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    Much better design

    This seems to be a much better design than the old magsafe plug. The construction is more robust, and the head/plug lies flat against the the computer so it isn't as prone to being knocked about. I have a clear hard case to protect my macbook aluminum, and i can confirm it works absolutely fine with the case installed. Still overpriced at $79, but at least its $20 cheaper than the old one.

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    Why so expensive?

    I was looking to buy a second power adapter since I move around the house so much, but $79? -forget it.

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    Mine lasted 3 years

    Mine is just now starting to go. There appears to be a break near the magsafe connector and if the cable is jiggled wrong, the LED goes off.

    Honestly, I have been pretty rough on this. Several hard snags that yanked the magsafe connection away -- and I'm notorious for unplugging by pulling on the cable and not the plug itself.

    So, I can only think there was a bad batch of these since mine lasted with pretty harsh treatment. (I may just try to tape a think metal rod to it to keep it from bending - should do the trick.)

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    A tip for power supply failures

    On a Friday over five years ago I went to the Apple store and purchased six MacBooks and a Mac Mini as an office file server. I went back to my office, passed them out and let my Windows IT person go. I told my staff two things. "Go home and learn how to use this over the weekend. We are converting to Apple on Monday. Second, DO NOT wrap the power cable around the supplied "wings" on the power adapter because you will eventually damage the cord. Simply wrap it in a circle around a few fingers and run the end of the connector through the middle of the loop." It's been five years and we just had our first adapter failure. So, that's my story. Don't use the foldout storage on the power adapters. People tend to wind them to tight and break the internal wires next to the adapter. This obviously isn't the only reason for an adapter failure, but I'd be willing to bet some people are causing their own problems. There is room for improvement in the adapter or you would be able to use the built-in storage without a problem. Oh, and if the green light on the adapter is on make sure it is not just the fact that you need to reset your battery. I've had to do this on two machines after a few years. Plug the adapter into another Mac (if available) and see if it works.

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    Good charger

    I have always noticed that people harp over chargers in general, since they seem to quit functioning so often for many folk, and these chargers are no exception. This isn't because the charger is poorly made, however. People simply do not understand that they have to treat cables very carefully. Bending them too forcefully will eventually cause the wires inside to fray and break, leaving you with; a malfunctioning charger. Take care of them and they pretty much last forever.

    My only problem with these is that, once again, the square adapters fall out of wall sockets too easily.

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    Not cool...

    I bought this cord in August because my cousin's cat, ate through the original that I got when I bought my macbook in 2008. I read other reviews saying that the cord stopped working after a few months of them buying it and hoped that I would have better luck. I left my computer open and not plugged up for a few hours and when I went to plug it up, there was absolutly NO charge coming from the cord. My computer is still dead b/c I don't feel like dishing out another $83 for a new cord, but I really don't have a better option because thats what Apple feels like they should charge. There really isn't anything you can do, but this is horrible

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    Unlike most reviewers, I've never had a problem with this power adapter since I bought my MBP 13' almost a year ago. However, I must admit that.. although it fits closer to the computer and all, I miss the old block-shaped magsafe. Sometimes i have issues connecting the new MagSafe to my computer and it's extremely annoying, whereas the old magsafe never gave me any trouble. Also, the new cord has a weird feel to it, and it's extremely stubborn to wrap around the hooks or even keep the cords contained under my desk.

    I miss the old magsafe. I wish they would still sell it :/

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    Not bad.

    I'm surprised there are so many negative reviews for this power adapter. Mine just broke after four years; the wires became exposed after bending it so much. My main complaint is the cost for replacing it.

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    Good Charger

    I have had my MacBook 13in for 4+years(early2008) and my charger has only started to have issues sense Jan-2013. Though I am careful with my chords and do not wrap the chord around the plastic tabs on the brick. wrapping chords in that manner always shortens the life span of the chord.

    though I am purchasing a new one now and think they should not cost $80 dollars.

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    Power cords

    The power cord left plugged in the wall and not attached to the computer will burn out. I have had the same power cord for 4 years and nothing has ever happened to it. Try unplugging it from the wall and I think you will find these cords last!

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    Better then the original design

    After my dog took a run at my out-of-box adapter and it, finally, biting the big one, I picked this up from my local Apple store. A lot cleaner of a design as far as how it attaches, relatively flat and flush. Should cut down on the cord pulling out of the mag. Still warms quite a bit (same as before) and Apple has not addressed the cord-to-powerbrick attachment, so could still pull out down the road. That aside, excellent choice for replacement.
    Model being used on: 2008 13" MacBook.

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    Not Apples usual standard BUT

    Still pretty darn good charger in my opinion. I've owned 2 MacBooks and have gone through 3 chargers. One was chewed my dog, and the other was replaced by Apple care. The 3rd one broke, but that was my own fault. I think Apple would do themselves and their customers a favor by making the cord a little thicker, and perhaps stiffer where it connects to the computer and the box in the middle. However in my experience as long a you leave slack in the wire and make sure that they aren't bent to far for to long it should work perfectly.

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    Rubber jacket on cord?

    The electronic part of the power supply itself has given me no problems for the three of four years I have owned the 13 inch Mac. My only complaint with it is that the jacket of the cable that appears to be made of a natural rubber which breaks down when it is exposed to the oil found in some hand creams. The jacket is coming off the cable in chunks exposing the spiral shield. I am curently looking for some heat shrink tubing that will slide over the MagSafe connector and shrink down to cover the damages section of the cable.

    One possible suggestion would be to make the cord replaceable with connectors on both ends of the cable and the power supply module. One other review suggested using the MagSafe connector on the power supply and the Macintosh ends of the cable. This would work well.

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    College kids need more durability

    1st charger lasted about 4 months when I first bought the MacPro. The second one lasted well, about 3 years. But, now I am on the third... and it barely lasted 3 months. It seems as the years go buy the quality deteriorates. A big hunk of your buyers are college students. And we are going to have the charger any and everywhere. That's life, Apple. And... as with most college kids, including myself. I'm sorry, but I am leaving you for eBay.

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    Great Product, But ...

    The adapter is great and I love it. But it gets scratched easily and the top of the cord near the mag safe gets broken easily! Not such great price tag, but its excepted from Apple.

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    From reading the reviews from other customers I have found that most of the problems originate from the way that the cable protruding from the power brick frays quickly. My adapter hasn't had that problem probably because I'm very careful with it. I wrap it in a special way (I leave a loop out before I start coiling it around the prongs) and that relieves the tension on the cable. The fact that my adapter almost never leaves my room and is on a tile floor almost all of the time might also be the reason that is hasn't broken yet (tile has a higher melting point than carpet or wood so it dissipates heat quickly -->happy power adapter). I did hold back a five star review because it is really warm to the touch when it's plugged in (crossing my fingers for a design that allows for better heat dissipation in the future). All in all, TREAT YOUR ADAPTER AWESOMELY = LONGER ADAPTER LIFE. That is all :]!

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    NEW Design

    The new design is awesome, recently purchased another one after the first charger had frayed. Haven't had it for a long period yet, but there are noticeable differences from the other model. It does not get as hot, wires are sturdy and thicker. But the only problem with this is that I use a shell and it gets in the way of my Ethernet and firewire 800, and would have to take the bottom shell off when I have to use the firewire to log and capture.

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    Worked well for 4 Years

    I've owned my MacBook Pro 13" for almost exactly 4 years. The wire on the charger has started to fray for quite a while, but nothing too major until just a few weeks ago. A large, 2 inch hole in the covering of the wires developed. Other than that, it has been very good.

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    I'm here to buy

    I don't need to review this because I didn't have a problem with the original. Most reviewers had bad experiences. I would imagine that most people have good experiences. But do not bother to review it. Why review something that works?

    Yes, I agree $80 is a ripoff price. I would appreciate a lower price.

    But I'm buying another because I'm bringing my laptop from home to office and tired of bringing the cord. I want to note that this is my 2nd apple laptop and have never had a problem with their last plug either.

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    Take Care of It, and It Will Take Care of You

    I don't usually write reviews, but I was startled by the number of negative reviews I saw for a product which has proven to reliable for me.

    I've had my MacBookPro for 2 years and still have the original MagSafe cord that came with it. During that time, it has been toted around in laptop cases, switched between long and short lengths countless times, threaded under, around, and through a multitude of furniture legs, and traveled endless kilometres by bicycle, plane, and car. It still functions as well as the day it arrived on my doorstep: perfectly!

    Yesterday, I had my first problem with it: the casing on cord split. Underneath, the wires themselves were still in pristine condition. I taped it up with electrical tape, and came here to see what it would cost to replace it. Which is when I found the startling number of bad reviews and couldn't help but ask myself, "what exactly are these people doing to their cords?"

    I removed the one star for the short life of the cord casing, but as for the functionality of the cord itself, I couldn't be happier. Always transport your cord in your laptop case, keep it a safe distance from liquids, and don't toss it around like it's indestructible -- in other words, treat like the piece of electronic equipment that it is -- and it will serve you well for years to come.

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