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    Engineering issues need to be addressed

    I'm on my third one in two years. And the one I have now has also succumbed to lousy engineering. It's the infamous trackball issue. So I will now need to replace it as well. This time the ball won't even move forward.That makes four in two years. Surely, an innovative company like Apple is capable of designing a piece of hardware that lasts more than six months. If I could figure out how to disassemble the thing I would fix it myself.

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    Horrible Mouse

    My college has multiple Mac labs that have around 20 iMacs per lab. Each of these iMacs use this horrible mouse. It's like winning the lottery to find a mouse with a scroll ball that works properly.

    Not only is the scroll (or lack thereof) frustrating, but the buttons on the side are too sensitive. If you have large hands or a tight grip, you will keep pushing those without meaning to. I've seen this happen to many people many times.

    Here's another problem: The cord is far to short. When using on the iMac, you have a limited area of where your hand can go. When using on a Macbook Pro (with USB ports on the left), a right-handed person doesn't have the cord length to use the mouse.

    And another: The bottom gets really gross and may scratch up the surface it's on. It's like a dirt magnet.

    All in all, when I'm at my college, I prefer to work on my Macbook Pro simply because the trackpad is amazing, and the Apple Mouse belongs in the trash. I've ordered an iMac for myself, and you better believe I chose the Magic Trackpad...

    I do not own one of these (nor do I ever intend on owning one).

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    Like wired mouse as well or better than wireless Magic

    I have a near new (12/'10) G5 with the wireless so called Magic Mouse. My trouble free 5 year old former G5 had the wired optical mouse. Other than having to occasionally clean the roller ball (not difficult, just dampen clean finger, or use lintless wet cloth - turn it belly up and roll the ball around a bit. Picks up skin oils over time) I much prefer it overall. Also - no batteries to change monthly or so. :-)

    The new wireless is a PAIN due to excessive sensitivity in navigating the cursor, and it being nearly impossible to comfortably and reliably grip the side with out inadvertently touching some part of the full sized top sensing cover. Using Excel it's easy to jump several lines, rows or even windows and not even know it. It might be OK if there were a touch sensitivity adjustment - but there is none.

    I'm about ready to buy the wired mouse again. Way easier to use most of the time, and has the side squeeze buttons missing on the newer wireless. Wish I had let them keep the wireless and me take my old mouse at trade in. I did keep my extended keyboard. Need number pad and nav keys as I do lost of Excel numbers work. Bummer they now charge extra for what was standard keyboard.

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    Poorly designed.

    The 1st one that came with my iMac lasted 8-9 months before it started being difficult, scrolling problems. Only much later after much frustration did I search about it to find all kinds of bad comments. I bought a new one that lasted a few months, replaced under warranty, that lasted about the same time & replaced. Finally after another 6 months when it started going bad, I just replaced it with a LogiTec that has been fine. It's clear that this was a poorly designed piece of equipment that should have been recalled and replaced with a non-defective mouse. It doesn't deserve a 1 star rating and you can't do your own service on this piece of junk.

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    Scroll bar craters early

    Scroll ball just plain stops working due to whatever reason...dirt, skin oil, etc. But you can't service the stupid thing without destroying the plastic bits holding the mouse together. I'd give it less than one star if it were possible. Real "green" design Apple...thanks.

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    Bad scroll and laggy

    This mouse seem to work sometimes just fine but most of the time at least for me its laggy and the scroll doesn't work that good at all. Put your money on a better mouse!

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    You Just Need To Baby It

    This mouse is actually a very nice mouse. The problem with the scroll ball is a little frustrating, however, all you need to do is turn it over, bell up, and roll it across a sheet of paper and get all the dirt and grime from your fingers out of the ball. This will not hurt the mouse and will make it work like a charm every time. I have used this mouse for a long time and it has never failed me. I would never go back to a regular mouse again.

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    Broke within 6 months

    I agree with the other posts. The scroll ball only lets me scroll up, but not down! For its price it should be able to do jumping jacks and make me pancakes for breakfast! Its only getting one star!

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    Scroll ball will kill it, eventually

    About a year after we bought the desktop, the scroll ball in the mouse stopped working due to dirt and oils from handling. Cleaning it with lint free pad worked for a day at a time, but a real pain in the rear.

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    bad apple

    The scroll wheel started malfunctioning within one month of use. Should have replaced it then but I was able to eventually get it working again. This went on for a year. Now it just quit and nothing I do fixes it. Time to shop for a different brand.

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    Terrible product

    Not adding any new insights here - just want to help drag down the average rating. This is a terrible product - the scroll ball on mine got hosed very quickly and simply no longer works. Apple should have taken this product off the market years ago.

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    scrolling no good

    The scroller on the mouse doesn't last very long, the components on the inside are very cheaply made and fragile. It constantly gets gummed up. Very bad mouse for $70, wow, apple you can do better really!!!!good luck scrolling up or down for more than a year or two even after cleaning the components start to break down??????

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Its amazing

    I've had one of these for 6 years. it's in perfect condittion, i never clean it and it works amazing. people who say when it gets dirty it doesn't work. Mine is 6 years old and it's fine! treat your mouses better. The price is kinda outrageous though. just get one free with a computer, or just get a different mouse.

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    Very Moody

    I will never buy another one of these. The scroll bar requires constant maintenance, and only works about half the time.

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    Scroll ball - No good

    The mouse works very well but the scroll ball broke after 6 months. I can't scroll using the ball. i tried using the trouble shooting tips but no luck. I would buy the magic mouse, works a lot better

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    Good mouse Bad ball (mixed emotions)

    I purchased my computer in 2009 the Apple mouse came with it. The scroll ball in the mouse worked for just over a year then it started not wanting to scroll down and from there it got worse. An acquaintance suggested trying to clean the ball with alcohol [just use the alcohol sparingly]. I did this and it worked for a while.
    if the ball was removable like the ball in the rollerball mice was it would be easy to clean and I would have only one complaint about one of the best ideas to come from Apple so far. It doesn't come cordless.
    NO other mouse I have seen or used comes close to this one.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Mouse

    This is the best mouse that I have ever used. The scroll ball makes 360° scrolling a breeze, and the side buttons make using Spaces very easy.

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    After 3 months it's done!!!

    After 3 months of having my iMac the Mouse doesn't scroll the ball is done.

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    Apple Mouse cord too short for MacBook

    My Apple Mouse (previously known, I think, as Mighty Mouse) works OK, but it has only an 18 inch (46 cm) cord.
    This works OK with my iMac, but when I try to use this Apple Mouse with my 13" MacBook, which has the ports on the left-hand side, the Apple Mouse will not reach around far enough for me to use it with my right hand.
    I also have a cordless Magic Mouse for my iMac, but when I'm travelling with my MacBook I prefer to take a corded mouse with me due to battery issues, including on planes.
    Unfortunately this Apple Mouse is totally useless for a right-handed person to use with a MacBook.
    Is there a version of the Apple Mouse with a cord longer than 18" long?

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    The best mouse ever created by man. Simple as that.

    Despite that I have a Windows PC, this mouse is great. The 360 degree scroll ball is not fully supported (L and R scrolling left and right), but does do up and down. I love how the side buttons can when both are pressed, take you a web page back when you need to (Windows Only). I will NEVER go back to my big pain in the rear end Logitech mouse, as it just feels tacky compared to the $49 magic of the Apple USB Mouse (formerly Apple Wired Mighty Mouse). Thank you, Apple, for persuading my parents to get me this for Christmas.

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