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    Do not last

    They work well but they do not last. I had mine for 2 1/2 years and i am now having to replace it. The worst part is as a Graphic Design student my computer is a necessity and it randomly stopped working and i have work to do. for $80 i would hope i'd be a better product

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    less than a year and broken!

    I bought my macbook pro a year ago (its the 2011 model). Recently the charger has begun to lose connection/power. This happens when I am not even touching the computer! For the first week, if I wiggled the cord just right, it would work. But now it's to the point where I have to wiggle it ALL THE TIME! With my computer being barely a year old, I find it annoying that I already need a new charger. My previous laptop (not a mac) lasted 2 years before the cord started having problems. I thought I was making a smart decision when I switched to a mac. I guess I should have spent the $40 for a new charger for my old laptop instead of over $1000 for a mac when it looks like I'll be spending another $80 for a charger anyway!

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    Won't be buying a mac until they fix this

    GREAT idea, poor execution. I wouldn't be so disappointed if the replacement cost wasn't so ridiculously high, but cmon! I will be waiting for the this power adapter design to be fixed before buying a new mac.

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    Same Problem w/ frayed cord.

    I was surprised to see this happen to the cord of my 08' MacBook. I take extremely good care of it and couldn't figure out how it happened. Looks like I'm not the only one. It's still charging at the present time with no issue and a little duct tape to reinforce it. Hopefully it last until I can upgrade.

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    Suddenly stopped working

    I like that the MagSafe is magnetic and easy to wrap up; however, it has suddenly stopped charging my Macbook Pro, which I bought in June 2010. According to other comments, I'm not the only one with this issue. Fix the problem please, Apple.

    In contrast, my boyfriend has a less expensive Dell, which he bought in June 2008, and his charger still works fine.

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    Frustrating, poor design and cheap quality, it is flat out insulting...

    I am on my second Macbook pro, after my first was a complete joke. my ipod has been replaced twice, every piece of software I have bought from Mac has been faulty, and this MACBOOK CHARGER is my third. My first came with my first computer but stopped working 3 months later. It was handled properly. The second stopped working about 7 months later. Combined with my other problems with Mac products I demanded that my macbook be replaced, under my Applecare policy. Within a week my charger began to act strange but after taking it to the store it seemed to work again. NOW I am seeing the signs of strain due to the outright idiotic design. If plugged in one way the chord blocks all the other ports, if plugged in the other way the cord takes a huge amount of strain. Whoever made this was an imbecile. DON’T BUY MAC!

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    This will be my 3rd power adapter. Seriously apple, rethink your design. With all of these negative reviews, just listen to your clients. how about a chord that doesn't overheat and basically fall apart.

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    Disgusted and disappointed.

    Wow. What a surprise to find that what I thought was an anomaly is so very obviously not. With all of these horrible reviews, why hasn't Apple fixed this problem?

    I, too, have a cord that is frayed where the end of the wire meets the connector. Somehow this frayed wire seems to have lasted longer than most --- almost four years believe it or not. However, I still don't feel like I should be shelling out $85 (with tax) for flawed accessories that Apple has failed to fix. If this were a car part, there would be a recall!

    Note, I gave "2" stars because I like the magnetic feature and it is easy to use.

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    Stop Working

    I bought my MacBook Pro in June of 2010 and in less than two years the charger stopped working. I could leave it plugged in all day and my laptop won't charge at all, the light doesn't turn on - not green for charged or orange for charging. It hasn't been mishandled at all, it just one day stopped working. And that a new one is $80 is a little ridiculous, to say the least.

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    I've had a Macbook for 5 years. I'm on my FIFTH adapter. The first two shredded right by the magnetic jack and the third and fourth just decided to stop working one day. Now my fifth is also starting to fail. It will only charge my Macbook if it is turned off. I hate that my actual Macbook is a quality computer but the accessories are terrible and in constant need of replacement. I think the longest one of my adapters has made it was the original one that came with my '07 Macbook. The original made it almost two years. Since then each new adapter has died a quicker and quicker death. Awful quality. Mac really needs to figure this out.

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    18 months life expectancy

    I have never gotten more than about 15-18 months out of a MagSafe Power adapter before the cord begins to fray or shorts out. Fortunately they are relatively cheap to replace.

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    power adapter

    I bought my Mac Book Pro in 2010 (March). Before the end of the year I started to have problems with it. I took it to MyMac, the authorized dealer in Brasília/Brazil, and they gave me a new one. Yesterday, it fried again. It must have something wrong with this accessory.
    By the way, never had any problems with the power supply of my Mac Book (white) bought in 2007. I am still using it!

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    Good Quality but awful in Longevity

    So I purchased a mac book pro a while ago. The charger was getting a bit old looking like it was about to rip off, so I had it replaced under the first year warranty. Having it replaced, of course it was fine, but after the warranty was over. Not even a year after the replacement. The charger no longer works properly. It's not a problem with the outlet for the area where it's connected to the pro, but the cord it self. It's still possible to charge after moving the middle of the card back and forth for a good 20 minutes, but other then that...it's a non working charger. So, I don't know how I would feel about purchasing a whole other charger for full price.

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    Got my pro in july 2010. Within the past few weeks, I noticed that the charge light doesn't come on unless its getting pushed at an odd angle. Now that technique doesn't work anymore! Seriously though, $79.00? Go to an oem part store. Not to mention my iphone doesn't charge anymore unless I take the back glass off. I'm so tired of my favorite electronics being low battery all the time !!

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    Love my macbook, hate this power adapter

    I absolutely love my imac, my macbook, and most recently my new macbook air. But this power adapter has been terrible. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning, ready to bring your computer to the office for a presentation, and finding a dead computer that you thought was charging all night.

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    Lasted 2 years

    I've had my macbook for two years now, and recently the Magsafe Power adapter has started to break down. It still works sometimes , but the cable has to be at a certain angle for it to actually charge the computer. It can be very annoying when you leave your computer to charge and come back to find it wasn't "engaged" properly and your battery is still flat. I don't expect the cord to last much longer so I will have to replace it.

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    Through the years I've owned multiple apple products and have been satisfied with everything but this. When I had my original charger, it would over heat. Over a year ago I had gotten a puppy - who chewed my $80 MagSafe power cord.. Since then I have been purchasing my cords from a seller on amazon, and have come to find that their products are refurbished, and just as well - trash. My 5th charger is now shot, and I'm debating which to purchase, the yucky cheap one, or take a chance with the expencive official apple product that as well has bad reviews.

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    Poor design

    I'm not nearly as impressed with this power adapter as I am with other Apple products. My first adapter stopped working while my MacBook was under warranty. The replacement is less than a year old and the cord is frayed at the magnet. It seems that no matter how the magnetic terminal is oriented the cord still takes an almost ninety degree turn, hence the insulation breaking. They need to work on this component.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars


    Let me begin by saying I am a programmer, and I used to fix computer hardware for a living; which is to say that I am both critical of quality, and careful with my own equipment. Indeed, I have pampered my laptop, and all its accessories with the loving care of one who plans to sell a mint condition laptop when I next upgrade. To say I have treated this adapter with the greatest care is to say much less than could be said.

    Which is why I was stunned one day to find my laptop no longer charging. I barely had 20 cycles on the battery! I hit the web, and checked all the things it might be (dirt in the contacts, etc. etc.), but none of the "you're an idiot" solutions applied. Yet when by chance I moved the wire next to the magnet end, the laptop started charging, I knew the problem was a poor connection in the wire. Whether that was a side effect of what seemed to me to be excessive heat at the magnet end when plugged in, or a quality flaw from the factory, I cannot say - but if the number of soured reviews is indicative of anything, it certainly suggests a deficiency that has yet to be seriously addressed. I can say this much; this product was grossly overpriced when it was merely an adapter cable for a premium laptop - but when the same product comes out of the box with a lemon-in-waiting adaptor, I have to say, the quality of these cables, for all their aesthetics (and price), is regretably, even incomprehensibly poor.

    Perhaps Apple will examine the abysmal ratings they are getting, and fortify what would otherwise be a great (albeit wallet-gouging) cable. The second of the two stars is because I like every other Apple product I own (and I own many) and would feel overly guilty if I only put the single star the product was worth. Benefit of the doubt and all that.

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    It's OK

    The charger seems to get really hot, so keep it above surfaces, and they die too quickly as a result from the overheating.

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