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    Scroll Bar Quick fix

    after about 2 months on my mighty mouse the scroll bar stop working, then it would only go up. After researching why it did this i found that the bar collects finger grease. Causing the sensor to not recognize the ball rotating. HERE'S THE FIX: get a piece of printer paper, and place the mouse upside down, with the ball touching the paper. Then rub the mouse ball against the paper in all directions. You should see your black finger grease on the paper. Repeat about every 2 months

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    Great advice...

    I've worked with the mighty mouse for sometime, and one of my cohorts taught me a neat trick. Place an ordinary piece of paper on a hard, flat surface. Press the ball against the paper and roll it around. It seems abusive at first, but all of the gross little chunks of dirt and such spew out on the paper. Thus making your mouse mighty once again.

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    There is a fix for the broken scroll ball, don't lose hope!

    For those of you complaining about the scroll ball and getting dirt trapped beneath it, don't worry. You can fairly easily open (just be careful not to yank open the mouse, there are two cables connecting the top to the bottom) up the mouse and once it is opened its a piece of cake to get every little bit of dirt off. When you are inside you will see a small plastic square around the ball. Take this off and clean EVERYTHING, this includes removing the small black wheels that surround the ball (make sure not to lose them!). Carefully put everything back together and there you go, a resurrected mighty mouse. This works MUCH better than just cleaning the mouse off because you are getting rid of the grime that is trapped around the ball and below it.

    Hope this helps

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    I have had this mouse for over two years and have had no problems!!!! I wipe it clean each week, so I have not had any issues whatsoever with its trackball not working. Great mouse:)

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    what's wrong with the mighty mouse?

    I bought my iMac just over a year ago, and absolutely love the mighty mouse. like everyone else here, I had issues with the scroll wheel just a few weeks/months after my purchase. something that I was told by Apple when I called in: use a CLEAN sock and some rubbing alcohol to clean the scroll wheel-just rub it around & back/forth, and it'll come clean. this makes the wheel work again!
    if you use your computer a lot, you'll have to do this pretty often-or wash your hands more often. but it's WAY better than wasting $$$ on a new mouse when this one works just fine.

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    Cleaning the Ball

    Use some Windex(without Ammonia) or Cinch (a cleaning product I use).
    Turn Mouse upside down.
    Spray ball.
    Keeping ball upside down, press ball into a washcloth and move it in every direction until it is dry.
    Repeat this procedure using a piece of printer paper until ball is dry and there is no residue coming off the ball.

    Good for another 10,000 miles.

    This is NOT a disposable mouse. Clean it this way.
    You cannot take it apart.
    Apple WILL NOT publicly recommend using a cleaner, HOWEVER all the Techs and Store employees do it this way.

    My cordless Mighty Mouse is 3 years old and is still kicking and clicking.

    An obvious piece of advice: The cleaner you keep your hands, the longer your Mighty Mouse will go between cleanings.

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    Stop complaining about the roller ball and fix it!

    Love the mouse. Fortunately I read the "cure" for the "non functioning" roller ball. IT WORKS. Now my mouse it perfect again. So before you trash it, read the entries about fixing it – so simple it's ridiculous I couldn't have thought of it.
    Definitely NOT a reason to not buy the mouse.

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    Roller Ball Solution

    We are a couple of grease balls an we use a G5 w/ an Apple wired Mighty Mouse. Our scroll ball started to not scroll properly. We just let it go for a month or so. Got kind of messy so I read through the REVIEWS and found this one:

    "May 22, 2008 ---- I have had this mouse for 3 years now and it still works great. The scroll ball just need to be occasionally cleaned which is easily done by turning the mouse upside down and rolling it on a piece of paper. Go to you tube if you want a video. People want to complain about the scroll ball not working but, mine works just as good as day one."

    I turned the mouse over and rolled it around on a white pad and WOW it works. It seems like better than ever.

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    !!!!Mighty mouse Rocks!!!!

    i heard on other reviews that the mighity mouse scroll dont works but its a simple problem. You only have to put your might mouse upsidedown and scroll it for about 30 seconds !and ready!. it dont scroll because it get dust in there. and you only have to clean it scrolling upsidedowm 30 second.

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    Great Mouse!

    The mouse is totally great. However, clean your hands before using because it can clog up the mouse wheel. If your wheel does clog up try this:
    Put a blank sheet of paper on a hard and smooth surface.
    Then roll the mouse upside down on it for 60 seconds.
    Vola! As good as new.

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    I have loved this mouse ever since i got it, and was just about to replace the mice on my old computers with these new ones when I noticed it stopped scrolling!! DARN!! I was flabergasted, then I came onto this site and saw all the bad reviews and my heart sank... THEN !!!!!!! I did what the OTHER reviews said which is to rinse the scroll ball with rubbing alcohol on a Q-TIP and WHAMMO... IT WORKED PERFECTLY again!! So my faith in Apple is restored once again. I just wish there was someway for the other users to find out that this Rubbing Alcohol + QTip works like a charm. Dip the Q-Tip in alcohol and rub the ball around in the solvent for about one minute (maybe less will do) then rub the scroll ball with a dry Q-Tip and when the solvent dries, the scroll wheel works agaiin like a charm. Its faster and easier than the old mice that had to have the dust cleaned out of them, this is much less of a hassle, so don't despair, just pull some rubbing alcohol out of the medicine cabinet and your problem is solved!!!!!

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    Wow! Thanks to whoever discovered the paper trick!! If you're having trouble with the roller ball, unplug the mouse, and roll it on a piece of paper in every direction for a minute or two. fuzz and particles came off on the paper. it works now!! <3

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    Mighty mouse is really a great mouse!

    I have had my iMac for about 11 months, and I also have the occasional lock up of the scroll wheel. I googled it and found out how to clean it, every once in a while, when it does lock up, I just run it on the roller upside down on a piece of paper. After about ten seconds of rolling it works perfectly well, just like the day I got it.

    Also what I like about the mouse is its incredible sensivity without being glitchy and over-sensitive. Also, it scrolls not like conventional mouses, 1 or 3 line(s) at a time, but pixels at a time, which is great for me.

    Also, do remember that other mouses also get dirty, so you have to clean it as well. I would clean my mouse a hundred times over for the scroll wheel, instead of buying another mouse.

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    Apple Mouse

    In the regular Apple mouse, the ball seems to refuse to scroll down after a period of usage.
    Solution: Dip a Q-tip in alcohol and work over the ball in all directions, let dry and plug 'er back in. Q-tip should not be dripping wet.
    Other than the above problem, the mouse design and system is my favourite after 20 or so years of mouse relationships.

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    Probably the best mouse on the market

    Anyone switching from Windows to Mac knows how difficult the transition is going from a two-button mouse to a one button mouse. Since the introduction of the Mighty Mouse a few years ago, this has made the transition so much easier. Having a 'standard' 5-button mouse with a track ball makes working a breeze. I've been a Mac user for 8 years (although I did use a Mac in the late '80s during high school) and I love the short cuts that the Mighty Mouse provides. This mouse and the other desktop shortcuts (desktop corners) really allow you to customize your whole Mac experience. The only short fall is hitting the mouse correctly when trying for either the left or right button... a minor set back.

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    Works Great

    I have been using my mouse for close to 4 years now. Although I do have both types, the wireless for my laptop and the wired for my desktop, I prefer it to the wireless as it has more of the functions that I want for work. I clean it, and my keyboard, once every few months with a disinfecting wipe and find that to be enough to keep them both working smoothly and effectively. I don't find that the ball gums up as others say, all of my functions continue to work and work well. After 4 years of use 8 hours per day 5 days a week I think this product is well worth the money and beats any other mouse I have used over my extensive office experience.

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    Easy Scroll Ball fix. Really!

    Yes, when it works it desearves five stars. But I don't know why Apple, after all these years, doesn't include this simple, effective solution to "clean" the malfunctioning Scroll Ball that eventually may get clogged with even invisible particles (skin cells?) in even the cleanest operating environments. Just get any can of "air," a compressed-gas duster that is typically used for camera lenses, etc., and attach the thin tube nozzle extension. Position the tip straight down onto the side of the Scroll Ball and gently depress it (the center click function) to open the small crack around the ball and usually just one gentle puff of air will dislodge the dirt from any of the tiny stuck wheels inside. Your wonderful Apple Mouse Scroll Ball will start working again. If Apple was smart, they would sell a small can of air as a recommended maintenance accessory for this terrifically-designed mouse.

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    Mighty Mouse scroll ball

    I purchased a Mighty Mouse for my G5 shortly after it came out and have had good results since, cleaning the scroll ball occasionally with a moist cloth. It recently stopped scrolling down and no amount of cleaning helped. I replaced with a Logitech mouse but did not like the scroll wheel. Before going to the local Apple store to buy a new Mighty Mouse, I tried one last approach. With the mouse disconnected and upside down I used a cloth well soaked with alcohol and cleaned the ball vigorously and for several minutes in all directions. When I reconnected it the scroll ball worked smoothly in all directions. I now believe cleaning with alcohol on occasion is a good maintenance practice.

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    Scroll Ball Problems? Not anymore

    First off, this IS a great mouse. It seems the biggest complaint is the rollerball used to scroll. I understand that this is a very important feature, and it is used more than any button on the mouse, so I wanted to share the fix with you. There are two, maybe three, ways to fix this problem.

    First...wash your hands, people. If you have nasty hands and fingers, it will get dirty faster.

    Second...if the scroll ball gets stuck (ie. can't scroll at all...or only scrolls in one direction) here is the secret. Turn the mouse upside-down and roll, with some pressure, the ball on a piece of paper. This will get all the junk and dirt out of the mouse. Sure, you will do this a few times a year, but since this is the main complaint that pushes people to give the mouse a one-star, this should bump up your enjoyment of this mouse to 4 or 5. I love this mouse and I will never get a different kind.

    Oh, yeah, the third thing... It's a physical tool...its going to get dirty. Take care of your stuff, and it will last longer.

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    Great Mouse - Easy cleaning fix when scroll ball doesn't work

    I have owned this mouse for about two years and just recently the scroll ball didn't work anymore when scrolling "up". Other than that the mouse has been perfect and between this mouse and the mag trackpad (which I also own) - I am not sure which one I like better. The mouse has some benefits that the trackpad doesn't match, but there are advantages of the trackpad as well. Anyway, like so many postings and subsequent bad ratings, I have eventually experienced that the scrolling mechanism failed. I looked up some of the positive reviews here and took a can of spray electronic cleaner (I was out of the compressed air / dust removal spray can stuff) and sprayed the cleaner into the scroll ball area. Within about a minutes the mouse was just fine and everything worked again. Great mouse! I continue to enjoy it and am not planning to replace it. Just needed a few seconds of cleaning.

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