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    • Written by from Los Gatos

    It is an amazing keyboard but i wish they had kept the option to have a wireless keyboard with a numeric keypad. AHHH!

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    Love it, BUT...

    • Written by

    I love this keyboard; it's the best I'v ever used. BUT ISN'T IT TIME FOR THE FULL KEYPAD WIRELESS VERSION? Come on, folks, you're KILLIN' ME!

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    iPad Compatibility is Lame

    • Written by from Blackwood

    I'm typing this on an iPad right now. The keyboard itself and pairing process was seamless like with all Apple products. Having been said, there are, as previously stated, no shortcuts for really, anything useful, such as:

    --Activate Home Screen
    --Highlight URL bar in Safari
    --Navigation of Email Messages in Mail

    Some things that do work:
    --F1-2 Control Brightness
    --F7 Goes Back one Track in iPod
    --F8 Plays/Pauses Track in iPod
    --F9 Skips Ahead one Track in iPod
    --F10 Mutes Volume
    --F11-12 Adjusts Volume Level
    --Eject brings up the on screen keyboard (useless)

    Command X C and V still Cut, Copy and Paste.
    Command+[Left/Right] traverses to beginning/end of line.
    Option+[Left/Right] traverses by word.
    Holding Shift + Arrows allows for text selection.

    Great product. iPad software needs to better handle its actions

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    Great keyboard

    • Written by from Markham

    I found the keyboard to be absolutely wonderful to type on and i find the simple design to be absolutely amazing. The only issue i have is that it doesn't have a number pad attached to it but i guess if it did it wouldn't make this keyboard too portable.

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    Great keyboard, one minor annoyance

    • Written by from Alexandria

    I've been using the bluetooth keyboard with my iPad for a few weeks, and it works great. You have to get used to which functions do and don't work relative to the touch screen, but once you know what to expect (when there's no keyboard equivalent to a tap on the screen), it's very easy. The feel of the keys is as good as any keyboard I've used. The bluetooth connection has been very reliable. Oh, and the keyboard is truly a work of art, if that appeals to you. Functionally, I'd give it five stars.

    The one little thing that annoys me is that the way the on/off switch is designed -- a big button that is flush with the end of the keyboard, it turns on by accident when I carry it in my bag along with the iPad. It doesn't take much of a bump at all to turn it on. I've resorted to taking out one of the batteries when I carry it. I'll probably make some sort of cap to fit over the end with the switch, to protect it from bumps. If only the switch had some sort of lock-out, like turning it 90 degrees to enable it, or something. That would make it better for portable use.

    Overall, it's a great keyboard, very well built, and a pleasure to use. I recommend it highly.

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    Fantastic for iPad, but also terrible

    • Written by from Boulder

    This is a fantastic keyboard. The tactile response is light, yet solid. It's a breeze to type on, and the brightness/volume/itunes controls work brilliantly on the iPad (and on the iPhone, if you want to use it with that!)

    Keyboard shortcuts work fantastically on the iPad as well. cmd+Z, Y, A, X, C, V, B, I, and U all work as expected. Shift+whatever selects text as you'd expect on a desktop as well. You can even insert special characters, like alt+; for ellipsis.

    These are all great features, and the battery life has been excellent for me as well. So what's my complaint?

    If you drop this keyboard into your bag, unprotected, with your iPad, not only can they scratch one another up, but according to Murphy's Law, your iTunes will start playing your most irritating song at full volume at the worst time, while is simultaneously overwrites the document you were working on with 3,549,196 spaces. Your undo history isn't that big. I, for instance, woke up on the bus to a grinding industrial techno track blasting in my lap. Other passengers were radiating hatred in waves. I felt awful. ALWAYS turn off bluetooth on your iPad before dropping the pair into your bag. ALWAYS.

    If it came with a clip-on hard-shell that doubled as a stand for my iDevice, that would be unbelievably amazing, but it doesn't. So the portable aspect of this reduced-size keyboard leaves something to be desired.

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    Beautiful Quality

    • Written by from Colorado Springs

    I've had my keyboard for two years and I have never had any issues with it, ever. It pairs easily and flawlessly with my Macbook Pro, my iPad 2, and my iPhone 4S. This only thing that is missing is a numeric keypad. I hate having to use the number row above the keys. In addition, the keys are not backlit. Other than that, I have no complaints.

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    Almost perfect

    • Written by from TORONTO

    A great keyboard, and as others have noted, really improves one's typing accuracy.

    My only issue is with the lack of a few critical keys--like a control key on the right side of the keyboard, and page up, page down, home keys. While there are key combinations that achieve the same effects, some are clumsy.

    (I do not miss the number pad--and I do a LOT of numeric analysis--but the truth is, typing numbers is more accurate when done the "old fashioned" way with the number keys on the main keyboard).

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    Suggestion for keyboard

    • Written by from Bettendorf

    Love the wireless keyboard.
    How about back-lit keys?

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    iPhone 4 Compatible!

    • Written by from Abbotsford

    Not sure why it's not listed, but I use mine with my iPhone 4 and it works great.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Love this keyboard!

    • Written by from Primghar

    I have purchased this keyboard mostly because I wanted to be able to type on my iPad, however I find my self using it on my iMac more and more. I have to take one star off because Apple doesn't offer a number trackpad which would be nice but I overall like the style of the keyboard. One other comment is that because this keyboard is wireless you do have to use batteries and I would advise getting the Apple Battery Charger for $29. I also think that $69 is a little overpriced but it is Apple so... Overall awesome product and you will love to get one as well!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Numeric Pad

    • Written by from san francisco

    This keyboard is great. The gripe I have is that Apple has not built a full function wireless keyboard. A full function keyboard with a keypad by Apple does not come in wireless? Really?

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    • Written by from MANHATTAN

    It would be great if this keyboard had a back light for my late working hours so I can see the keys

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    • Written by from Toronto

    i bought a ipad mini during Christmas along with this keyboard ! the keyboard is great, i love it ! but since i use a PC at home ... my typing habit switch in between... nyways ,,. i'm a university student and using an ipad and keyboard to go to lecture hall is the best thing since it's small and light weighted so you can carry it around ,,,, but the problem is since i carry this keyboard around ,,, i'm scared that it might break APPLE you need to make a case for it !!! the keyboard is expensive ... don't know what to do if it breaks ,,, probably would not buy another one --"

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    purchased for iPad

    • Written by from Columbus

    I purchased this for my iPad. The keyboard paired instantly and works beautifully. I had a bit of trouble pairing with my laptop but realized it was because it was still paired with my iPad which was close by. I turned off my iPad and, voila! Instant pairing with the laptop. My only problem with this awesome little keyboard is that I'm not sure how to turn it off/on. Otherwise, it is really a great, compact, little keyboard that is super easy to use.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Monument

    This keyboard is of great quality, i've never used a wireless keyboard before and this keyboard is very exceptional. It works great when i play online games (like SCII: which require lots of quick key combinations) i never feel any lag between what i press and what happens.
    Any other wireless keyboard i use is going to have a lot to match up to.

    Lastly, i was having an issue when i pressed the space bar and when i let go the space kept going. As i panicked, the keyboard "lost connection" and then "connected" again. I was so surprised it had its own failsafe that i stopped what i was doing to write this review and share how awesome the keyboard is.


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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Animal hair-resistant keyboard? Yes, please

    • Written by from Alexandria

    Bought this about a day or two after purchasing my 3rd gen iPad because I like my wrists in their current, RSI-free state. Tactile feel is good and it's easy to carry around (I got an Incase origami workstation/keyboard cover). So far, so good.

    My favorite feature: the shallow, well-spaced keys make this thing really easy to clean. It's ideal for dog and cat owners, especially if you use the iPad in bed. Just blow on the keyboard and the hair is gone. This also applies to crumbs if you tend to eat at your desk. I wish I could say that about my full-size Dell and Apple keyboards at work!

    Only complaints: Having bluetooth enabled all day does drain the iPad battery. When I'm at work, I've just learned to leave BT off until I need to use the keyboard. Not an ideal fix, but it works.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great keyboard

    • Written by from Aurora

    Great keyboard, but really needs to have a back-light feature like the notebook keyboards. Bluetooth occasionally gets confused and the keyboard locks out.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good, but needs more iPad Functions

    • Written by from Boca Raton

    This keyboard is good but needs more iPad functions. It seems like auto capitalization of the first letter in a new word does not happen when using the keyboard. Ability to switch apps would be great. Also things like being able to turn the font bold or underlined or italicized in Pages by using the keyboard would be good. esc key to exit apps. I'm sure there are more suggestions but these are mine. I also use this for my Windows 7 PC and it works good.

    Overall I like it.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Missouri City

    This is the only kind of keyboard that actually increased my typing speed instead of decreasing it. There's no need to adjust or make any modifications. The battery life is great and I am getting spoiled by this! Using it on my iPad 2 is awesome and I no longer have to get used to typing on the touch screen or having the on-screen keyboard blocking my view! The only reason I gave this product 4 stars instead of 5 is because that I actually have to use batteries. It doesn't come with a recharger and I hope that in the future, apple will make a rechargeable one that easily recharges from a wall outlet or by usb.

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