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    Does't mirroriPad2 desktop ( NOT App Dependent)

    The packages says it allows mirroring of an iPad2. It doesn't, not even the basic iOS desktop without any apps running. The iPad was connected to an LCD projector we've used for several years with a variety of laptops running Win XP, Win 7, Win 8, The projector could not detect ANY incoming video signal from the iPad.

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    It is a piece of Garbage

    I used this to show my what was on my ipad2 in the classroom. It worked so well for about 4 days, and it shut down completely. This device does not live up to apple 's name. I request a refund.

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    disappointment: limited apps to mirror

    I purchased the item hoping that it will mirror my iPhone 4 whatever apps opened. But it is a disappointment since the adapter limits itself to mirror photos and keynote presentation, so far i know. I still expect that it can mirror other productivity apps such as numbers, pages, safari and map so it can be really useful for me to purchase this $29 adapter.

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    What happened?

    This gadget does one thing very well, it disappoints. Spent four grueling days researching and preparing a keynote presentation on my Mac Pro. It was my intention to use my iPad2 connected to a projector's VGA input for my class presentation. It worked for a few minutes then the image disappeared. After several embarrassing minutes standing in front of my class,trying to make this thing work I stopped trying. Please fix this lousy gadget, or stop claiming that it was designed by Apple.

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    A complete FAIL!!!

    I used this adapter for nearly three weeks at work (a school, no less) mirroring everything from my Ipad2 to my students on a large 23" Samsung LCD. Suddenly, it stopped working and everytime I want to use it my Ipad displays a "This accesory not supported by Ipad" message, and I can now show NOTHING and the frustration is paramount among all of us. So what does Apple have to say about this? I expect a solution!

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    Come on Apple

    Professionals are using DMI and HDMI cables. What is the deal with going back to analog? Get us the adapter that will sync with LCD's, presentation projectors, etc... Seems very odd, maybe I just don't understand. Why you would limit your product to old school graphics?

    BTW, causes LCD's to shimmer once and awhile.

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    Haven't been able to get this thing to work on my iPad with *anything*, including Keynote. I already knew that the adapter wouldn't work outside of certain applications at the time of purchase.

    The lack of instructions might be part of the whole "it just works" approach, but the flaw arises when "it doesn't work."

    Very disappointed. Not giving up ... yet.

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    I didn't expect it to work too well after reading all of the poor reviews, but it looks like it doesn't work at all. What a fun surprise! Glad it was cheap.

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    Not Working

    I bought this from the apple store today and it dosent work I plugged it in and it still dosent work I have only tried it on one tv it is a samsung it recognises it but dosent play it any help would be apprieciated

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    no power, waste of time

    If you need power while projecting to VGA, forget it. This device is terrible. If there was a way to give it 0 stars, I would give it -1000 stars. How did Apple's designers go wrong with this one? The composite (yellow video) and HDMI both have a built in way to keep the iPhone/iPad powered, but no, not the VGA one.

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    Joke connector

    I suppose I should have read the reviews first, so it's my own fault.
    I am very, very close to replacing my laptop in external business meetings with the iPad. The final piece of the puzzle would be to view documents, presentations etc on a projector or TV output.
    I then find to my annoyance that it only works with a very, very few apps. One of which I need, which is Keynote.
    Then I find it doesn't even work with Pages - what a joke!
    And how difficult would it be to send the whole desktop to an external source? I quote Apples own website for this item "Use the Apple VGA Adapter to mirror whatever’s on your iPad 2 screen — apps, presentations, websites, and more" Misleading at best.

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    Doesn't work with iPad 1

    Apple needs to clearly define what this adapter can and can't do. I purchased one and nothing happened when I plugged it into my iPad (1) and LCD projector. The projector showed no source found. Geniuses at Apple Store could tell me nothing other than they would refund my money.

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    Limited capabilities

    I bought this for use with my iPad 1 and I was disappointed by the limitations. Netflix app works great but I can't play movies I've purchased on iTunes? I don't understand the reasoning behind this especially since it seems iPad 2 can do mirroring. If anyone at apple reads these please fix this problem, why can't iPad 1 support mirroring as well?

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    Doesn't work with iphone 4 and ios 4.3

    I am well aware of the limits of this adaptor and have used it successfully with my iphone 4 and ios 4.2.1 (with 2 VGA monitors). After upgrading to ios 4.3, it stopped working. I did the usual things (rebooted the iphone, etc.) to no avail. I brought it to an Apple store and the "genius" got it to work briefly after a lot of fiddling. He recommended that I reboot the iphone before use with the connector disconnected. I did this and tried every permutation of rebooting with and without the connector attached and had no luck. Hardly the "plug and play" behavior we expect from an Apple product. I await the next ios version (but it might never be fixed, in view of the small number of these items being sold).

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    As everyone else complains, this is not what it seems (in terms of iphone; it apparently works for the ipad 2). If you wish to project exactly what you see on your iphone; this won't do it. I bought it thinking the adapter works the same way as the laptop. The macbook vga adapter projects the screen of your laptop as is. So I automatically assumed that the same would be true for the iphone vga adapter. Well, I was wrong. Don't be wrong.

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    I had asked a few people to join me in a conference room to go over some material, some screenshots I had emailed to my account. Try as I may, the mail app would not display through this adapter. Luckily I was able to forward the same email to a colleague who had a PC laptop and he connected to the video display.

    Mail? Why not mail? Who's going to pirate video of my mail box?

    You just never know what will work and what won't.

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    Very limited functionality

    This doesn't work universally like the equivalent would on a PC. It works in very limited conditions. Don't buy it unless you've verified that your app will work with it like you expect.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    waste of money, does not play everything

    Why you use this item but for playing every app that you have buy? It is a waste of money because just outputs video and keynote, does not support the other apps, that is a shame, because you can`t show a presentation or a content for a third party app (like prezi)....you make the people Jailbreak the ipad cause in Cynthia there is an app that allows you to output everything. Why Apple doesn´t allow that? I wasted my money

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    No no no!

    This is not the cable connector you think you purchased! It does not perform as you need, it does not allow for displaying your documents, presentations, videos, drawings on a screen. I do not recommend this product.

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    deceptive advertising

    All those who have written a review of this product have been too kind. I read and re-read the product description on the Apple web site and the documentation that came with the adapter, and there is no warning of limitations. Caveat emptor, sure, but I also feel deceived by Apple.

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