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    Okay I've been an aggressive Apple fan every since I bought my first Apple MacBook Pro and I've never looked back on that decision. Apple has always been quick to fix a problem or at least address the issue and resolve it in some unique way (i.e. the antennae problem with iPhone 4). However when I downloaded LION and found out that the MENU button was not working I went online to find at least an explanation. Instead I see hundreds of comments by unsatisfied Apple customers but nothing from Apple. Apple, what gives here? At least give us an explanation and don't go hiding from us. When you don't respond you give us the feeling that you are not being truthful or honest with us. Come on....what's up? How you could you just overlook the MENU button on one of your components? I can't believe you just forgot. But at least give us some comment. Please don't start acting like the other companies. Steve Jobs...speak up for us out here. Either fix the problem or recall the remotes. I'm not angry. I'm not mad. Just a little disillusioned.

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    Apple remote has limited functionality in OSX Lion

    Got this remote for my iMac 27 mid 2011. Works better on Slow Leopard. The menu button doesn't do anything on OS Lion, I hope apple fixes that soon.

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    Not Used with PowerPoint!!!!

    Great device, BUT, it is only used with photos, video and itunes. I wanted to use it for a PowerPoint presentation, but it's useless for it! Argh!

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    Does Not Work With New MacBook Air

    bought it with great expectance, looks great, feels great in the hands, but when attempting to pair it with my near brand new Macbook Air... nothing... Because theres no IR receiver on the new Macbook Air, a fact omitted almost everywhere on the apple website, very disappointed, big fan of apple stuff and it all works well but I really felt let down by this.

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    Does not work with iPhone alone.

    I wanted the remote to be able to control the iPhone when docked on a stereo base. Unfortunately in order to control the iPhone via this remote you need the iPhone docking base. I wish the guy at the apple store would have told me that when i asked him. All in all, remote looks and works great but just not with the iPhone. "If only the iPhone had an IR reciever".....

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    The Next Button Doesn't Work Anymore!

    I got this remote for a few months, and I never dropped it. However, the next button doesn't work anymore all the sudden...

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    Good. But don't stray far from Mac

    Great device for Apple TV, MacBook Pro when you are close to the device (less 10ft). I do many presentations on Keynote at conferences/ events and usually my Mac is on the podium near me - no problem, but you can't walk the stage. If you walk more than 10ft it doesn't work well at all or doesn't respond at all to forward your slides, animate videos etc...

    If you want to walk the stage as you speak this is not the device to use, if you are stationary or next to the Mac- works great.

    Lastly, battery life is poor.

    I use mine for home Apple TV or to rehearse my presentations. I have another remote for when I am on stage that gives me great coverage +60ft.

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    I'm sure it will be of use to someone....

    Like others here, I thought this was wonderful! I could control my videos/music/podcasts while on my x-trainer across the room, or just relaxing on the lounge, but since upgrading to Lion it is useless to me. I can either exercise to the same song or podcast over and over or control volume - big whoop! I'm sure it is of use in Keynote (from what I've read) and Apple TV, but for those of us who don't want/have Apple TV, this has created a HUGE hole in my life.

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    Why no mute button?

    I mean really. I know you like to have them look all spacey and minimalist, but seriously, a mute button is super helpful in a remote control. Just double it up with the menu button, make it a single tap and menu a double tap. Come on.

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    good remote - bad battery

    The remote is pretty and works well - but the factory-installed battery died 2 weeks after I started using the remote.

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    New Apple Remote

    I've had the new Apple Remote for about two weeks now. I find it to be very stylish, My Apple TV responds quickly to operation of the controls of the new remote, response is faster than my old Apple Remote. I am guessing the ir lamp is brighter than the old one. I find the center of the control wheel operates as a button as well. It operates the pause and play functions like the new button that is marked with the Play/Pause symbols.

    The only thing I find that could be an improvement is the rocker ring control, which is flush with the surface of the aluminum body of the Remote. This makes it more difficult to operate by feel and is cause for pushing the center button instead of the control on the rocker ring. It would be easier to operate the intended function if the ring were to be raised like the previous control.


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    Okay, but no on-screen menus?

    I'm not sure of this is a design fault of the dock or the remote, but when I purchased the remote to control a 5th-Gen nano on a Universal Dock hooked to my entertainment system, I expected the capability of bringing up the nano's menus on screen and using the remote to switch between functions and select videos. Doesn't work. The best one can do is select a video from the nano, then use the remote to stop and start. Com'on Apple, you can do better than that.

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    Beautiful, but limited...

    Using this for the Mac is very limited. The menu button does nothing. It works well, otherwise.

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    Not bad

    I love the look of the new remote it matches well with the macbook pro iMac and mac pro However it still uses IR which is outdated and doesn't always work as desired. Range is limited and CANNOT be obstructed whatsoever. I wish the next remote to use 2.4GHz wireless technology.

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    nice remote

    well,for those who are wondering if works with the universal dock station from apple,it does!but,be aware,there is not even a single difference,when you compare it with the original that comes with the universal dock,it doesn`t offer anything new,,it`s stylish,and it`s made from a new material,i liked ,it`s beautiful,i first bought it thinking i`d be able to do more with it,you still have to pick your playlist,or select you media from the menu and then you can use the remote to play ,pause,and go to the next song,with the universal dock that`s all you really do withit,just don`t understand why,there is a menu option,if doesn`t work

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    form over function?

    Everyone knows that Apple make great products. This remote control looks like it should be another one. It feels great in your hand, has a nice weight and matches the new macbook perfectly, which is nice. I ordered my one from this website and when it arrived (the first working day after purchase) it worked perfectly. It was really easy to link up to my laptop and it started working straight away! The only problem is that it stopped working again almost as fast. I've had it for about 10 hours now and it barely works... It feels like it might be out of battery. You only get anything at all from it if you hold it 6 inches from the computer and even then, you get a response from every 12th jam on the button or so. The only thing that stopped me from smashing it was the thought that if it should then somehow miraculously start working again it would be damaged and the fact that ending with the words, "... then I smashed it." might hurt my story when it comes to getting a free shiny new one. I'm really just venting frustration here and i'm sure this is a one off (otherwise this page would be full of angry reviews) so I wouldn't go on this when deciding whether to buy or not. In the short time it was functioning properly, it was good! It works with iTunes and "Front Row" as well as "Keynote" presentations so its perfect. The buttons are a little on the small side. I don't have ridiculous hands and I feel like i'm pressing two buttons at once sometimes but its a good product and i'm sure it's handy when it works.

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    Lost 2 already...

    I keep losing them, since they are so thin and small. The performance is great, much better than the first remote

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    Some What Satisified

    I love the remote I just wish it had the magnet like the older models. The magnet made it more convenient, and less likely to loose. Also it isn't as versatile as it seemed it would be, but other than that it is pretty useful.

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    Made for big hands, very slippery

    The device itself works well. However, compared to the smaller squarish plastic remote, this remote does not fit well in my hand. I find it too long to sit in the fleshy part of my palm if I want to comfortably thumb my way through the buttons. And because of its slipperyness, I'm needing to close my fist tighter than feels comfortable. I am female, older, stroke recovering, and would absolutely love this remote if it were 3/4" shorter _or_ the buttons moved 3/4" further down. I give it a 1 for my particular needs even though it is 5 in style, price and function. (Averaged to 3)

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    It's okay....

    I was really excited to get the new version because i had the previous one. When i got it, it seemed so cool, but it was weirder to use than the old one. I find myself pressing the menu button instead of the center button often, and it is heard to find buttons in general. The old one was much easier to use, but not as attractive. Now that i lost the old one, i guess i will have to deal with the new one.

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