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    scroll ball is unreliable

    The scroll ball is highly susceptible to malfunction. Any oils or moisture on your scrolling finger will be pulled in and will stop it from scrolling. In true Apple fashion, it's sealed so you can't clean it out like you did with your old track-ball mice. This much money for what is essentially a disposable mouse? I advise against it.

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    the mouse was GREAT when i first got it but about 3 months later i was having alot of problems with the scroll ball. It sometimes works when it wants to but some times it just goes up and not down and sometimes down and not up...i suggest not getting this one!!!

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    Worst mouse in the world...

    I have only had my iMac for two months and the scroller already doesn't let you scroll down. I can scroll up if it is having a good day. I plan on replacing it, would love to buy another one (nobody else has the cute white mouse), but I am afraid it'll break too!
    I wish they would make a better one!

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    Great while it worked

    I absolutely love the Mighty Mouse's functionality, but am sorely disappointed with its longevity. The squeeze buttons are great, the 4-way scroll ball is unmatched, and the discrete left and right click is elegant & effective.

    The problem is the life span. Mine died after just over a year of light to normal use.

    I thought I had a dud, but didn't feel like shelling out another $50+ for a mouse so I plugged in my 4 year old Logitech optical mouse that still works as well as the day I bought it. I considered replacing it later, but having talked to many friends who have had the same problem, so it simply wasn't worth the cost.

    As a former die-hard PC supporter, the quality of construction & design was part of what pushed me over, but this device simply does not measure up to the mac standard of excellence that first attracted me to the platform.

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    Problematic scroll ball

    The scroll ball becomes dirty easily and once dirty won't scroll. Cleaning is possible, but time consuming, difficult and unreliable. I spend around 20 minutes every day cleaning the scroll ball and today the ball still won't scroll up.

    Once my new mouse arrives, I'm going to smash this mouse with a bat, drive over it with a car, set it on fire and nuke the remains.

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    Curse You Teeny Tiny Tracking Ball!!!

    Like most of these other reviews, I love Apple. And I even love this mouse. But the tracking ball - oh the tracking ball. Cleaning the exposed surface of the tracking ball is all well and good. The inconsistency of its performance is also affected by the dust and fuzz that gets built up AROUND it. Meaning, INSIDE. So like everyone else here has noted, Apple needs to make this puppy open up. So we can clean out the build up around the tracking ball. And I certainly won't dish out $49 every time my tracking ball gets gunked up. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to look into getting a mouse from a different company. And I'd really rather be putting my money into an Apple mouse.

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    Not made for production environments

    If you're a prepress mac operator, designer or do anything on a Mac for a living do not rely on this mouse. Keep a back up! I'm going to assume that most of us on here fall into this category and that we all need the precision on a wired mouse. I've taken mine apart multiple times and keep canned air in my desk just because I own this mouse. So on top of the $50 add a supply of canned air to that price.

    I'm going to pick up a cheap Logitech LS1 because I know it will be there for me when I need it. Buyer Beware!

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    The scroll ball will fail.

    I'm on my second Mighty Mouse in a little over two years and am giving up on them. The scroll wheel inevitably fails because of dirt. I keep cleaning it according to Apple's instructions but that either makes it work for a day or two or not at all. I love the look of it and the multi-buttons are great, but the scroll ball is completely unreliable.

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    Scroll wheel not working...

    I have never understood how a company that claims to have the most sophisticated operating system in the world can't make a mouse that supports their system in the same way as the processor. This is a great mouse, for a minute. Then the scroll wheel gets dirty from the smallest amount of dirt and no longer works. Mac use to make a mouse that would last 100 years! I still have one of those old mice that works. This one is literally the best of the best and the worse of the worse. I cannot repurchase this type of mouse because i cannot support substandard equipment when there is a highly rated second choice. I can live without the 360 degree scroll wheel in exchange for one that works! The worse thing about it is apple is the only one that make such a mouse. They must have bought out Kensington and Logitech by paying them not to create something just as good. Now i must decide which one of the other products to purchase since this Mac mouse can't even be cleaned! First chance i get to buy a product that puts this one in it's place i will. That also goes for the processor! Hooray for competition!!!!!

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    Good mouse, bad scroll-ball

    Within a few months of purchase, the scroll-ball failed. I read up on how to clean the ball, but this usually only last for about an hour or two, max. This happened with the original Apple Mouse and the subsequent 'Mighty' Mouse, and is not really satisfactory. It lets down what is otherwise a good mouse.

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    Sticky scrollball, but can be salvaged

    I got my mighty mouse (the wireless one) about 18 months ago, and it gets a LOT of use. It's generally been good (though the side buttons are so stiff to press I never use them), but the scroll ball started to get pretty useless over the last few months. I tried cleaning it a couple of times which helped briefly, but it basically stopped scrolling down at all, and when it did scroll, the motion was very jumpy.

    I was starting to get annoyed at Apple's increasingly shoddy products (I just had a laptop battery fail on me too), but someone on here suggested cleaning the scroll ball with some hand sanitizer and paper towel. This worked a bit, but not totally. I then cleaned around the edges of the scroll ball itself with a folded corner of paper, scraping down inside the top of the mouse to clean out any built-up dirt (nothing to lose if it broke), and then cleaned the ball again with hand sanitizer and paper towel, and so far so good! Seems to be rolling cleaning again, in all directions. Just thought I'd put this "fix" out there in case anyone else was thinking of throwing their mighty mouse out the window...


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    Good, but not so good.

    The mouse itself is good looking, and fits the hand nicely. The only problem(s) I have with this product is that:

    1. The side buttons get accidentally hit a lot. (well for me)

    2. The track ball stops working over time.

    Going to #1, usually when I'm surfing the web, running an application that requires the mouse, I always hit those two side buttons. I know you can reprogram them to nothing, but I like to use it for expose and find it difficult to get used to.

    Going to #2, the track ball does stop working over time. I've had the mouse for approx. 4-5 months and the track ball cannot scroll up. This is from the ball attracting dirt, therefore the dirt goes into the tracking system and disconnects the ball from the tracker. (Sorry If I didn't explain it thoroughly; I did the best I could)

    The mouse works fine other then those two flaws. The touch case sensitive buttons are perfect, the DPI is nice, and it looks like a good, reasonable glamourous Apple product.

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    Good mouse except...

    for the little trackball! When it works, it's great, but after months of prolonged use, it sticks and becomes a HUGE annoyance! So frustrating!

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    Love it / Hate it

    This is one of the most annoying products ever made.

    It generally works great and is easy to use... When everything is working.

    The annoying part is that the scroll ball gets dirty and is almost impossible to clean. The mouse is not designed to be opened for cleaning. There are a host of do-it-yourself solutions out on the web. I've tried them all and they all work---- to some extent, but never to give a really great result.

    I'm surprised Apple has not revised the design to make it easier to clean or to reduce it's sensitivity to dirt.

    I'm about ready to buy someone else's mouse and trash this one. It's worked for a couple of years, but requires constant attention. It's just too annoying.

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    Mighty Frustrating Mouse

    I love Apple products, but I have to admit disappointment with the Mighty Mouse. I unfairly blamed my wife for using it with greasy fingers, and applied alcohol with a Q-tip to clean the rollers. It would work correctly some of the time. Now that the Magic Mouse is out, I've got one on order.

    No sooner did I place the order for the Magic Mouse, I noticed that the click function on the roller ball no longer worked. In fact, I could hear a buzzing/zapping sound like shorting electricals coming from the mouse. I had blamed older software or possible spyware for the recent decline in performance of my 1 1/2 year old iMac, but this buzzing was the roller ball permanently depressed, sending a continual signal to the computer. I took the mouse from my 10 year old iMac and have it on this one.

    I'm eagerly awaiting the Magic Mouse and while I'll probably disassemble the Mighty Mouse to see if I can fix the problem, I doubt I'll ever use it again.

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    Poor Design

    I was very excited when apple released this mouse, knowing that as a designer this scroll ball would definitely speed up productivity. However, after a few months of use, it's clear that this mouse is a result of poor design! The slight open areas between the ball and plastic do nothing but collect dirt and dust. Therefore causing the roller ball to only work in one direction if at all.

    Even after using several cleaning methods, from air cans, to cleaning wipes, eventually the thing will just become inoperable.

    Come on Apple, with all the technology you come up with, you can do better than this. For $50 it's not worth the frustration this mouse causes!!!! So do what you do best, and make something simple and not worth it, into something better and useful.

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    Sorry to see it go...

    I love this mouse, but it didn't last more than 4 months. I have tried to clean it and get the scroll ball to work again, but it's useless - it just won't scroll down anymore. Anyway, don't buy this mouse until Apple resolves the issue with the scroll ball.

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    Loved it at first...

    Like everyone else, i loved the mighty mouse and the scroll ball. After about a year the scroll ball stopped working. i used all the methods online and it still wouldn't scroll down. :( This is obviously a common problem and hopefully apple is working on improving this product.

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    carpal tunnel = scroll ball; solutions for Apple Industrial Design

    I've been consistantly using the Mighty Mouse for 11 straight months. It's a great product with a serious drawback. My fave (and worse) feature is the scroll ball--there are few products on the market that can match it's ease of use.

    On the flip side, the scroll ball is hurting my finger and will likely hurt your's with time. Experience tells me it's the onset of carpal tunnel or repetitive stress injury.

    So instead of complaining, I will outline simple solutions that Apple ID can implement:
    -the scroll ball has to move at least 1 cm closer to the top of the mouse: currently your finger needs to flex from 40 to 80 degrees to use it. Over time, this will stress the tendons and muscles in your finger. Moving it forward will keep the finger in a more flat and natural posture.
    -the scroll ball needs to be larger: at least 50 to 100 percent. The small size puts more strain on your finger in order to control the scroll ball. A bigger ball + forward position will mean less effort for input of motion.

    Apple ID, pls take my suggestions to heart to improve your product.

    Thank you.

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    Scroll mechanism fails

    I have had three Apple optical scroll wheel mice, two wireless and one USB. In a 16 month period, all three have developed the same malfunction: the scroll wheel will not scroll vertically in both directions. I could either scroll up or scroll down, but not in both directions. This problem has been previously reported bo other reviewers and is apparently quite common. While I am biased toward Apple products in general, this one is a dud.

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