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    Basic, basic problem

    • Written by from Toronto

    You can never tell if it's on or off. When you turn it on, a little light blinks green once. And when you turn it off, guess what -- that's right, a little light blinks green once. So you have no way of knowing if it's off or on!!!!

    A bunch of us have just taken to taking the batteries out and carrying them separately.

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    The only dreadful Apple product I've ever owned.

    • Written by from RIDGEFIELD

    I guess it had to happen eventually, simply by the laws of probability. My lifetime run of one brilliant Apple product after another came to a crashing halt when I bought one of the new Apple wireless keyboards.

    What were you guys thinking when you designed this thing? O.K., I know, it is a beautiful design to LOOK AT. True. No question. But try typing with the thing for more than five or ten minutes, especially if you usually type more quickly than at a leisurely hunt and peck speed. It's brutal on your hands (and I've played piano all my life, so my hands are not wimpy): there is no travel in the keys, so it's like typing on cement. After a while, it hurts! After a few hours, even my hands ache. I'm sorry, but it's just not well thought out for its actual purpose as an input device. As desk sculpture, it's great. For actually typing for any length of time, it's just not up to Apple spec.

    The flat surface shape and wide spacing of the keys makes for uncomfortable typing as well. If the keys could have a concave surface, and be closer together, it would be a great improvement.

    Sorry to go on at such length; but I didn't want to just rant so it took a bit to include some specifics. If these areas can be improved (harsh/hard key "action", flat key surface, and too wide spacing of keys), it could become both a beautiful and more functional keyboard.

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    Where is the 10-Key pad

    • Written by from Concord

    This keyboard is very nice, if you don't work with numbers for your job or hobby. Apple should offer a wireless keyboard with a 10-key pad, as an option, like they used to. For anyone who deals with numbers, the lack of a ten key makes this model useless. I love Apple products, but i don't understand their product strategy, especially if they hope to make inroads to the business market. Now, I had to order the USB keyboard and will have a desk cluttered with a USB connection. Apple, as I've suggested several times, offer a 10-key pad version.

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    Bad idea

    • Written by

    Recently decided to replace my 7 year old iMac with a new one. Low and behold Apple has decided to give us a terrible keyboard for use on the iMac. I do not want a partial keyboard on my iMac, I want a FULL keyboard that functions! Not only that, but now I have lost 2 USB ports that we used on our older iMac, this paired with the loss of USB and Firewire ports on the back of the iMac have me very unhappy! Apple, I love the idea of a wireless keyboard and mouse, but I hate the fact that you skimped on a full fledged keyboard!

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    • Written by from LONDON


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    Wireless keyboard

    • Written by from Round Rock

    For the love of Pete, will you give us a wireless keyboard with a numeric keypad? This product is for a desktop and I do not want or need a lap keyboard for my desktop. I need a fully functional wireless keyboard, not a toy.

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    Feels like a Kluge

    • Written by from Livermore

    Pluses: It is easier to type especially for long messages.

    Minuses: There are many.
    One would think the interface with the iPad would be much better. No tabbing between fields, for example, one is always having to touch the iPad screen. Compose an email, for example and there is no way to send it from the keyboard. One would think ctrl Enter or something would work. One would expect to be able to tab from field to field like one does on a real computer with a keyboard. This is all software and I've waited for over a year since the product was released for s real product. This feels very much like a last minute addition, barely supported. I expected much more full functionality from an Apple product.

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    on 2nd keyboard - DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY

    • Written by from ONEIDA

    I'm on my second keyboard now and they are great while they last, but both of them had the same issue within 6 months of purchase. They continually disconnect from the host Mac. I have found MANY blogs on this exact issue and followed all of the "fixes" without any success for either keyboard. I figured I had a lemon with the first one, but obviously it is a product issue. Don't waste your money...

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    Bluetooth misery

    • Written by from Rochestown

    I bought the previous version and it worked without any problem until I changed the batteries recently, then it just refuses to pair. I contacted Apple and they said, "sorry thats the old version, you should buy the new version"

    Checking the web and there are hundreds of similar bluetooth issues, basically the keyboard locks to a user account, so if you change anything drastically with that account the keyboard is effectively locked.

    This means you can use it with one machine ONLY for its lifespan.

    Looks great, but "it just doesn't work"

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    saps batteries, pita to reconnect

    • Written by from Austin

    At first this keyboard was great. But after less than 2 months, the AA batteries ran out (the original batteries included by Apple). That's a bit of a pain, but *way* more inconvenient was trying to get my Mac (or iPad) to recognize the keyboard once it was powered again. It took about 5 computer reboots. Then, less than a month later, the batteries ran out again. (No, I didn't buy cheap replacement batteries.) After that, every so often, when I'd restart my computer (e.g. after a software update), it wouldn't find the keyboard. I finally broke down and got the wired keyboard. MUCH happier. Most of the time, Apple makes exceptional products. This isn't one of them. Unless you're allergic to USB cables, I'd go with the wired keyboard.

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    DO NOT buy this key board!!

    • Written by from Irmo

    There are over 31 pages of user having issues with this key board batteries alone. After a year of use I go through a set of batteries every 24 hours. Stay away from this product!

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    I loved it at first....

    • Written by from LITTLE EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP

    It took a little getting used to, but I quickly adapted....then suddenly it totally stopped working for me. I could type, but had NO control over the space bar, so all my words ran together. I was in the middle of a major project and had to run out and buy a keyboard.

    I Googled help, got many answers, to no avail. I saw one response from someone who took it back to an Apple Store and was told "replace the batteries every 2 weeks because they expand"....2 of my batteries are stuck in there, and no way to get them out.

    I want to purchase another, but am leery in doing so....

    After 20 years of being a PC, I went to MAC over a year ago....LOVE the Apple products, but VERY disappointed in this.....

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    Terrible battery life

    • Written by from Minneapolis

    I have no idea what's going on with this thing, but my batteries die after about a week. I've bought two sets of completely new batteries and this thing drains them in no time flat.

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    Terrible battery life - every 2 weeks

    • Written by from westport

    Battery life is terrible - replacement required every 2 weeks. Apple has failed to acknowledge or resolve this problem.

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    Batteries get stuck!

    • Written by from Minneapolis

    Be careful not to leave your batteries in too long. They will get stuck inside with no chance of removal. Particularly Lithium AAs.

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    At least you’ll have .03 cents worth of scrap aluminum

    • Written by from Shingletown

    Are you looking for a keyboard that will last about a year and look great doing it? If so this keyboard is for you. I’m now on my second one and it always loses the connection with my iMac and has been displaying random battery messages yet the batteries are new Duracells.

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    Heels for fingers, looks sexy but painful

    • Written by from Toronto

    Going to keep it short as possible,

    Like with all Apple products, they all look very sexy and attractive like women in heels however it comes at a cost, and that cost is that it is painful (literally), all of apple's keyboards both on their desktop and laptops are incredibly flat. For me and a few other people apple users out there, A little too Flat, that its caused some pretty stiff and intense Repeitive Stress Injuries (RSI) in my hands and fingers

    If you value comfort over form switch to another keyboard, some thats not so flat, and more ergonomic, personally i like the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 keyboard. Plugs in via USB, and all the keys are there and work. However if your going to tough be prepared to see a occupational injury physio therapist.

    Beautiful but lethal on fingers
    Try it before you buy it, the pain does not appear right away. for me it came up 2-3 days of use after i started on it.

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    Love Apple, Hate this Keyboard!

    • Written by from alexandria

    Nice design, poor functionality!

    This is the first Apple product that I seriously hate. Cannot regain connectivity after system loss. Going back to the wired keyboard!

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    Missing the Numeric Pad

    • Written by from BRUXELLES

    Very nice keyboard and design but a real shame there is no version with a numeric pad...

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    Don't sacrifice usefulness for a smaller footprint

    • Written by from Fresno

    Absolutely hate the fact that there is no wireless option with a numeric keypad. Seems to me like Apple decided that they would take out the function of a full sized keyboard just so they could have a smaller one that looks "cool". I don't like how this is the keyboard that comes standard with the new iMac. I am an accountant so the fact that this keyboard doesn't have a numeric keypad DRIVES ME CRAZY!

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