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    Love New Apple TV but Hate Remote

    I love Apple products, I own at least one of almost everything, but this remote is really horrid. It is way to sensitive to the touch even set on slow. While watching a movie or show if you grab or touch the remote you can easily fast forward or go backwards on your show without realizing it. If you have any kind of arthritis in your thumb joint it is literally painful to use this remote, it takes two hands to keep from hoping all over any given menu. I love the Siri part and the fast reaction time of the Apple TV itself. I do not use remote for gaming but I have a really large library of movies, tv shows, etc., this seems like a very hard way to get through them all and having to type these passwords in is intolerable. If you make one mistake you well have to go back through the whole signing in of passwords to all of your apps. This needs to support an external keyboard of some type whether on your iPhone or iPad or other item.

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    Great while it worked...kinda...then died an early death

    This remote came with the 3rd generation Apple TV I bought three years ago. It worked as expected for about a year, after which an Apple TV update caused it to open iTunes on the iMac located in the same room, even after trying every imaginable combination of pairing and unpairing and restarting and resetting. Eventually I learned to hold the Apple TV remote near the floor on the far side of an ottoman.

    Last week the remote's battery died, and since I replaced it the remote won't scroll down. The menu button works and it selects items (though that function seems balky) and scrolls up, right and left just fine, but it won't scroll down--or, I should say, it will scroll down jerkily one time out of several dozen presses.

    Now I know people will wonder why I don't use the iOS app, but it's a pain to have to turn on my iPod Touch and unlock it before stopping or pausing. The six year old remote that came with my iMac can be paired with the Apple TV, but that remote's home is in the kitchen so I can control iTunes while messing around in there.

    I don't know why this remote is so fragile. It's not that expensive to replace, but frankly isn't reasonable to produce something that's going to die after a few years. So 3 stars for the initial performance; can't say anything good about it in the long term.

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    Bad quality

    The design is great, but the quality of this remotes are not what you expected from apple products. The buttons gets damage easily and the compatibility with mac are not the same since OS lion. You might use an iOS device to replace it, so ¿Why to buy it?

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    Needs a Home Button

    I don't have problems with losing this remote due to its small size, like lots of people seem to complain of. But it sure does need a Home button. i get *so* tired of trying to back out of deeply nested menus. Very frustrating! Further, sliding from one side to the other of the central navigation ring is just that little bit too easy - too easy to hit something you never meant to. It's all smooth and sleek - and maybe needs to be a little less so.

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    Nice Remote

    Not long brought the apple remote. The remote is well made and the IR signal is good, it works just fine. I have all my CD's on my hard drive and have not long purchased a quality music system that I plug my macbook into via the USB port. From what can I see in the marketplace more and more people are doing this and there are some good quality DAC's out there. I find it great, the convenience, adding to up next, and the playlists that I have set up. But there is one big BUT, there is no longer Front Row. Front Row was good for the high visibility, you could see the screen from quite a distance. I'm a little disappointed Apple, feel a little cheated. Hope you bring it back.

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    Needs a HOME button

    Works great, elegant, matches the nifty MBA and MBP products in the lounge. But it is *really* annoying to have to repeatedly click the Menu button in order to back out of the kids' entertainment choices, which can be nested four or five clicks deep. Good grief. There needs to be some way to quickly get back to the starting menu. Please, Apple?

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    Too Small, Keeps Getting Lost

    Works great, but too small - have lost it 100 times, found it 99 times - always so frustrating.

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    Good. But don't stray far from Mac

    Great device for Apple TV, MacBook Pro when you are close to the device (less 10ft). I do many presentations on Keynote at conferences/ events and usually my Mac is on the podium near me - no problem, but you can't walk the stage. If you walk more than 10ft it doesn't work well at all or doesn't respond at all to forward your slides, animate videos etc...

    If you want to walk the stage as you speak this is not the device to use, if you are stationary or next to the Mac- works great.

    Lastly, battery life is poor.

    I use mine for home Apple TV or to rehearse my presentations. I have another remote for when I am on stage that gives me great coverage +60ft.

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    OK when it works (intermittently)

    The Apple Remote that came with our Apple TV only works part of the time. It seems to be temperature sensitive - it sometimes works after warming it between my hands. I tried two new batteries with no improvement. It's going back under warranty. (The Apple TV is fine, it works reliably with a trained universal remote.)

    It would be nice if there was a battery level readout like the wireless mouse and keyboard on our iMac. Maybe that's a lot to ask of an IR device - even a red LED on the remote that lights when a button is pressed would help you know if it's still alive.

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    Nice but easy to lose.

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    Too small and thin

    This is one instance where small and thin don't work. Leave it on a couch or chair and it disappears into oblivion for days at a time. I had to turn my couch upside down to find it! Be nice if I could program my TV remote to operate my Apple TV. At least I would have a backup. That's the problem with a lot of devices with remotes. You loose the remote you can't operate the device! Should be some basic controls on any device with a remote. My other gripe is that you absolutely have to point the darn remote at the Apple TV box to get it to respond.

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    Not Used with PowerPoint!!!!

    Great device, BUT, it is only used with photos, video and itunes. I wanted to use it for a PowerPoint presentation, but it's useless for it! Argh!

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    The Next Button Doesn't Work Anymore!

    I got this remote for a few months, and I never dropped it. However, the next button doesn't work anymore all the sudden...

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    Beautiful, but limited...

    Using this for the Mac is very limited. The menu button does nothing. It works well, otherwise.

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    Why no mute button?

    I mean really. I know you like to have them look all spacey and minimalist, but seriously, a mute button is super helpful in a remote control. Just double it up with the menu button, make it a single tap and menu a double tap. Come on.

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    I'm sure it will be of use to someone....

    Like others here, I thought this was wonderful! I could control my videos/music/podcasts while on my x-trainer across the room, or just relaxing on the lounge, but since upgrading to Lion it is useless to me. I can either exercise to the same song or podcast over and over or control volume - big whoop! I'm sure it is of use in Keynote (from what I've read) and Apple TV, but for those of us who don't want/have Apple TV, this has created a HUGE hole in my life.

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    Does Not Work With New MacBook Air

    bought it with great expectance, looks great, feels great in the hands, but when attempting to pair it with my near brand new Macbook Air... nothing... Because theres no IR receiver on the new Macbook Air, a fact omitted almost everywhere on the apple website, very disappointed, big fan of apple stuff and it all works well but I really felt let down by this.

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    Lost 2 already...

    I keep losing them, since they are so thin and small. The performance is great, much better than the first remote

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    Apple remote has limited functionality in OSX Lion

    Got this remote for my iMac 27 mid 2011. Works better on Slow Leopard. The menu button doesn't do anything on OS Lion, I hope apple fixes that soon.

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    Okay I've been an aggressive Apple fan every since I bought my first Apple MacBook Pro and I've never looked back on that decision. Apple has always been quick to fix a problem or at least address the issue and resolve it in some unique way (i.e. the antennae problem with iPhone 4). However when I downloaded LION and found out that the MENU button was not working I went online to find at least an explanation. Instead I see hundreds of comments by unsatisfied Apple customers but nothing from Apple. Apple, what gives here? At least give us an explanation and don't go hiding from us. When you don't respond you give us the feeling that you are not being truthful or honest with us. Come on....what's up? How you could you just overlook the MENU button on one of your components? I can't believe you just forgot. But at least give us some comment. Please don't start acting like the other companies. Steve Jobs...speak up for us out here. Either fix the problem or recall the remotes. I'm not angry. I'm not mad. Just a little disillusioned.

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