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    New Remote Worth Purchasing

    • Written by from Atlanta

    The new apple remote feels better with a fresh new contoured body and is extremely reminiscent of the silver nano. It's new length fits in your hand without getting lost if you have long hands like i do. It matches all of the aluminum products beautifully and is definitely worth getting if you enjoy a matching home entertainment system.

    Cons- 19 dollars always seemed a bit steep to me for a simple remote, but I still think it's a great piece of hardware.

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    To correct some bad rumors...

    • Written by from Santa Monica

    Is it magnetic?

    Yes and No. It does stick to the magnetic clasp on my black MacBook. (I think it is the battery in the remote)

    Does it have a Click Wheel?
    No. At least I haven't gotten it to work on anything.

    Is it just the old remote in new form factor?
    No. It has an extra button. (the select button in the middle of the arrow keys). Bringing the total up from 6 to 7 buttons.

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    No more magnetic mount

    • Written by from Avon

    I was disapointed when i bought this wonderful remote and tried to put it on the side of my iMac like i did for my old ine. Wrong first of all the back surface is not flat its curvedd for design which doesnt have enough surface area to stick to the side of the imac.Later I tried sticking a stronger extrenal magnet to it and fould out its not magnetic at all. I thought it was magnetic.Overall it's a great remote and i like the ipod click wheel volume control too!

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