• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    not good batteries

    • Written by from oakland

    These batteries are not good at holding a charge.

    They come dead, so you know they are not low self discharge, just a fancy package of standard NiMH batteries.

    They don't charge to 100%.

    They don't provide enough power to keep my bluetooth keyboard connected, at the exact same distance that the eneloops work fine.

    Don't waste your money on these, they really aren't very good batteries.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Looking, poor battery

    • Written by from Fresno

    I bought the batteries and charger for my wireless keyboard and magic mouse and they worked well at first but now won't charge past 68%. I guess it doesn't matter too much because as they drain I can just charge them again, but I would like them to charge to 100%.

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    Full Charge = 62% on new mouse = disappointing.

    • Written by from Middletown

    bought a new 27" iMac. bought the new apple battery charger at the same time. plugged it in, charged up the batteries until the energizer batteries died in the new mouse. put the new fresh recharged batteries in the mouse and it says it is at 62% charge. kind of disappointing.

    i do have to say though, for a mundane item like a battery charger the design is very nice. the specs say it has a green power saving mode which is also very good, no vampire power sucking. but still, it only charged the batteries to 62%. it does come with 3 sets of batteries and i haven't gone through and charged them all yet - but i will do that now that the first round only provides 62% life.

    could it be faulty batteries? maybe a less-cool looking charger that has been around longer would deliver a reliable 100% charge.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Does not work well in my mouse.

    • Written by from Mars

    Fully charged, these batteries only register 85% at most, in my mouse. I used the mouse editing pictures for about an hour and the % was down to 73%. I don't think that these batteries work very well in my mouse at least. I have a 1 month old 21.5" IMac with the I3 chip.
    The batteries that came with the mouse were regular Energizer Alkalines and they lasted the full month and were down to 25% when I changed to the rechargeables. I am going back to Alkaline batteries.

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    Beware: Batteries dont charge at 100% capacity

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    I bought this battery charger, since i had the wireless mouse and keyboard, and the mouse would rip through batteries just like that so i had to keep changing batteries every 4 weeks. So i got this hoping that my problem will be solved and also since it was something that apple makes and i mostly like everything they make. Well when i charged them, it took 5 hours, since the ones that come with it are not charged to full capacity. But even after waiting the 5 hours, i used them and for the keyboard, it was only at 80% and the mouse, at 60%, i do not know why they can not make it to charge at 100%, so that means im going have to keep waiting to keep charging them since they dont charge all the way. Im slightly dissappointed in apple with these batteries. I recommend them but not for those who use their periphals a lot.

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    Not Bad, But Not So Great

    • Written by from Pittsford

    I'm trying to go green, even any little bit. And I'm a fan of Apple products (I have lots of them!). But this particular little gem? Well, perhaps not so much. I got it Friday and plugged it in right away. Al i got was the blinking amber light which according to the instructions is either bad batteries or a bad charger. So I went through all six batteries, still got the blinking amber. Then I tried several outlets in my house, still blinking amber. So I called Apple Care and they didn't know what it was they thought I was talking about an iPod charger. So I went to the Apple store and the salesperson was very friendly and helpful, as always. I left with a replaced charger. But when I got home I had the same issues. So I went through every outlet in my house and finally found one where I didn't get the blinking amber and it actually charged all six batteries...woo hoo!!! So, do we have a very finicky product here? Too sensitive perhaps? My house is not old. There's no way all the outlets in my house are bad except one. Everything else has always worked just fine. Maybe this version 1.0 is not ready for prime time. In theory, I love the idea. Hopefully the kinks get worked out.

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