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    I was really upset when i bought this remote and found out it doesnt work with my ihome ip11....

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    Not available for new MacBooks!

    I'm quite upset this option isn't available for the MacBook anymore, because it doesn't have IR. I absentmindedly tried using the remote control of my old MacBook on my new one to adjust the volume of my music from across the room. Needless to say, it didn't work, and this product won't work either. Now I have to stop what I'm doing, get up, and move to the computer to change the volume. . . thanks for the exercise?

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    Despite the fact that the idea behind Apple Remote is quite handy, the functions are very limited. But that's not the main issue.

    The remote keeps losing its connection with my MacBook Pro. So you're all set on your couch, watching a few movies and tv shows, listening to some songs, podcasts via Front Row... all is good until, suddenly, the Apple Remote just stops working.

    To solve that, you need to get up, stop whatever media you're currently watching/listening, close Front Row, access System Preferences > Security, disable and re-enable the remote control infrared receiver. AND YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO IT EVERY TIME THIS ISSUE HAPPENS (WHICH IS QUITE OFTEN). And this is the only solution offered by Apple support.

    So what's the point in having a remote control, if you have to keep getting back to your computer to make it work???

    I'm sorry, but until Apple gets it together, this is absolutely USELESS.

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    In need of a REAL remote

    This remote would be PERFECT if it did not need a dock to work with the iPod/iPhone!

    Please create a remote that works directly with the iPod/iPhone!

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    not useful , bluetooth would have served a better range .

    this is a good piece piece to look but not to work with .remote control software of your mobile would serve for free and better use.you can use it within 1 metre .it even doesn't have many options . you have to open every application and then operate it (except itunes ) .so better dont choose it .

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    Doesn't work with the newest MacBooks!

    Make one with Bluetooth connection, and while your at it, please add the scroll-function known from the iPods as well.

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    Cannot work with iMAC

    I cannot get it to be recognized or connected to iMAC (Aluminium).

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    thanks for nothing!

    well i just got a new macbook yesterday and my friend has the older version of the macbook with the remote and i was like cool! so i went back to apple and got the remote and asked SPECIFICALLY if it would work with the new macbook, and was told sure! it works with everything in the store, well guess what! it DOES NOT WORK WITH THE NEW MACBOOKS!!! wow good job apple guy! so if you have the new macbook DONT WASTE TIME trying to get it to work cuz it doesnt!

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    This item isn't what you want to buy for your Ipod because with the Remote you also have to buy the dock which costs over 40 $ + 19 $ remote !!!
    Personally I thought this was a "rip off".
    Otherwise I really enjoy my Ipod Touch and Love Apple Inc.

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    Does not work with MacBook Air

    Ok, so the whole point of buying this was to use as a remote control while giving powerpoint talks from my MacBook Air. The man in the Applestore (San Francisco) assured me it would work with any mac, including air.
    As soon as I tried it I realised it activated my i-mac, but not my Air. No IR port.
    The salesperson should have known this.....

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    The Remote is possibly the most useless product imaginable. The idea is to adjust music or movies from anywhere in the room, and this is completely possible - provided that the room is no larger than 4 square feet. The Remote does not cause any reaction from the Mac when it is more than arm's length away. Honestly, it is less effort to stand up and adjust your music manually than it is to struggle to get this little piece of electronic ingenuity to serve its function. I may sound like a bitter buyer exaggerating to spite Apple, but I am not exaggerating (though the rest is true). The Remote functions perfectly, but only if you point it DIRECTLY at the receiver on the Mac (and by "DIRECTLY", I mean you have about 20° range to work with to aim your remote relative to the receiver, otherwise the signal won't make it). Please, whatever you do, don't buy this. Your twenty dollars are better off feeding the homeless, or buying yourself drugs. Take my word.

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    Buyers BEWARE...Does NOT work with the new MacBook

    I wasted over 2 hours trying to get the Apple Remote to work with my brand new MacBook because the people at the Apple Store told me it would. It won't. The new MacBook does NOT have an IR port and cannot be controlled by this remote.

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    The new Remote is horrible!

    Not only does it add an unnecessary button, but with larger fingers you will be very frustrated within minutes. The comfortable raised convex buttons have been replaced by scooped concave buttons that are NOT ergonomically natural and complicate use by any man with average sized fingers.
    This is a perfect example of: "If it's not broken... Don't fix it!"
    Although the aluminum case is nice, the feel and function has been significantly diminished.

    I am a HUGE Apple fan, but this remote is a FAILURE!

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    Laser Beamer

    The remote is the most usefull in presentatins keynotes. Too bad apple had not thought yet to include a laser beamer.
    When going on presentation you have to have 2 gadgets in yourhand. :(

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    does not play vlc

    this remote has problems with vlc. ie the play/pause and the the central button do not work. Also when you press play/pause the itunes launches. Not an isolated incident...you can check in any forum before buying this item

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    Two thumbs down.

    I was extremely excited after ordering my remote and counted the days until its arrival.
    however when i received it i had trouble syncing it to my macbook. I tried and tried and no luck. knowing that i just had bought my computer i was confident that i my computer was compatible with it and i must be doing it wrong. well with a closer look on apple.com i discovered that for some stupid reason the apple remote is not compatible with the newest edition macbook...seriously apple?
    it works on every other "new" product available...except ofcourse the most popular and frequently bought white macbook.
    well i feel like this should be posted at a very clear place before purchase so that this wont happen to anyone else.
    good one apple.
    way to drop the ball..

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    Remote and new macbook

    The new remote does indeed work wonderfully-- just NOT on the new unibody polycarbonate macbook that I just bought, with the assurance from the sales guy that the Apple Remote would work with it.

    I now know that my macbook has no infrared capability (if I had known, I would have spring for the macbook pro: too late now, though)-- and wonder whether Apple will produce a USB adapter as an add-on?

    Plus: if Apple is going to delete features from its "consumer" line of laptops in order to induce sales of its "pro" line, then they ought to point this out to their sales people!

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    things always get too small

    I liked the old one far more than the new one.
    the new one is even smaller, and i lose it all the time, i switched back to the old one!
    its far more beautiful and ergonomic

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    Ergonomically unusable for home theater

    This new remote is not usable for home theater. It's difficult to not press the main function ring and the new select/enter button at the same time because the new ring is not raised like it was in the previous white remote. The complete lack of tactile differentiation to discern between these two choices (i.e., ring or select) makes the remote unusable in a darkened home theater.

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    Feels yucky in my hands

    The design is pretty. The weight is nice. But, the brushed metal finish feels bad in my hand in a way that makes me uncomfortable to touch it in the same way that it's uncomfortable to hear fingernails on a chalkboard.

    If all they did was smooth it out or go back to the old plastic it wouldn't have this problem. It makes me wonder if they actually tested it out with various people to see what their reaction to the feel of it is instead of just the look.

    I'll be returning mine or will be happy to trade for the old one if I can find one.

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