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    Surfin' from the couch! SWEET!

    • Written by from Lancaster

    As soon as I saw this thing, I bought it. I use my Mac Mini hooked to a 42" HDTV, so using a mouse from the couch is pretty terrible. Even nice mice like the magic mouse have trouble tracking unless I use a lap desk and mouse pad, which isn't the most comfortable solution. With this, I can surf in comfort and give all of my iMac-using buddies Mac envy!

    Besides, with all of the multitouch gestures on the pad, this is the most versatile pointing device Apple makes! Here's hoping they make an iOS-based Apple TV and then make the touchpad a gaming controller too!

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    Great idea!

    • Written by from Ringgold

    After purchasing the new magic mouse I thought it would be a replacement for my new MBP multi-touch trackpad, but it didn't allow all of the same features. This is a great addition to my bluetooth keyboard & compliments my Waycom pad for photo work. I'm not sure if it's really 'worth' the upgrade over the magic mouse, but it is nice to have such a large gesture-based surface, much like the iPad. Props to Apple for thinking outside the box on this one, although the possibility & 'idea' of this technology could have happened a few years ago.

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    finally, an ergonomic film editing solution

    • Written by from Phoenix

    I use a Macbook Pro for editing films and use a stand to bring it's screen closer to eye level. I've had an editing keyboard for some time that is suspended from the desk just above my knees but I had to reach up the the MBP to use the trackpad. This Magic Trackpad is the gadget I've been asking Apple for!

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    Apple should default the option to switch the wrist angle...

    • Written by from CALGARY

    I purchased the M Tp yesterday and quickly noted that the wrist angle was going to be an ergonomic issue. Then I noticed the below suggestion from another reviewer that enables you to easily change the orientation (& therefore wrist angle) when using the M Tp!

    A big thanks to the reviewer "CT from San Francisco" who shared it!! The M Tp would have been returned had I not seen this...

    Some have complained about the slant angle, but there is a hidden default that lets you invert or flip it as needed. Enter this command in Terminal (will prompt for root password), then restart your Mac or reconnect the Magic Trackpad:

    sudo defaults write com.apple.MultitouchSupport ForceAutoOrientation YES

    Now place the Magic Trackpad in desired orientation on your desk and drop all 5 fingers on it (outstretched towards the edges not scrunched up). The coordinates of the trackpad automatically flip so all cursor and gesture motions match the new hand orientation.

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    Better than a mouse

    • Written by from Plano

    I'm a road warrior and have only worked from a laptop going on 16 years. I finally made room on my desk at home for a monitor so bought Apple keyboard and trackpad. Easy transition when I get the opportunity and no noise of a mouse being dragged across your desk. All the gestures like on the MBP.

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    System Preferences

    • Written by from Columbus

    For those complaining about single-click/single-tap, dragging, and tracking issues, please check System Preferences under Trackpad. Every one of those issues can be addressed using the correct settings.

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    Awesome addition to my desktop!

    • Written by from FORT LAUDERDALE

    I have been waiting for Apple to build this product. I have always loved my touch-pad on my MacBookPro. Works great, even when navigating across a 30 inch second monitor and my 24 inch iMac. It is a natural extension of the wireless keyboard. I had been using the Magic Mouse with MagicPerfs, this beats it hands down, no need to move your arm all over a mouse pad. I gave it a full workout in PS5, excellent precision control and the ability to pinch and zoom an image is awesome.

    Great stuff!

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    Goodbye, mice.

    • Written by from Placentia

    This is the perfect successor to the mouse. Smooth, versatile and highly configurable, it's also a great solution for people with a glass desktop, or small desks with limited space. No more mousepads or dedicate space to move your mouse around on your desktop. It feels fantastic, looks beautiful (especially next to the Apple Keyboard!), and is deceptive in it's simplicity. Let's face it, we're all getting used to touch-sensitive devices. iPod Touches, iPhones, iPads, tablet computers, they are all slowly phasing out the mouse. And this is the perfect next step for the desktop computer. Bravo, Apple.

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    Don't be deterred by the concept, it's a wonderful product!

    • Written by from Carlisle

    I was hesitant to purchase a Magic Trackpad because I already had a Magic mouse, but for those of you who have a Magic Mouse, multitouch is second nature to said mouse (and with Lion [I have a dev. preview], it makes for a better experience to have a logical method of multitouch input). So I hustled on down to the Apple store and picked up a Magic Trackpad as well as the battery charger for my keyboard, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad. I have to say, I have yet to be let down! The clicking actions feel thick and smooth, and tracking is a breeze with such a large surface. My only complaint is that if you go from using this to, say, a MacBook Pro's trackpad, you will notice your finger drag off the specified surface. Otherwise, highly recommend for anyone with intensive mouse use due to the ergonomically correct design of the Magic Trackpad.

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    Excellent product with a few minor quibbles

    • Written by from Sunnyvale

    In sum: this is a great device and will especially be useful for those of us who are already used to a Mac portable's built-in trackpad and who want to use a trackpad when either a) our laptop is being used in clamshell mode (i.e., with built-in screen shut and computer attached to external monitor) or b) for desktops.

    I own a Magic Mouse, so why did I turn to also getting a Magic trackpad?
    It's because I want to give my hands a variety of handheld devices to use alternatively so that I don't develop Repetitive Stress Injury. My hands and fingers are prone to that. One day I will use the Magic Mouse, the next day I'll switch to the trackpad, or I can switch alternatively hour to hour.

    My minor quibble with this device is:

    1. the trackpad is actually NOT FLUSH with the Apple bluetooth keyboard! When I align the bottom edge of the trackpad with the bottom edge of the aluminium Apple bluetooth keyboard, the top edge of the trackpad overhangs but about 1/16 to 2/16 of an inch. This seems to be an oversight on Apple's part. They don't usually let these things past through QC

    2. The physical right and left click is a bit more harder to engage than I would like. One could still use the tapping motions to simulate right and left click though.

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    Step above Book trackpad, but a hint for install after 10.6.3 upgrade...

    • Written by from Chicago

    As a several-year user of a MacBook trackpad and a more recent iMac Magic Mouse user, Magic Trackpad was a very easy transition. The Trackpad is more sensitive (as well as, of course larger) than the MacBook versions, but it is also almost immediately more comfortable than even the Magic Mouse, which I had likewise found to be a worthwhile upgrade from its predecessor. You will need to adjust device preferences to, for example, enable single-tap as select, but after that sort of customization, I found it to be clear sailing.

    Note, though, that if you upgrade to 10.6.4 (from 10.6.3 at least, which was in the box with the version I picked up at an Apple store today along with the Trackpad), as required to use the Magic Trackpad, you may not get all of the Trackpad-related updates you need unless you go to Apple > About This Mac > Software Update; the instructions seem to suggest that Apple > Software Update will accomplish this, but that was not my experience, so try both avenues to make sure you install everything you need.

    As a final note, comfort level seems good at this early stage; I hunted for a while to find the most comfortable wrist rest for the wireless and Magic mouse, but the Magic Trackpad seems OK without padded accessories -- possibly because the wrist stays at rest while the fingers do the tracking. But try it for yourself.

    And almost without needing mention, the form of the Magic Trackpad complements the aluminum-clad keyboard perfectly.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Houston

    The multi-touch integration into a desktop peripheral is amazing! It's so sleek, so smooth. I love it!

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    I Think the Cat finally ate the mouse!

    • Written by from Vancouver

    This Magic Trackpad is incredible ! It is almost intuitive ! After I set up my personal scrolling, dragging and touch preferences, it seems that the trackpad picks up what I want to do and where I want to go almost without me thinking. It is great ! In my opinion, the best thing, and probably better than, the bluetooth, wireless Mouse!!

    It scrolls faster, opens pictures and documents faster, accomplishes what I want to do with the pointer with greater precision, and is comfortable, easy and tireless to BOOT!!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Oklahoma City

    Love it! Now I just need an accessory that connects my Apple Wireless Keyboard to my Magic Trackpad to make it one solid piece. That would make it easier to use in my lap or wherever. Works great with my Mac Mini hooked up to my 52" Samsung HD TV!

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    Thank You!

    • Written by from Henderson

    For those with carpel/wrist/flexor muscle issues, this product is a life-saver. With just a quick config change, just a mere tap with any finger anywhere on the pad is a click. Within a day, I noticed the difference.

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    Grandpa Chuck

    • Written by from Cookeville

    Yes I am... 70+.... Love my new Mac Mine With the track Pad. This is my 4th Apple Computer and the Magic Track Pad is a real hand saver. The Mouse always cramped my hand after a few hours and left my with my trigger fingers locked up. The Track pad has solved all those problems... No more pained hand & fingerers. Thanks Apple.

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    Poor Form.

    • Written by from Kingston Beach

    My oldest boy has autism and as such my wife and I are incredibly busy. An iPad was recommended by his therapist as there are a number of apps that are really great for a kid in his situation (and i should add it's been awesome) . However after spending over $800 on an iPad, we're hardly going to buy a desktop as well. But no pointing device support for the iPad. This means it's way harder and slower than it needs to be to do the most basic computing tasks, there's support for a keyboard- why not pointing device? Seems a little greedy to ask people to buy iPods, phones, pads and laptops, when just one device COULD replace them all! Even without a visible cursor on the screen, a touchpad would make life so much easier!
    Poor form Apple.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    No more annoying clicking!

    • Written by from Santa Rosa

    I absolutely love this device. I have recently switched from the PC to the Mac platform and purchased a new 27-in iMac. I wanted to treat myself and therefore I purchased this trackpad after I tested it at the Apple store.
    I like the large, smooth surface it offers. My fingers feel like they're gliding on silk.
    It is true that it took me a while to remember the gestures to duplicate the actions I perform with the Magic Mouse, such as double-click and drag-and-drop, however I love that I don't have to be all over the top of my desk dragging a mouse.
    The best thing about the Magic Trackpad is that I don't have to hear that annoying clicking that every single mouse makes.
    Thank you Apple for creating this wonderful device!

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    It's Magic in the palm of your hand

    • Written by from Hatboro

    Just days before upgrading to OS X: Lion, I decided to compliment my investment by purchasing Apple's Magic Trackpad.

    This product is an outstanding compliment to my desktop user experience. In fact, after upgrading to OS X: Lion, I simply couldn't imagine going back to a traditional mouse.

    In fact, I sold my previous mouse on eBay after just a few days of use and decided to try the Magic Mouse I bought over a year ago.

    To my surprise, the Magic Mouse actually (for the first time) makes perfect sense now. You see, the Magic Mouse is not perfect by itself, but rather a compliment to the Magic Trackpad because while the Magic Trackpad is better at desktop navigation, I find that the Magic Mouse much better at more precise tasks, such as selecting text, graphics and screen captures.

    The real compliment is in that both the Magic Trackpad and the Magic Mouse have a touch-sensitive surface that share similar finger gestures.

    So, in conclusion, through my discovery I have found that both devices fully take advantage of Apple's latest operating system.

    This product would also make a great gift for the Mac user in your life.

    Recommended: Yes

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from ELKINS PARK

    I literally have had this track pad 10 minutes. I normally use a thumb style track ball and love that as an audio engineer. This new track pad has totally replaced that trackball. Believe it or not the multi touch features have changed the way i work and its only been 10 minutes. I can see the huge potential of this device, and am loving it. I saw people saying that you need to use a mouse with the track pad, insane, its the greatest mouse out there and I have been a die hard trackball fan for years. Go get it, works great! Well done Apple.

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