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    scrollball maintenance needs some rethinking

    The concept behind this mouse is great. Unfortunately, Apple forgot to take into account what happens to mice during real world use, such as accumulation of that gray goo from sweat and dirt on one's mouse hand. I'd love to buy a wireless version of this because I really like the sidescroll, but not until there's a way to clean the scrollball. Yes, I've read in the support forum that you can dislodge debris by vigorously rubbing the ball back and forth and/or using a drop of clean water, which sort of does work for short periods of time ... but seriously, I'd rather be able to take it apart and do a *real* cleaning.

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    Why did the manufacturer not supply us with a way into the mouse

    I got my iMac last year and was very pleased with the Mighty Mouse at first. Then the inevitable happened with the scroll ball. Apple should note that reliablity of their products is equally important as great looks. I am sure who ever designed this little rascal would have thought to incorporate some way of getting into it for cleaning, but then whose to know if they initially did and it was quashed.......!!!!! There is no way I would pay out $49 for a new Mighty Mouse, knowing that within a year the scroll ball would be useless. I have learned to use the keyboard for scrolling around websites and other than the scroll ball it works fine. I will keep this mouse until a more reliable one comes from Apple.

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    Scroll ball!!!

    I really would like to buy another Mighty Mouse, but until the scroll ball problem gets fixed, I'm not going to shell out $50 for a 4-month product. Like so many others, my Mouse worked mightily for about 4 months then stopped scrolling up and down. It has been so long since its worked correctly that I have forgotten how convenient it must have been when it was fully operational.

    Only if there was some way to keep all dust, debris, and oil out of the little ball area! Unfortunately, in the real world, dust, small debris, and sometimes oily fingers are a part of life. A redesign needs to consider this - and until it happens, I'll still be using my part-functional Mighty Mouse.

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    Yep. 4 months and it won't scroll down

    Right on schedule. Loved it while it worked. Maddening to know that if I could just take it apart I could fix it in 5 seconds. This mouse costs as much as the fancy new keyboards. It should last better than this.

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    Good but....

    I have owned two different mighty mice a wired and wireless and both have been great that was until the scroll ball broke and i could no longer scroll down. since that was the direction i scrolled the most it was a huge inconvenience and makes the scroll ball all but useless if i can only scroll up and side to side (which i never used)

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    Like I said the cord for it is way too short for those whom don't use it with the keyboard! If your going to get one of these to use separate from the keyboard, then look at the Razer. I also don't like it doesn't do ctrl-clicks either, this is a hassle when using it to open menus. Other then these nit-picks this is an all around great mouse, I really love the scroll ball on it, though it could be a bit bigger IMHO. I love how it feels in my hand and how light it is.

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    Great functionality, poor durability

    I love Apple! I am a huge fan. I like the way the Mighty Mouse feels. I love the functionality, and customizability. If only the scroll wheel would work properly for more than 6 months. Even so.. it gets dirty, which is to be expected. Problem is, there is no way to open it up and give it a good cleaning with out voiding the warranty, or possibly causing permanent damage.

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    I expected more.

    well,just got this mouse for a week. it is brand new
    first of all, I have to say, the look of this mouse is perfect, there is no doubt about it.

    the inside of this thing is not as sophisticated as it looks like.
    First,the scroll ball, as you might have read on the apple website, it can do a 360 degree scrolling(you have to enable it in preferences). well It could,
    it is not what you might have imagined, the scrolling is not very smooth especially when you do a 45 degree scrolling, it's kinda slow and unpredictable, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

    secondly, it is the right click or "secondary button", it is also unpredictable, sometimes you have to put your finger way right to get a right-click, if it's not right enough it may think it is a left click, this may be quite
    annoying when browsing websites.

    Apple's stuff have always been so perfect and sophisticated, so I expected a lot on this mighty mouse.
    If this mouse is from another brand, it could be a successful product. but it's apple, it should be way better than this.

    If you don't mind your mouse doesn't match the look of your mac,and spending a little bit more, get a logitech.
    I do mind.

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    Awesome until it BREAKS in a year

    This is a beautiful mouse which works as intended UNTIL the scrollball breaks on you in about a year. We have had two mice break exactly in the same fashion and around the same time here at the office. I see it's a common problem from reading the reviews. I guess I will be getting a logitech to replace it. I'll end up with an ugly looking mouse, but at least it will last. :( Come on Apple, fix this problem.

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    Great mouse... maybe

    Really good mouse. Love the scrolling. That is until it stops working which is about a years time. I've dealt with them at home and work. Same thing, they stop scrolling. Other features are great though. Love the squeeze feature!

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