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    Apple, this is AWESOME. The first remote was a TOTAL fail compared to this. This thing is the toughest, smallest piece of machinery THAT works. :P

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    To the first reviewer

    IT'S ALUMINUM - A NON Ferrous metal -
    Translation - No iron content - ie, non magnetic.

    or for the laymen - It won't stick o other metal.

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    Let me clear things up

    Just to help everyone out there... this remote is the exact same thing as the previous, white apple remote, it just has a different exterior design. It uses IR (infrared) to work with all apple remote enabled products that support IR remotes (not the new, white macbook). But it is the same thing as the previous remote, it is just made in aluminum to look better with the new MacBook Pro Series. I hope this helps clear stuff up for everyone.

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    Front Row

    Apple, while I may enter into a fierce argument debating whether I am the biggest MAC supporter out there, I digress. PLEASE BRING BACK FRONT ROW, or do something so that the remote works with Lion. That's the entire reason that I bought the thing!!!!!!!! Please do something!!!!!

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    really nice...

    this remote has a very good range, as well as crontrolling your ipod/iphone from 10 ft. away.
    5 stars

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    Only one flaw

    Love this remote! The only flaw is its too small and gets misplaced often. I've bought a replacement one only to find the original and after a few days they are both missing! Lol

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    Much Improved

    A lot better than the old plastic remote which would get lost in my hands. The new remote has a slight heft and a much better feel. The buttons are much more responsive and the overall look is great. $15 dollars would be a better price but $19 is worth it since it will probably last many years!

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    Unbreakable and Great!

    Don't be fooled by the size, this little remote works very well and it is very usefull! It is also very sturdy! mine went for a wash and then into the dryer and it still works well! great product!

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    Simple and Sleek

    I was standing in Bestbuy debating to even get this. Short story short I ended up buying it. This thing is well worth your twenty bucks. The design is simple and sleek. It is the same exact aluminum the MacBook Pro's are made out of and it feels like its suppose to be in your hand. You can control your entire media library from your bed. I still think this product should have came with Mac purchases but oh well.

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    Worth the cash!

    I use this with m apple universal dock, and trust me it works amazingly! I always missed the iPod scroll wheel on the iPhone, and this is a nice substitution. There when I want it, gone when I don't. 10 out of 5 stars! My only complaint is that you need the dock to use the remote, unlike my Macbook pro. It's not a deal-breaker but it would be nice for apple to add IR receivers (and transmitters) into iPhones, iPod touches and iPads (especially the iPad, because it is not compatible with the universal dock and this does not work with it). This could be one way Apple can stay ahead of Android, Windows Phone 7, Maemo, Meego, Blackberry, Symbian, and plain old JAVA phones! Sorry for getting off topic, the bottom line: Buy this now.

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    Great remote for Apple TV!

    This is a great remote for Apple TV and the universal iPod dock with infrared sensor. It has great durability and always transmits signals when in range. Battery life is good too.
    Note: Do NOT buy for a Mac with OSX Lion! Front Row is gone so this remote is useless for controlling a Mac!

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    Works perfectly

    I bought this remote a couple weeks ago at an Apple store. Almost immediately I regretted buying it wondering what I would use it for. Now I realize how useful it is. It works with iTunes, Front Row, Hulu desktop, and probably the most useful...Keynote. I love the simple design and easy to remember buttons. When I first got it, it paired up to my macbook pro seamlessly. I couldn't be happier.

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    Love my Remote!

    When I first got the remote. I was expecting to find all these complicated instructions on how to make it work. It was so easy. Just point and use. This is the neatest thing ever!!! I love it!

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    The extra button makes Apple TV easier to use

    I like the extra play/pause button - you can just click play when you hover over an artist, genre or whatever without having to dig deeper into your selection.

    Physically the remote feels really nice to the touch, is a good shape and size, and is harder to lose on white bed linen!

    Nice job Apple!

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    For $20?? Why not!?!?!?!

    Great remote. Way better than the plastic white except for the fact that it doesn't have a magnet in it. So if u have an iMac, you can't stick it to the screen. But I use a macbook pro anyways. Goes great with Remote Buddy (downladable right in the download section) Buy it!!

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    Please make apple remote menu button compatible with lion...

    i really liked apple remote. i used to listen to music and watch movie using front row but as soon as i upgraded to lion i cannot do anything with the remote as my menu button is not working anymore with lion.
    So please apple do something so that we can use apple remote and enjoy front row. we have paid for this product but its useless now....

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    This new Apple Remote is great! I love the new aluminum design & it's overall very sleek. I use it with my MacBook Pro 15'' and iPod Touch 3G. At night I like to watch TV shows before bed...I can control my shows while the MacBook Pro is on the desk and I'm laying in bed. GREAT LITTLE DEVICE, THANKS APPLE!

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    This product is absolutely incredible! I've had mine for a year and a half and although it has served it's purpose well of aiding in my laziness and keeping me from having to walk to start my music or watch a show, I never until today realized just how amazing this tiny little remote is.

    Most nights, I use my remote to watch a movie or tv show before bed. Some nights, I fall asleep too early and my remote will get lost in the blankets. This happened three nights ago. Two days ago was laundry day. I didn't realize that I had lost my remote yet, so I gathered all my blankets and just threw them in the washing machine. I dried my clothes, all was well... until the next day when my roommate went to do a load of clothes and pulled my tiny remote from the bottom of the washing machine.

    I was crushed. I was not sure what to do without my remote. I just new my little buddy, my enabler was a goner. I stuck it in some rice, hoping and praying I could save it. I thought that was probably pointless, as it's not like a cell phone which can be taken apart. Today, as I was getting ready to crawl in bed, I missed my remote and decided to test it out... just in case...

    IT WORKS!! My tiny little remote still works! Thank you, Apple! You amaze me! <3

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    Great remote for Apple TV

    This remote is great for the Apple TV. It is simple, responsive, and sleek. Make sure you keep liquids away from it (spilled coffee on mine and it no longer works). I'm now looking to buy another one for my Apple TV.

    Many people on here seem to have problems with lack of usability with OS X Lion. If you are looking for a good way to control your iTunes away from your computer and you own an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, try using the free remote app. Front row was slow and obnoxious.

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    Great Amazing Product!

    I love it!!! Not only is it very good looking, but it works like magic. Even if you cover it with your hand and point it in the other direction it will still work! The batteries work for a entire year even with daily use. I also have downloaded "Sofa Control" which makes the remote even better by being able to control the mouse and do other really useful features. Overall I think that the remote could use the iPod's click-wheel technology but other than that it is an extraordinary Apple product.

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