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    Low quality

    I had the MagSafe adapter that came with my MacBook white for less then 3 years. The adapter never got hurt, always well handled, but after less then 3 years it simply went down. Apple's support says "it's got to the end of its life". This is completely unacceptable for a brand that tries to sell quality above all. And the saddest part is that we don't have an option. We will always end up having to buy another adapter from Apple and pay its outrageous prices for something that won't last at all.

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    Get your s**t together Apple!..

    Ok, I own a 2011 13" MacBook Pro. I just bought my 4th charger! (60W Magsafe Power Adapter)...
    And at $80.00+ a piece, it's getting ridiculous!...
    You guys SERIOUSLY need to reconsider the design of this product!...
    I'm sure everyone will agree that the problem is the thin cord.
    It's the spot where it comes out of the power box, that gets bent and eventually gets a "short" inside and stops working...
    And you can't blame the consumer for bending it, as it has flip-out hooks that are meant for wrapping the cord around,
    which causes the cord to bend at the exact spot where it always gets a "short"!
    I mean c'mon, this product has a 1 1/2 star ratting on your own website!..
    That should tell you that it's time for a redesign!

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    Bad cord, too expensive

    The cord is weak and due to bad contact the charge is intermitent. Care should be taken.
    For replacement is too expensive.

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    Very bad quality...!!!

    i am replacing my ac adaptor for my 4 yo macbook air for the 4th or 5th time ! The first time it was covered by Applecare. This unacceptable except i have no choice. You are forced to replace this at least annually at a cost of $80 ! My experience is making me think long and hard about upcoming hardware purchases. I am wishing there was some sort of class-action relief.

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    Magsafe Adaptor

    I now have to buy my third adaptor in three years due to the cord fraying at the connection magnetic point. The cord and the product are clearly not of the quality to perform the task. Apple should be ashamed at the performance of this power cord!

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    This adapter is horrible. I have gone through 2 in the past 2 years of owning a Mac. One which lasted me only 6 months. What a huge disappointment. I love apple products and only own apple products (ipad, phone) but this is just sad. This issue needs to be fixed as there are obviously a lot of people who are having the same problem. It's a shame to spend so much money on an apple device and have the adapter malfunction. I can't even use my laptop now until I spend 80$ of my in-debt student money on a new charger. Apple you need to resolve this issue fast, at least provide a warranty.

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    Just ordered my 3rd in 4 years.

    Please improve the quality of this product ASAP. This cord is supposed to be for use with a laptop. That means it should be flexible enough to withstand repeated wrapping/winding as people travel with it. I take my laptop to school 2-3 times a week, and yes, I use the cord with it when I take it. I don't necessarily consider this an unreasonable amount of strain, and yet when I looked at my cord today, it had split open just below the MagSafe attachment and the wires were visible. I don't feel I should have to spend $80 a year to be able to charge my MacBook safely. The ONLY reason I am ordering this again is because there is no generic version available.

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    Back to the PC

    After over a decade of exclusively purchasing Apple products for their quality and ease of use I am heading back to the PC.

    Poor quality in a component as critical as power is inexcusable and the design flaw is obviously intentional.

    My wife and I have three children and all have a MacBook, we are now down to own power cord and have already replaced two other cords. Six out of seven cords have gone bad and I will not purchase another. I was reading these reviews to see if Apple ever responded. The only thing to salvage my view of what Apple is becoming is doing the right thing and providing a solution for its customers.

    I will have fond memories of the joy I had when I switched from PC to Mac; I could not believe how easy it was. Preloaded software, no boot disks, never had to defragment the hard drive, etc. it just worked. That was a long time ago and their are a lot more competitors out there now, so goodbye Mac it was fun while it lasted.

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    I join the bandwagon: onto my 4th charger

    Needless to say, I again purchase a charger for the fourth time! I went to the GeniusBar today, and had it replaced for $61, since they let me keep the adaptor that I had before. But it's the same defect: the cord near the base of the charger disintegrates and exposes the wires. I've had my Macbook for 6 years now... What can I do, but shell out some more bucks...

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    Worst product they make

    Sure it sounds like a great idea, and really it is a great idea. Where this product fails is the execution. The quality is really poor, but you would never know it by the price! Every single one I've had has failed after about a year.
    Don't try telling the apple store employee that though. Every time I've gone to get a new one and complain about the faulty product I've only heard what I did wrong. Of course I must be the problem.
    Too bad you don't have a choice, gotta charge your MacBook somehow.

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    Cheap construction, overpriced, absolutely horrible, a total failure

    I really have nothing nice to say about the cord other than it plugs well into the machine. Everything from its construction, its durability, its design, the usage that design infers, and price is horrifically atrocious.
    * If you use the clips that are built in to it to wrap your cord then your cord will fray and die in less than a year.
    * If the cord encounters any resistance or rough surface on the outside then it will quickly fray.
    * The white coating quickly acquires dirt from the ground leaving you with a beautiful laptop that has a dingy power cord.
    * The cord is so thin that it is easily frayed from normal usage. For example, if your chair rolls over the cord while working on your laptop, it will fray.
    * The cord is so thin that kinks develop between the cord and the connector to the computer. Among my large number of coworkers, I see more frayed connectors than good ones. Lots of users have tape on these things.
    * The large power unit only really works well for outlets that are vertical. Horizontal outlets introduce problems.
    * At over $70, it is expensive to replace. One would think that if they decided to make it thin and cheap they would at least give it a disposable price.

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    the coat of the wire easily chips off.. oh, and it's super expensive.

    i've had a lot of power adapters before my old laptop's power adapter lasted 4 years... i had my mac for a year and the power cord looked liked it experienced WWII. the coating of the cable chips off like dead skin. it's really frustrating because i really want to buy a replacement but it's TOO EXPENSIVE.

    if apple can charge us a lot of money for a cord, they should last for about 2-3 years or better yet have a 2 year warranty or 1 year replacement for the adapter. :( yes, we have bought a really expensive laptop (we actually worked hard for it and i'm happy i did), but to be honest, most people can't afford to buy some of the replacement parts... especially people outside the US.

    please reinvent the design.. make it more durable. :)

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    Booo charger

    Mine busted after almost a year. Not happy about paying $80 for a new one.

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    I am most annoyed because I bought this product to replace a previous charger that started to short and in under a year this charger is giving the same problem! I'm a big fan of apple products but this is really annoying because right now I hav work 2 complete and this is inconveniencing me! Make a proper charger!!

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    All Apple chargers are garbage.

    Apple cares more about the aesthetic properties of their power cables than functionality and integrity. Even when stored properly at home or for travel, it's unlikely that any of their chargers will last a year before the white rubbery plastic covering the cables will crack and fall apart, exposing the wires underneath.

    You'd think that since they care so much about their image, Apple would start using the tried and true plastic that insulates the wires on virtually every other electronic device. Like my desk lamp; I've had it for six years, ran over the power cord countless times with a vacuum cleaner, and the chunky black plastic has never split. I haven't even subjected my MacBook charger to that kind of abuse and the plastic on the cable was falling apart after just one year.

    Seriously Apple, I thought you cared about me looking cool, Like Justin Long! Now whenever I have to charge my MacBook in public, I have to use the terrible abomination that is my 60W MagSafe Power Adapter: a disgusting, dusty, hairy, multi-colored serpent of electrical tape wound nearly a quarter of an inch thick. I seriously feel like a clown whenever I have to pull it out of my backback; not only because it looks like I'm reeling in one of those endless rainbow magician handkerchiefs, but because children start to cry.

    I feel like Apple is treating me like a clown too, because now that the cord has become completely separated from the power brick, I have to go buy a new one.. FOR EIGHTY DOLLARS! An $80 mistake that will undoubtedly fall apart by the end of 2016. I don't even know If I'll be around to see 2016; a Coulrophobic lynch mob could take me at any moment!

    It stinks, because I know I'm going to have to buy a new one at full price. This time around, I'm going to try a couple different things to protect the charger's god-awful Play-Doh cord from the dangerous, abrasive environment created by a carpeted floor. Obviously, wrapping the cord neatly around the power brick's retractable hooks is pointless. Perhaps prayer, or using a microfiber cloth to work leather conditioner into it every day will do the trick. Or maybe a preemptive layer of electrical tape will prolong it's life a couple years (It would be great if this new one lives long enough to be enrolled in kindergarten!). Either way, I'm open to suggestions, hopefully Apple is too.

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    I hate this charger!!

    Here I go again..In need of yet another charger and I have 3 broken ones sitting here...at $80 a pop you would think these things would work

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    this product is horrible!

    I had the same magsafe power adaptor for three years. It finally burnt out n i went through 3 more of them since. All lasting less than 6 months each. For the ridiculous amount of money charged for these adaptors, they should last way over 6 months. On top of it, they tried upgrading it n changed the part that goes into the Mac which is worse. It doesn't last as long. You would think with all the complaints, they would either lessen the $79 a pop to purchase or Make the product worth buying by improving it. Shame on apple because your other products are wonderful

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    I bought this computer less than 6 months ago and the power cord just died. I really do not want to spend 80 dollars on a new one.

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    Are You Listening Mac?

    I was about to purchase another MagSafe Power Adapter when I started reading the reviews. This will be only my second cord, but I'm worried it will not be my last. Too many costumers have written on here that this is there 3rd-6th cord. My brother has had the same PC for six years and has never once replaced the charger. A charger should last as long as the computer, especially a high quality computer such as Mac. So hey Mac! Listen to your costumers and create a better design for your chargers. If you pride yourself in high quality products, then make them high quality.

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