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    samsung and vga

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    Appears lots of people are upset with the adapter not working with their samsung. I don't have the adapter but the reason for the "non-working" condition is based on the samsung vga implementation. It appears that samsung needs or wants to see all grounds connected in the vga connection coming into their monitor / tv. In vga land, there are 5 grounds (one for each color, sync signals and a shield / connector ground). IF these grounds are not connected together "in some form", then in my findings, your samsung display will not "highlight" the "pcmode" and as result, nothing will be displayable on the monitor (usually you will get "check cable" message). The reason for the "differences" that people are experiencing in results is that some vga cables are built with the grounds connected, some computers (eg. some PC's) are implemented to switch (connect) their grounds at the output port, and some different adapters (versions) have the grounds "hard-wired" together, some don't (this one?). Not sure why samsung choose their implementation, but these are my recent findings from my efforts to connect two pc and mac to a newly purchased samsung 61 HD TV. The "easiest" way around things (in my opinion) is to get a vga cable with all ground pins and sheath ground connected... if you already have a vga ("non-working") cable, then try buy a short "extension" cable with the described characteristic and use it as an intermediate cable (ie. between the samsung monitor and the "non-working" vga cable). Hope this is understandable and helps.

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    I am not an owner of this product, however I am writing to share some experience I've had with connecting HDTV's to macbooks. In my experience the resolutions detected by the macbook for some HDTV's were incorrect, to make it work I've had to enable mirror mode.

    After setting mirror mode up, I then choose a resolution that I know the tv should support(to get it to show up on the list of available resolutions for the HDTV once I turned off mirror mode)

    Hope this helps at least someone.

    My friend had thought that their new HDTV would not connect to their macbook, but are much happier after I fiddled with it and got it to work. Once I made the proper resolution show up as an available option, future re-connections have not needed to go through the entire process of setting up mirror mode etc....

    my 2cents.

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    Does what it's supposed to, almost…

    • Written by from Kitchener

    I bought the VGA adapter to avoid getting multiple adapters (monitor is DVI and VGA in, but need VGA for projectors). I figured an adapter should just work, why would there be issues?

    Every few minutes my screen goes black for a few seconds (I am running an external 22" at 1680x1050, I don't know if that would be the reason). The old ADC -> VGA adapter on my 800 MHz iBook worked just dandy. This should do the same.

    I have yet to hook it up to a projector, I'll see what happens then.

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    CRT Monitor @ 1600x1200 Refresh stuck at 60hz

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    Works great, but if will not allow to change refresh rate when using a CRT monitor at 1600x1200, your only option is 60HZ so much for the 512MB of Video Ram. I am guessing the issue is the NVidia drivers, wish Apple would have used ATI for Video Card, they have better Drivers.

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    How to make it work...

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    If you having signal detection problems with your Mini Displayport to VGA adapter theres simple fix. The problem is that there's no ground on pin 10 (DDC Ground - to check which one is it search for VGA connector on wikipedia) of the vga connector. To fix this you can just wrap thin wire around this pin and attach it to the outside ring of the plug before connecting the adapter.

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    Works with Samsung Series 5 40' LCD TV

    • Written by from Causeway Bay

    The VGA adapter works perfectly with my Samsung Series 5 40 inch LCD TV, I can get up to 1900 x 1080 resolution output and it looks beautiful. The only complain I have is the price of this little converter.

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    On my MacBook, when connected to my Vizio, T.V cuts in and out while hooked up. Other than the occasional blank screen, that fixes it self within seconds of going off, it does what it is supposed to. It's an O.K. product.

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    Has Issues in Mac OS X and Windows XP at Higher Resolutions

    • Written by from Greenville

    I purchased the Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter to connect my unibody MBP to an external monitor, NEC LCD2490WUXi. For the most part the adapter works as advertised, but I cannot get it to display 1920 x 1600 in both OS X and Windows XP. If anyone has had similar issues or success at this resolution it would be a great help if you commented on it.

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    Its rough being on the leading edge of technology...

    • Written by from Calgary

    I bought this adapter with my new aluminum unibody macbook a couple of weeks ago. I immediately rushed home to try it out with my samsung LN46A550 TV... To my dismay the TV nor the macbook recognized that they were connected to eachother...

    After some hard research and digging i found out that this particular adapter only supports up to a 30" display. For whatever reason, apple made it this way. So i returned my adapter and asked employees at the apple store what was up with only supporting 30" or smaller displays. To my surprise i was told good news and bad news... The good news, theres another adapter coming out for my macbook with mini display port... The bad news is that it is not shipping yet and they dont know when it will start shipping. My guess is it has something to do with signal strength for the display size....

    Either way, I have an awesome new computer and im just gonna have to wait to hook it up to my 46" TV.

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    Works as I expected

    • Written by from Lexington

    With the exception of the price ($30 is about twice what I would expect to pay for this) - it has worked great for me on an inexpensive SOYO 23" LCD.

    The only problem I found is that the VGA cable screws aren't long enough to reach into the adapter... so I had to leave it loose....

    Apple should have made the cable a lot longer also.... its only about 3 inches of wire between the 2 connectors - a 1 foot wire would have been a nice help in keeping clutter away from the side of my macbook pro.... not very good 'ergonomics' for something this expensive.

    Despite these problems... it does work as expected.... so I give it a 3....

    As of now, this was the ONLY option - eventually an OEM vendor will offer something similar and Apple will find out how inadequate this was for the price.

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    monitor keeps re-syncing

    • Written by from san francisco

    $29 is of course too much to pay for a video dongle.

    on top of that, my monitor right now always keeps re-syncing (blanking out and then realizing that yes, it does have input). it could just be this monitor model (samsung syncmaster 216bw), but definitely does it on several different ones around the office.

    i'm hoping that when the dvi one comes in the mail that it'll stop the constant blanking.

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