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    Poor Tracking - CAD Operators Beware

    • Written by from Ocala

    I love the look and feel of the Apple Magic Mouse, and the multi-touch gestures are great. But I ended up purchasing an Apple Trackpad and Logitech mouse as I found the Magic Mouse unusable. I am a CAD operator and this mouse just isn't suitable for this work. I also find it awkward for regular MAC use. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but the tracking just isn't right. It is probably a combination of acceleration and the ratios of vertical and horizontal tracking speeds that is all wrong. I found when I had the horizontal tracking just right, the vertical would be too slow. Anyone working in CAD and switching from WINPC/Logitech will most likely have trouble adapting. I tried an App called Better Touch but that still didn't fix the problem. What Apple really needs to add is a system preference to change tracking speed of Vertical and Horizontal separately. This would be a big help as this is where I think the main problem is.

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    Most frustrating computer product I've owned in 30 years

    • Written by from California City

    This is my 6th Apple Mouse - 2 wired and 4 bluetooth and currently I am on my second Magic Mouse. Occasionally, it does work properly. And when it does, it really is Magic. It is, to me, an absolute gem as I have a sight problem and when this mouse behaves, my ability to maneuver objects, drag and drop and generally control my visual environment is fabulous - I am on par with anyone else. But (I estimate) about 80% of the time, it is so sensitive that it becomes wayward; it scrolls pages left or right and shoots them up and down and frequently zooms in (but not out) without any control or help from me other than that my finger(s) are in close proximity to the top curved plate --- NOT touching --- but close. Then, of course, with a sight impairment, it is more than disconcerting for me to find where the heck I am in an application or surfing the internet or even finding the cursor at all, at times. I have finally accidentally dropped the blasted thing in utter exasperation and now a new mouse is required - NOT, I hasten to add, an Apple Magic Mouse. I love the usual quality of Apple products - of which I have several - but this is utter rubbish. The concept is tremendous; its application is poor - very poor indeed - and my outboard Magic Trackpad is not that hot, either. Come on Apple: make us a sensible mouse at last.

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    Jumpy, makes you work twice as hard... Why release something so imperfect?

    • Written by from LOS ANGELES

    The title pretty much sums up my review of this product. Apple can do amazing things, but sometimes in their pursuit of being "the firstest with the bestest" they release technologies where they haven't worked out the bugs for all of their users. I do not have an extraordinary work environment, yet the mouse does not let me select and click on any of my desired items with any ease like a hardwired mouse does, no matter the battery power, distance from the computer, etc... And I really SHOULDN'T have to do this dance. The thing should work out of the box, as it is. I shouldn't have to call apple support, as I have several times, to get it to work. So I have spent $50? (I don't really remember now) and will have now spend an additional sum this morning to buy a hard wired apple mouse that works. Here's an idea for you Apple. Why don't you actually do testing in Cupertino instead of releasing products and having your customers do the testing for you. It's not really the way to operate a business and it is starting to get to be really, really annoying. And this ain't the first time. Maybe "Think Different" might mean "Do It Right The First Time". Think about it...

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    • Written by from Tulln

    Loses connection, jumpy, and sometimes the battery cover just opens for no reason. I usually like Apple products for all the obvious reasons, but this one has been a waste of money, unfortunately.

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    It is sad that a logitech smokes any mouse made by apple

    • Written by from Midland

    I have not used an apple's mouse for a long time. #1 Lack of controls. #2 The most uncomfortable shape for the human hand and idiotic design. This product is serious waste of plastic. Apple, why is it so hard for you guys to come up with a user friendly and comfortable mouse?

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    not so magic mouse

    • Written by from Columbus


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    Terrible Product

    • Written by from Kalamazoo

    The mouse does not open links correctly. Once you click it gives you dialogue box similar to a right click that you cant click off of. The scrolling touch mouse does not work either. WORST APPLE PRODUCT EVER.

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    • Written by from Jacksonville

    By far, the most uncomfortable mouse I have ever used! I like the concept, but would love it if it followed the same form and structure of Apple's regular mouse. The old style, with it's curved design, just fits better.

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    • Written by

    There are times I really like it, it scrolls easily throughout most Word documents. If you remember to turn it off each night, the batteries will probably last longer for you--I always forget. It is just AWFUL in Excel (I am using Office 2011) as well as in two of our in-house database programs. The slightest touch, the lightest breath, and it flies through these software packages and I have to scroll back to where I was only to have it jump forward again immediately. It won't sit long inside a cell--it just doesn't like Excel. I have set it to slow down as much as I can, and this hasn't helped. It's like driving on black ice. Given my enthusiasm when I took it out of the box, I now have to say I hate it.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Bloomington

    I generally really enjoy apple products but the magic mouse is awful. I've had so many problems with it - everything from having to replace the batteries twice a week (seriously) to constant disconnecting and reconnecting so much that it's unusable. I've even called apple and the best answer they can give me is to buy new batteries. Do not buy this product.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Constantly disconnects, poor ergonomics

    • Written by from Cambridge

    Without a doubt, this is a beautiful looking mouse, and the multi-touch ability is really nice. However, it's all form and poor function. The mouse consistently disconnects, a problem I don't have with other mice, and it's the most uncomfortable mouse I've ever used. It's low profile makes it uncomfortable to use for extended periods. Most importantly, though, it's the least reliable bluetooth mouse I've ever used, disconnecting constantly (once every five minutes or so).

    Maybe I got a bad one. I certainly think I may have, given the glowing reviews from others. However, I feel I should judge this based on my own experience, just to balance things out over all the reviews.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Bad product

    • Written by from Maroussi

    This is the worst product Apple has ever produced. Very genius concept; very bad result though. Sometimes it stops working and you need to remove the batteries, then put them back. If you want to right click, you have to take extra care not to touch the mouse with any other finger due to the multitouch. Sometimes it lags very badly.

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    A terrible mouse

    • Written by from Littleton

    I've used this mouse for over two years, on and off. It's an utter disappointment. You'll buy it because it's cute, and the promise of the touch surface is promising, but the reality is somewhat less than satisfying.

    First of all, the surface is too sensitive. It'll pick up your fingers holding/touching the edges to move the mouse and perform all sorts of strange zooms and pans seemingly out of nowhere. Additionally, there seems to be something wrong with the bluetooth (at least on the MacMini): whenever your disk is busy (backing up, moving large files, etc.) the mouse scrolling and clicks stop working. And battery life is quite poor, compared to Logitech and Microsoft mice.

    In particular if you have big hands, stay away from this mouse. It's a very small mouse, and uncomfortable to use for long periods. My hand would start to cramp after a while from the sort of "pinch" position at which I had to hold the mouse, because it was smaller than my palm. It's like using one of those tiny laptop mice.

    The biggest problem is you'll start making allowances for this mouse. It's bluetooth, so it's not very accurate. It's small and uncomfortable, and the touch surface is overly sensitive while its tracking is not sensitive enough. But it's ok, because it's Apple. When you do eventually try another mouse again--and you will--you'll find it's a world of difference and wonder what you were thinking ever using this mouse.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Brandon

    Do not buy this mouse.
    It was the worst money I ever spent, it frequently won't click on what I want it to but instead minimized the frigging window, the back falls off of it constantly and will not go back on, and it often sends me back to a previous page in safari for no discernible reason... I move the mouse and all of the sudden I'm back 4 or 5 pages.
    Exceptionally frustrating, could not use for more than 6 months until I was ready to throw the stupid thing through a window.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    The mouse is dying

    • Written by from Ashley

    I got my Magic Mouse in Oct. 2009. Worked great for a time but in the last year it has gotten progressively worse. It lags so badly now and acts as though there is no connection that I have stopped using the little rat. Drove me crazy! The old mouse stills works better than this one. I started using a Logitech mouse again and will go get a new one as I don't intend to use the Magic Mouse any longer. If you have some ideas on why this is please fill me in.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Design over Usability

    • Written by from Burbank

    The only thing good on this mouse is the touch scroll. Everything else that is on the Apple Mouse is missing. For one, this is a two button mouse. The Apple Mouse is a 4 button mouse. So no more mouse shortcuts via a mouse click to dashboard/spaces/expose.

    Next is the ergonomics. I tested the Magic Mouse with iMovie, scrolling in the timeline via touch. I then surfed the web, testing the touch scroll. My wrist hurt after 15-20 minutes of using this mouse.

    Apple used to be a company about great design esthetics and ease of use. They are unfortunately becoming just a design company. Nothing more.

    They need to add a third button and raise the mouse at least a half of centimeter.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Apple Magic Mouse

    • Written by from Middle West Pubnico

    The old Apple bluetooth mouse was terrible. Couldn't pick it up and hold it in any way that was comfortable. Just really crapy design. I called Apple with discuss just to ask the tech people what they were thinking.
    The new bluetooth magic mouse is easier to grasp but still a waste of time to even consider. Still doesn't fit the common hand and the screen wobbles and jumps around as soon as I put my fingers anywhere near the mouse. Also I can't do Cad work with it because it has no wheel to use as a centre button to pan the drawing. Thank God I still have my Logitec. Apple needs another selection in the pricing of new Macs where you can check of that you don't want to buy an Apple mouse. Should be able to deduct at least $2.00 from the invoice.

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    NOT! a good choice...

    • Written by from Glasgow

    This seemed to be a magnificent choice when I was looking for a smooth mouse for my new Macbook pro, but it turns out to be a really annoying piece of equipment.

    Ok, the design is really beautiful, and it feels great in your hand BUT it's super heavy, hard to move around and above all SLOOOOOOOW. It's is super slow, I had to change the settings in terminal to be able to make ir quicker.

    So, I ended up using my sister's Acer Mouse from her Acer netbook :S It's small and quick...

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Wow, really bad!

    • Written by from Aurora

    The mouse loses it's connection constantly and sometimes it seems to just freeze up and you can't get it to move and you have to switch it off then on. If you are in the middle of a game or other program you just lose everything. Nice idea but very flawed!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Mine died very young :-(

    • Written by from Napanee

    This mouse was wonderful while it worked. It came with the iMac 27" when I converted to that from my PC, in August 2011, but by mid September it was *very* frequently losing connection with the iMac. I changed batteries several times to see if that might solve the problem, to no avail. Finally I plugged in an old USB MS IntelliMouse and have been working fine ever since.

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