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    Power Adapter Funeral

    • Written by from Indianapolis

    Another Mag Safe power adapter bites the dust. You would think with the great Apple product they would build better power adapters. I handle mine with kid gloves but it just bit the dust. Now I have to spend $80.00 to be able to use my fairly new MacBook Pro. Almost sounds like a Windows business adventure.

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    not last long!!!

    • Written by from Fremont

    My original power adapter failed a year after I bought my macbook and it's out of warranty. Luckily the staff in apple store gave me a new one for free. Now, one year passed, that one doesn't work either.......I really don't know what to do. why I have to pay such a high price for this weak product...

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    Not Good

    • Written by from Anchorage

    I love my apple products and have been very happy with them up until now. I have an iPod, iPhone, and an iPad in addition to my macbook pro, and before I had my macbook pro I had a macbook. I haven't had any problems with my chargers for my iPods, iPhone, iPad or macbook. I had my macbook for at least 3 years and my sister now has had it for a year and the power cord for that is still going strong. I have had this macbook for barely a year and already have cracking in my power cord. I too am super super super careful with my things, particularly my apple products, so I have no idea why the cord is already cracking and I am having problems with my computer recognizing when it is plugged in. I am not looking forward to paying $79 for a new one particularly since according to the reviews it is just going to fray soon after.

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    Why aren't these made better?

    • Written by from knoxville

    My charger broke right at a year of ownership. Apple says they will not replace it but I can buy a new one for $79 plus tax. I have a 5 year old, $300 HP laptop with a working charger! My much more expensive MacBook Pro should have a charger that lasts longer than a measly year. This needs to be rectified.

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    • Written by from Salisbury

    Using the last of my battery to post this...my fourth charger in two years has just broken. Apple REALLY needs to make their chargers more durable. You can tell by just feeling the cord that just a little too much bending will cause them to break.

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    • Written by from Orleans

    I have already replaced one charger for my 2009 macbook pro due to the charger overheating (it becomes burning hot) and have to now buy another due to the plastic breaking around the prongs. For my other macbook pro which is less than 6 months old, the charger is overheating (happy I bought an extended warranty as I can see myself replaces these chargers quite a bit). I am surprised that Apple has not redesigned them and recognized that there is a problem. $80-$100.00 to replace them is ridiculous.

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    Unreliable design

    • Written by from Painted Post

    This product began to fail (heat up excessively close to the magsafe connector pin) as soon as the warranty on it expired. With an unique design like this, Apple should pay attention to making the cord sturdy near the magsafe connector, where it is bound to fail due to twisting. They should consider (a) immediately fixing the design and (b) replacing it free for the customers who bring it to their attention as it will only help them with their reputation in the long run.

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    Apple MagSafe Power Adapter.

    • Written by from los angeles

    The charger is just simply too expensive. Apple should think of lowering prices or selling recycled or refurbished products. Please tell me what I can do to use my laptop again. My ex charger was the old model anyway.

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    I cant believe!

    • Written by from bogota

    This is my second mac book .My first one had a problem with the power adapter after 4 years of use.(strain relief)
    Now with my second one, something happens after just one year of use and the cable doesn´t seem to be broken or something.....
    Is there any documented problem with the L style connectors?

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    Overpriced, flimsy

    • Written by from Brossard

    I've had this charger for 2 years, and it's been great up until the moment it suddenly stopped working (it was working the day before!). It's not a bad charger, and does its job but i definitely don't think that the cost is justifiable for an accessory that cannot last longer than 2 years (based from the reviews and personal experience).

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    Doesn't last...

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    I was thinking about how all these reviews were a bit knee-jerk, seeing as though my adapter only just conked out after 3 years. but then i realized that this is actually my THIRD adapter in 3 years!!! this is a really cruddy product, and I am sure apple is looking to rid themselves of this issue.

    On the bright side, i seem to remember bringing the adapter into the store and receiving some sort of discount on the new one.

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    • Written by from Squamish

    This thing is way too flimsy to cost $80. I however need it so here I go...

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    Not Great

    • Written by from Ridgefield

    I had this power adapter for only about 18 months but it has started to work quite awfully - and I'm really good about taking care of my MacBook stuff, so I'm quite frustrated. Please, people over there designing these things, make it last!

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    It doesn't last

    • Written by from OKLAHOMA CITY

    Within one month after I bought my Mac, the adapter stopped working. The genious bar gave me a new one for it was under warranty, now my Mac has been 1 year and half old, the adapter doesn't work again. This is not the life expectancy what I expected from Apple, the world most valuable company.
    Also, the magnet connection causes many scraches on the body which I really don't like.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Do not last

    • Written by from Colorado Springs

    They work well but they do not last. I had mine for 2 1/2 years and i am now having to replace it. The worst part is as a Graphic Design student my computer is a necessity and it randomly stopped working and i have work to do. for $80 i would hope i'd be a better product

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    less than a year and broken!

    • Written by from Fort Walton Beach

    I bought my macbook pro a year ago (its the 2011 model). Recently the charger has begun to lose connection/power. This happens when I am not even touching the computer! For the first week, if I wiggled the cord just right, it would work. But now it's to the point where I have to wiggle it ALL THE TIME! With my computer being barely a year old, I find it annoying that I already need a new charger. My previous laptop (not a mac) lasted 2 years before the cord started having problems. I thought I was making a smart decision when I switched to a mac. I guess I should have spent the $40 for a new charger for my old laptop instead of over $1000 for a mac when it looks like I'll be spending another $80 for a charger anyway!

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    Won't be buying a mac until they fix this

    • Written by from Plymouth

    GREAT idea, poor execution. I wouldn't be so disappointed if the replacement cost wasn't so ridiculously high, but cmon! I will be waiting for the this power adapter design to be fixed before buying a new mac.

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    Same Problem w/ frayed cord.

    • Written by from Halifax

    I was surprised to see this happen to the cord of my 08' MacBook. I take extremely good care of it and couldn't figure out how it happened. Looks like I'm not the only one. It's still charging at the present time with no issue and a little duct tape to reinforce it. Hopefully it last until I can upgrade.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Suddenly stopped working

    • Written by from Duncan

    I like that the MagSafe is magnetic and easy to wrap up; however, it has suddenly stopped charging my Macbook Pro, which I bought in June 2010. According to other comments, I'm not the only one with this issue. Fix the problem please, Apple.

    In contrast, my boyfriend has a less expensive Dell, which he bought in June 2008, and his charger still works fine.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Frustrating, poor design and cheap quality, it is flat out insulting...

    • Written by

    I am on my second Macbook pro, after my first was a complete joke. my ipod has been replaced twice, every piece of software I have bought from Mac has been faulty, and this MACBOOK CHARGER is my third. My first came with my first computer but stopped working 3 months later. It was handled properly. The second stopped working about 7 months later. Combined with my other problems with Mac products I demanded that my macbook be replaced, under my Applecare policy. Within a week my charger began to act strange but after taking it to the store it seemed to work again. NOW I am seeing the signs of strain due to the outright idiotic design. If plugged in one way the chord blocks all the other ports, if plugged in the other way the cord takes a huge amount of strain. Whoever made this was an imbecile. DON’T BUY MAC!

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