the mouse: it lay perfectly in my hand, buttons are comfortable and it would be absolutely perfect if the scrolling ball didn't stop to scroll up at first - then stopped scrolling at all!
    What a disappointment! Shame on you Apple!

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