• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    It's cute but annoying

    • Written by from Oakland

    This keyboard disconnects every few minutes despite being inches from my MacBook.
    It's so small that I can't balance it on my lap unless I lock my knees together.

    If this keyboard were full-sized and had a palm rest and could stay connected, it would be great.

    I'm giving it to a friend who just bought an iPad -- hopefully she'll have better luck than I did.

    I'll just go back to my microsoft wireless keyboard. It's a properly sized keyboard and the Mac drivers work just fine for making it emulate Mac special keys.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Toy keyboard.

    • Written by from sebastian

    I just purchased my new IMAC, and it came with a toy keyboard, um where is the number pad, You know the one you need for use in business, for excel , numbers, daily use, I called apple service on another LION issue, and just asked about the keyboard, and was told, NO this is it for wireless. and He the tech wished they had a real one as well, as he has to type in serial numbers and phone numbers all day, sad when an apple tech thinks its a joke as well. This was built for looks not function, and it is not a real size keyboard , this is a toy.
    gonna have to yaw my HP wireless keyboard so I can use my $1,800 iMac for business, And I see if you google pathetic apple keyboard , everyone has been complaining about this since 2009 so I won't hold my breath on a fix.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Too small...

    • Written by from FAYETTEVILLE

    It's compact alright, but way too small for normal size hands. No backspace button is really annoying. The volume controls don't work at all. I've tried everything and no luck with that. Would be good for children.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    I though this was an iPad accessory? Barely any support!

    • Written by from Ventura

    I purchased this keyboard based on the assumption it would perform multiple functions. Some fuctions touted by Apple include being able to control brightness, volume and to change tracks in iTunes. None of these features work with the original iPad. Apple generally has very good support and products, however this one comes up short. It has about three out of five stars on the Apple website. Currently the keyboard is only good for using the letter keys and typing only - no other fuctions work. I know that's the main reason you want one, but as you're working and you suddenly decide your music is a little loud, or you want to skip a track, having the ADVERTISED FEATURES work would be nice. Also, so many fuctions are overlooked, its really almost shoddy of Apple. There is no way to scoll on a webpage (despite having arrow keys) or now way to go back or forward through web pages (despite a multitude of buttons available for such functions). This keyboard may work fine with a full-fledged mac, but because it TOUTED AS AN IPAD ACCESSORY by Apple, you would think they would make it actually perform with an iPad, instead of it being useless for anything but typing. Think hard before your purchase this. It FEELS like you suddenly has a full-fledged laptop in front of you with a dedicated keyboard -- unfortunately the Apple Wireless Keyboard does next to nothing to control the ipad. Major disappointment Apple.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Absolutely terrible dont buy it

    • Written by from Coconut Creek

    Dont buy this product
    I am on my second keyboard batteries get stuck always and cant take the final one out
    Really a piece of garbage
    You will be terribly disappointed
    Has a tough time synching with my IMac

    It seems impossible that this product is made by the same company that makes such fantastic computers, ipads, ipods etc

    Really junk

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Returned within 12 hours

    • Written by from Webster Groves

    Elegant? Sure, if you put it in a dollhouse. Love a clutter-free desktop, but not enough to try and work on this ridiculous, itty-bitty, cramped keyboard. First time I have ever been disappointed with anything Apple.

    Old keyboard happily connected. Wire unfortunate, but hands no longer cramping.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Worthless keyboard in an office

    • Written by from Worcester

    The bluetooth gets totally confused and overlaps with other keyboards if you use them in an office with a dozen or more computers. I'm really upset at apple for not selling this form factor keyboard with USB. I've been buying the used USB version off ebay to avoid this wireless junk.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    I loved it at first....

    • Written by from LITTLE EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP

    It took a little getting used to, but I quickly adapted....then suddenly it totally stopped working for me. I could type, but had NO control over the space bar, so all my words ran together. I was in the middle of a major project and had to run out and buy a keyboard.

    I Googled help, got many answers, to no avail. I saw one response from someone who took it back to an Apple Store and was told "replace the batteries every 2 weeks because they expand"....2 of my batteries are stuck in there, and no way to get them out.

    I want to purchase another, but am leery in doing so....

    After 20 years of being a PC, I went to MAC over a year ago....LOVE the Apple products, but VERY disappointed in this.....

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Keyboard aat battery for 15 days of lazy using

    • Written by from College Park

    Bouight new wireless keyboard, used it three times in 15 days and batteries from box are totally gone. Replacing battery helped, but for how long?

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Feels like a Kluge

    • Written by from Livermore

    Pluses: It is easier to type especially for long messages.

    Minuses: There are many.
    One would think the interface with the iPad would be much better. No tabbing between fields, for example, one is always having to touch the iPad screen. Compose an email, for example and there is no way to send it from the keyboard. One would think ctrl Enter or something would work. One would expect to be able to tab from field to field like one does on a real computer with a keyboard. This is all software and I've waited for over a year since the product was released for s real product. This feels very much like a last minute addition, barely supported. I expected much more full functionality from an Apple product.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice looking, but ergonomically hazardous to my health!

    • Written by from Centennial

    I am a tall man, with large hands, & my keyboard of choice is the ergonomic type, with a split keyboard. Well, I accidentally spilled some water on mine, so I opened up the brand new Apple keyboard that had come with my new iMac.

    Well, it worked, but it's killing me! My hands are very cramped, it's the most uncomfortable keyboard I've ever used, & I have to wonder WHY Apple thinks a "24% smaller keyboard" is a good thing? I know if I continue to use it, I'll surely develop carpal tunnel or some other nasty condition, fooey on Apple for designing a device so unsafe to use for many of it's customers. My wrists are hurting as I write this review, I wish I could rate this a zero, actually... Oh, and what's with the "fn" key??? It totally throws me off since I've always had the first key be control, & I have to constantly make sure I'm hitting the right key, another ridiculous user-unfriendly design...

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    bad, bad, bad

    • Written by from Aberdeen

    i writting this with keyboard on screen on i mac because keyboard wireless wont turn on after replacing the batteries. they told me is not cover by apple care so i have to buy a new one.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Really unhappy with this purchase. every once in a while,CAN'T TYPE

    • Written by from woodland hills

    Really unhappy with this purchase. Every once in a while, usually when I'm in a rush to complete something, for some reason I still haven't had the free time (because I'm usually sorting out some other technical glitch) i CAN'T TYPE with this keyboard. It's like it freezes up or something. No letters type....... Now, to my knowledge no regular OLD keyboard with a cable would have a problem typing.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Worst keyboard eever

    • Written by from Mcdonough

    I got this keyboard with my new imac. It is the worst keyboard ever designed. Your hands have to be tiny to keep both of them on the keyboard to type. There's no number pad so if you type a lot of numbers forget about it. And I can't even use a lot of shortcuts because the buttons simply aren't there. I am constantly having to backspace and retype things because the buttons are so awkwardly positioned.

    To top it all of I have a 27 inch imac so why do I need such a tiny keyboard with it to begin with. My imac is huge.

    If I could give this a zero rating I would. Anyone who likes it is just a steve jobs nut hugger or has unnaturally tiny hands.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Died in two years

    • Written by from Ludington

    We have an apple wireless keyboard and about 5 keys no longer work. We have to purchase a new keyboard. Very disappointed!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Keyboard HORRIBLE for ProTools and Applications That Use Numeric Keys

    • Written by from Plano

    There is no numeric keyboard and I can't find any modifier to allow one to allows keys to function as numbers. This is critical missing functionality for ProTools and other applications that use Command/Apple numeric keys for shortcut. If you are a ProTools user, I would skip this keyboard in its entirety.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Pointless, worthless

    • Written by from Mount Vernon

    As Apple makes better and better computers, they keep making worse and worse ways of interacting with them. If you've used the magic mouse, then you know. Much effort = Few results.

    I swear, humans are being systematically phased out of Apple's keyboard usage. First, they removed the "Enter" key from laptops (the one separate from the "Hard Return" key). It's needed in many softwares -- such as FileMaker (an Apple-owned software). Without that "Enter" key, life is hard and much energy gets wasted working around the problem all day.

    Now Apple decided you don't even need a number pad! Yeah, right. It's common knowledge that 10-key inputting is the fastest way to input numbers. (And oh, that's where the "Enter" key is.) GONE!

    Plus, the low-profile keys on the new keyboards are IMPOSSIBLE to hit. They are awkward for everyone, but if you have long fingernails (and many people do), your nail hits the metal between the keys and stops dead -- before your finger gets to the surface of the key. It's a nightmare. To work around it, you have to angle your entire hand to a different approach and pretty soon it's all about "my fingers hurt, my hands hurt, my arms hurt, and maybe I can hit that key after a few tries" instead of "I'm busy thinking, doing my job, typing my usual 90-words-a-minute."

    IF APPLE IS LISTENING: I still have an "Apple Extended Keyboard II" from the old days. It won't connect to modern computers but I always test it for feel against new keyboards. I swear I never had typos on that keyboard. It was famous for user satisfaction. If only Apple would go BACK to what actually WORKED! We want tall, clicky keys!

    I have given up on Apple keyboards completely. Searching the web for recommended alternatives, I ended up with Logitech's "diNovo Keyboard Mac Edition". Love it. Seek it out!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Keyboard On/Off Switch Broke in 18 months.

    • Written by from Allendale

    Keyboard On/Off Switch Broke in 18 months.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Apple Wireless Keyboard

    • Written by from little chalfont

    This is great when it works, but once every week it stops working and then won't reconnect. Would be ok if apple care was open on a Sunday...

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Batteries Ruined Keyboard In Nine Months

    • Written by from Toledo

    The keyboard is nice, but the batteries sent with it leaked in 9 months, ruining the keyboard.


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