• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Absolute junk

    • Written by from Easley

    These chargers are the result of form leading function. They look great, but fail prematurely again and again. That's why they were recalled at one point.

    The insulation jacket for the cable is too thin and routinely tears. My first cable was replaced for free...but I'm on my way to the store to plunk down an unreasonable $80 for another replacement. My cable's jacket has torn again and the connector is extremely hot to the touch. What an ironically named product.

    Apple, admit defeat and provide a safe and reliable cable.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Constantly Dying

    • Written by from St. Catharines

    We have three MacBooks in our home that are all less than two years old. Every power cord/charger has died a sudden and unexplained death at varying times.

    From what I read here, the problem is not limited to our Macs.

    These chargers are really, really, inadequate and fail too often.

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    $80? Seriously?

    • Written by from Chicago

    I'm using electric tape to hold my flimsy charger together and it's officially broken after two years of owning my Macbook. Then I go on your website to find out how much a new one costs, and find out it's 80 dollars? I swear, Apple, one thing that makes me so mad about your company is that your products are so expensive. It's a flimsy, easily breakable charger! It's not worth $80! $80 should guarantee me a charger that works for at least 5 years. This is garbage. And what's messed up is that I don't trust buying it from anywhere else in fear of it breaking in a week. But you know what? I'm taking the risk because there's no way I'm buying it from your company. $80. Get real.

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    I join the bandwagon: onto my 4th charger

    • Written by from New Rochelle

    Needless to say, I again purchase a charger for the fourth time! I went to the GeniusBar today, and had it replaced for $61, since they let me keep the adaptor that I had before. But it's the same defect: the cord near the base of the charger disintegrates and exposes the wires. I've had my Macbook for 6 years now... What can I do, but shell out some more bucks...

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    Not worth the $80

    • Written by from Jacksonville

    NOT WORTH THE $80. My second charger decided to stop working after just over a year of use. I am about to purchase my third charger in less than four years which is absolutely ridiculous. I love my Mac and iPhone but the charging cords sold with Apple products are absolute garbage. These chargers are not of the high Apple quality I have come to know from their other products.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from puyallup

    My charger had no signs of wear and tear and had no indication that it was having trouble charging my macbook, it just suddenly quit working one day. How horrible now I have to fork out $80 for a new charger which I was not planning on doing. Apple I love your products but if you want to keep your customers happy you need to either 1. change the design flaw that causes these to quit working 2. provide a lifetime warranty on the power adapters (haha wishful thinking) or 3. At LEAST lower the price on these!!!! SOOOO dissapointed

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    3 adapters in 3 years

    • Written by from Greenville

    I have just about everything apple related and love the company's products. I am, however, extremely disappointed in the need to keep replacing my adapter because they eventually fray and come loose at the end that connects to the laptop. My latest replacement just sat plugged up at my desk, not being bent up or coiled and recoiled, yet it still ended up failing around the 1 year mark. At $80 each, this is not acceptable. I understand some users probably cause theirs to wear down with misuse and bending, but there is undoubtedly a design flaw involved for this issue to be so prevalent. I love your products, so please design better adapters to power them.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    failed charger for macbook pro

    • Written by from Denver

    We bought the computer for my daughter who has taken extremely good care of it. Yesterday, she had the problem that so many people are complaining about, her charger cord came apart at the computer connection. I was surprised that an Apple product is so poorly constructed, that it cannot be simply repaired, and that a replacement costs $80 plus tax (for a power cord?). I checked the reviews and learned that this is a common problem. One surprise was finding that the occasional person with a similar complaint gives the product 3 stars. This is definitely a one (not possible to give it zero) star problem.

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    Poor quality

    • Written by from Montreal

    I've had two break on me. Poor quality.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Bristol

    Really, this deserves 0 stars.

    8 months after replacing a failed old T-head magsafe with new (under warranty), I noticed the cord just out of the magnet head had swollen, and it was again not powering up my macbook unless I bent the cord. I tested it on two friends' macbooks and encountered the same problem. I spoke with an Apple Genius who insisted the thing works on their macbooks and that I needed to update my firmware so my mac works with the new adapters, even though my macbook had been working for 8 months with my new adapter and it is still currently working with a friends' new adapter. So now I am shopping for a new adapter since I was given a defective product while under warranty and now am no longer under warranty. Won't be buying it here though because Apple charges $40 more than other online retailers.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Made to be Constantly Replaced

    • Written by from Miami

    Macbook power cords are really bad quality! This is the second time I've had to PURCHASE a new one and my Macbook is not even 2 years old. For what a Macbook costs, they should be replaced for free for the lifetime of the Macbook, since you seem to be unable to produce a good one,

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from moreno valley

    Okay so i own a macbook pro 13" that i bought in nov. 2010. i la la la love my mac, but HATE HATE HATE the charger for this this thing. since ive owned my mac i have had to replace 2 not one but 2 chargers because they mysteriously stop working! hate it. come on apple get with it, start making some better chargers for this thing, because they are expensive to replace!

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    I just bought my third in four years

    • Written by from Chillicothe

    The fact that these adapters are so expensive and of such poor quality is truly frustrating.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Very Disappointing

    • Written by from Alexandria

    I have high expectations from Apple products. Unfortunately, this adapter does not meet them.

    I initially ordered this adapter as a replacement for the original which came with my laptop (purchased around 2007). The old one worked well, but gradually the connections inside the end had come loose. The new one was in a different style, but attached and powered the laptop correctly. I thought at the time that 80 dollars for a power cord was rather ridiculous, but affordable if it lasted 3+years.
    3 months later, the same problem developed -- the connectors inside the head were loose. I couldn't face paying that amount again so quickly, so ordered a generic one online (25 dollars), which is working fine so far.

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    Third charger in 21 months

    • Written by from Lake Echo

    Am I happy? You do the math.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Tallahassee

    I am appalled at apple. I got my macbook pro this past summer, and it came with the new "magsafe" charger. at first I thought it was much better-looking and sleeker than the old white charger, but I now regret praising it. After a mere 5 months, the charger started acting up. I would have to fidget with it and unplug and replug until the little orange light showed up. Then, of course, the slightest shift of the computer caused it to stop charging or reset itself. It was so annoying! Not to mention my macbook has fallend from my bed a total of THREE times because I or someone else have tripped over the cord, bringing my entire life in a computer crashing down. Now, 6 months after purchasing, my charger has completely stopped working, and I've been using my roommate's old charger for the time being. There should be a recall on these chargers. I just want one that works and lasts; I don't care how it looks!!!

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    Apple, are you listening?

    • Written by

    I'm reading all these reviews and they're saying exactly how they feel. After having the old charger for 3 years, it finally died out and I had to replace it. I got the new design charger around may and it's september and it looks like I'm going to have to buy another one and I'm not happy. It charged on and off and today it just gave out. I don't understand how everyone is complaining about the same problem but you still fail to change it. I always support apple but this is just ridiculous. You guys have got to get it together.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not worth it

    • Written by from Rexburg

    My power cable just broke.. again. This is the third I've gone through in 4 years. They don't last and they're not worth the 80$. I would recommend going to a second hand store where you can find them for closer to 15$. Not even sure if they're worth that. Anyway, don't waste your money here. Like everyone else, I love my computer, love the mac but the chords are the worst.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Oshkosh

    I don't think I'm adding anything new to the conversation but I am having the same problems as everyone else it seems. My power cord is now frayed and I will have to purchase a new one for $80??? Why so expensive for something that doesn't last? I don't abuse my equipment but it seems that no matter how good of care you take of these power cords they end up fraying. That really stinks Apple! Love your computers, not a fan always of your accessories/cables, thanks!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    3 years = 4 chargers

    • Written by from Ypsilanti

    I love my MacBook Pro, but its MagSafe Power Adaptor falls inexplicably short of Apple's usually high standard. I am now purchasing my 4th charger before my computer's 4th birthday. I bought an Apple for its dependability, but I have been plagued by power issues.

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