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    Disappointed in the loss of fastidious action & vision that once pioneered

    I am here to purchase my 3rd charger for my MacBook Pro, late 2011 model. That equates to 1 charger in less than one year's time, given that one came with the laptop...in fact, I didn't purchase it until March, 2012, so each one has lasted appx 10 months on average before the cords end up frayed & damaged. I am a 42 year old woman who works from home. I have been disabled since receiving this model, as the result of the sudden onset of a neuro-muscular disease that seriously limits my mobility. I use my MacBook Pro daily for work and personal use, yet have managed for the most part to resist urges to use it in my lap. I create organic handmade soaps, body care products, aromatherapy and more, and the majority of my work is physical, so I simply work at my own pace. I use the MacBook for recording my recipes, running recipes through the "Lye Calc" googling Q's, purchasing ingredients, creating labels & more, I'm sure. I am also privileged to be a mom twice to 2 children, 1 dog (currently) and 2 bunnies. I am sharing all of this personal info to paint a vague selfie of my lifestyle & charger habits. The pace of my life is super mellow as I am at the mercy of muscle spasms & more day and night. I believe that I use my charger responsibly, although I may have been guilty of over-using other things in life, just saying. I am not wrapping my cord up into a ball or squishing it into a bag~ever~and yet, the cord literally frays apart from gentle, normal, daily use. My complaints re:the MagSafe charger are easily outlined; first being that despite how carefully I consciously pamper these $80.00 connectors, they continue to obliterate. The box becomes very hot despite proper ventilation. I have never had to replace any other charger, for any electronics, at anywhere near the pace commanded by the MacBook Pro MagSafe chargers. I have been working with Mac's since 1992, introduced at 19 yo & have always been an advocate, particularly for Mac's user-friendliness. Yet, the deliberate & lumping ignorance to the glaringly epic issue with the MagSafe charger is prominent, as currently over 2,250 of your users & customers have chosen to post a review in writing here, relating it's low, 1.5 star rating...& that does not include those who have called, posted elsewhere or have simply discussed this "at the water cooler" in person. I am left feeling sincerely disappointed in the loss of fastidious action & vision that once pioneered at Apple, Inc. The inattentive, insensitive attitude about the conspicuous obstacles w this charger, in addition to the compounding & cumbersome replacement costs, seem to be in avarice, leaving me to feel dispirited about a company that I once believed to be higher in integrity.

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    Why the complaints?

    I've had my old power apapter since I've had the old MacBook (late 2008) and have not had a problem. The one I bought two years ago is now frayed, but this can be expected for a power-user. I see people complaining about apple this and apple that. Here's a tip. Don't put your adapter under a lot of strain. To complain about the fraying is ridiculous. It is a wire. All wires are susceptible to damage. Ever notice that your refrigerator's power cable points down? Yeah. That's to prevent damage by eliminating strain. Per gaps you should try that. Laptops are not made to sit in your lap, although the name says so. You must remember that it is a powerful computer that does a lot of work. The processor gets hot. If you don't allow it to ventilate, it's gonna mess up. That is basic electronic information.

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    Everything I have bought from Apple has broken including this power adapter. Apple makes a good looking, functional product, but thats where it stops. Apple needs to improve their quality….quickly. For the price people pay for the product, put some quality behind it and stand behind your product better than you do. I am very very disappointed in the quality of everything I have bought from you guys. MacBook Pro 17, MacBook Air, and 3 iPhones. Every single item has had problems that should NEVER happen. Shame on you Apple, I would figure out how to make amends with your customers before we write you off forever.

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    Horrible, extortion

    I am now 'forced' to buy 4th one ....$79 a piece and won't last!! which other computer or laptop will need its user replace its power adapter, and that to 4th one!!! come on...it looks good and feels good until the spaghetti style cable just breaks apart. it feels like my car which needs regular oil change, this one needs regular adapter change. This will work if you keep your laptop on a table and don't move..but then its called a laptop not desktop ! You can run ads joking about PCs but your laptop works only if it used as a desktop unless you wanted to spend more and more money on adapter...I can't throw my 'laptop' away yet and so no other choice but to give you another $79.

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    Planned obsolescence

    £60 per year in chargers is almost guaranteed. Its didn't break at any of the usual stress points you would expect but instead the entire wire fell apart with the rubber turning to mush and smelling like play dough . I will not be buying a mac again as im not prepared to be a yearly cash cow and also the fact there is no longer any upgrade ability in the new mbps. Great shame as i love my laptop but you forced my hand apple .

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    Power Adapter Melted??

    This is my 1st apple product EVER, but after years of dealing with PC's only lasting 2-3 years, I shelled out the almost $2,000 to buy a MacBook Pro. I've had it just 2 years, & tonight when I went to charge my laptop, it wouldn't charge. When I inspected the charger, the cord that goes into the charger/part you plug in, was melted away on one side, with the wires exposed. I never wrap the cord, as I only use my laptop in the house. It's not left plugged up when not in use. And to the tune of $80 I'll have to somehow come up with in the morning, as my laptop is essential for both my company and I'm in school full-time. You would think as much as Apple charges for their products, they could make a charger that doesn't melt, posing a potential fire hazard.

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    Unnecessarily terrible design.

    I've had to purchase three of these adaptors within the past year. I travel often, so I am constantly moving my power adaptor. The design is way too flimsy. I am considering purchasing a PC and installing linux -- it's ludicrous how much money I spend because Apple nickels and dimes their customers through poor design choices that favor packaging appeal versus functionality. Frankly, I think they're doing it on purpose to keep selling clearly overpriced hardware. There isn't any reason that a company flush with so much talent and capital can't make at least a mediocre power adaptor.

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    I'm a college student that does a lot of traveling, which means realistically, having to condense the cords and put them into backpacks, bags, etc, not to mention daily use considering I practically live on my laptop. That being said, it is absolutely ridiculous how flimsy these adaptors and power cords are. This is the second time my charger has broken, and to be honest, for a product that breaks every 3-6 months, paying almost $80 for it is insane. Your MacBook and computer quality is outstanding, please learn how to make the rest of your products match that standard.

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    Been decent.

    I've had my MacBook Pro for 3 years now, and only within the last 15 months did the cord actually turn brown and within the last 10 months did the cord actually rip. I put some electrical tape on it and covered it, but the tearing has gotten worse. Otherwise it did a great job for 3 years. Will get another one and write another review if it fails like everyone else's appears to.

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    Terrible, just terrible

    60W MagSafe Power Adapter for my MacBook Pro has given up the ghost. Replacement...necessary, reviews...horrific. Why can't Apple create a power adapter that lasts as long as the one's for Windows laptops? I have never had to replace one of those, but, now I need a new 60W adapter and it seems to only have a few months life according to the reviews. With such bad reviews, how about making a better one instead of focusing on the iPhone and iPad stuff? HEY, Help us laptop users PLEASE and THANK YOU!!! oh, by the way, I would have given zero stars, but thats not an option.

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    I expected more from Apple

    I have grown tired (and poor) from buying replacement cords for my mac and iPhone. Apple is supposed to be a trusted, high quality brand and yet the cords are always falling apart. Not to mention, $80 is absolutely ridiculous. I am giving Apple one more chance. This will be the last charger I buy unless I see improvements.

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    I wish this purchase might be last...

    I like products of Apple, except keyboards and adapters. I caught a MBP 13" in 2010, in these 4 years, I was forced to buy it 3 times! Why never change design and materials?

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    For a company like Apple I was expecting more than that

    This adapter is not even worth buying. It just stopped working after one year. For a product which costs around $80..it is just not worth it.

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    My Magsafe has broken, AGAIN! Why do Apple continue to reproduce year after year a badly designed product. It's got to be simply about money, I,m stunned at this stupidity!

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    Constantly breaks!

    MagSafe is cool but the charger breaks non stop. Going from work to school to home and I'm on my 4th charger in two years and I take very good care of them. They just stink.

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    3rd Time till No Charm

    I have bought a replacement power adapter 3 times now and at the price that I have paid for them I thought they would last longer but this one the third one went out after 2 months. TWO months that is ridiculous i should not be replacing this things six times a year and that is where it is headed if it only last two months. That is absolutely ludicrous are you serious my computer stays on my desk i use it for school and work and plenty of other things but it is not always hooked up which is what i though the problem maybe i shouldn't always leave it hooked up so i unhooked it when I'm not using the Laptop still went out relatively fast. This is the fastest i've had to replace it also ridiculous and you guys need to find a way to fix the issue ASAP!!

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    I hate this adaptor

    This is the fourth adaptor I have had to purchase since 2011. The darn thing keeps peeling and dying. I do a great deal of traveling and this adaptor is the worst. All the electrical tape in the world couldn't keep the adaptor from peeling. Apple please make a better quality product. Your adapters are the worst!

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    half year 2 broken

    This is really a bad experience. Half year two adaptor broken. I will not consider purchase macbook because i think yearly buy a new, not lasting adaptor is kind of wasted. this product really drag the brand down.

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    I wish I could give this negative stars

    I love Apple products. I wouldn't go back to a PC for personal or professional use. I absolutely hate this charger. Yes hate is a strong word but I am about to buy my 4th charger. It is ridiculous that this charger will just quit working after a year or two. I have no choice but to buy another.

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    0 Stars if I could

    3 years, 3 power adapters, such a shoddy product. Everything else about my MacBook is great, except for this flawed design. I'm unsure why Apple just doesn't redesign the transformer to have the cord be able to be removed so you can just purchase a $10 wire if yours breaks vs. an $80 whole product, similar to how most windows laptops work, as well as the chargers for all other Apple products.

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