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    It worked well with my Ipad 2 until I updated it into iOS 9.3.1 ... Then it stopped working and gave me an error message saying "This accessory is not supported by this Ipad"
    I'm very disappointed of you guys... 7 years of using Apple products and now you give me this... Please fix this bug ASAP because my family wants to watch movies

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    Poor design, limited functionality

    After reading that my iPad 2 would support video mirroring, I bought this to use in conjunction with my computer monitor, before using it for a college presentation. As I found out right away, the 30 pin connector at one end of the dongle actually has a looser connection thn the charging cable. so, with the slightest tug, it shifts, nd the image on the screenis lost. You have to keep youre device on a flat, static surface to use without issue. A problem that could have been fixed with a little more labwork Apple.

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    Dude! How do you charge your iPad when you're using this connector?

    I guess you don't.

    About the limited use of the iPad for output to an LCD projector. The connector does what it's supposed to do, it's the lack of software the makes for sparse usage of this product, right? It works well with vodcasts and keynote (only when you are actually playing the slideshow). Just as an aside, it is a bummer that I can play my licensed digital copy of "WALL-E" on my iPod Touch but not my iPad.

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    very limited

    The VGA adapter doesn't display the iPad screen, it only displays specific apps, which are very limited in number.

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    Interesting choice of capability...

    As an electrical engineer trained in both hardware and software development, I find it interesting that Apple chose to activate video output only in Keynote and Videos (I have not found other apps that output video, but there may be). This limits the utility for me; I tend to not only give canned briefings, but demonstrate, in real time, image and signal processing algorithms, as well as display photos. I wish that Apple provided, out-of-the-box, the ability to mirror the display.

    Having said that, I have seen an iPad that was "jailbroken" only for the purpose of adding a 28kB patch that does just that...mirrors the video. Apparently, in a matter of minutes, it's possible to "fix" the Apple-imposed limitation. This tells me that it's not some hardware or software difficultly, but apparently something political limiting that function(if you can believe that)....

    The cable is well-built, and certainly outputs the video signal (when its present) clearly. But be aware that, unless you give Keynote briefings only, you may find that it's not a useful option.

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    Short cord

    The cord is too short. If ur TV is high on the wall u need a separate stand for ur iPad right next to it! Is there any way apple can extend the cord?

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    Wish you could mirror displays. If running a presentation and want to show audience something from the web, the iPad can't do it. We all know it CAN be done. Please fix this in the firmware.

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    Lack of mirror functionality is real drawback

    The accessory is of very limited use as it only works with few applications to show app specific content.

    It does not work satisfactory even with Keynote (where I expected it to shine). In essence the presentation is only shown on the external monitor/projector, while the iPad is reduced to expensive and huge presenter remote - iPad is showing only navigation buttons in the middle of the screen.

    Any cheap netbook beats the ipad for presentations by a mile.

    Apple need urgently to rework their software to allow mirroring of screen on the VGA out in all apps and all circumstances including Keynote.

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    Really Needs to do More

    I work with children with disabilities, many who have very limited motor movement and are in wheelchairs. While the iPad has been an incredible tool for these kids I am very frustrated that the VGA adapter does not work with all apps so I can position a separate screen for kids to see content while they type on the iPad. Please Apple remedy this!

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    Competition is comming soon... The fact I need to search out apps to take care of this issue is crazy. All the comments about the vga doing what it states does not speak to the fact it should not be restricted. My company is currently deciding to wait or pull the trigger on rolling this out to our sales force for presentation needs... my reco is going to be very grey. There are so many reasons to mirror the display. One might be the lost revenue from businesses like mine.

    Is this a toy or a tool?

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    Not all VGA cables can connect to this

    I was aware of any software limitations, but decided to buy to use at least for KeyNotes.
    When I get to my office and tried to connect standard VGA cable from our projector to this adapter, there were no signal went to the projector.
    It did work at home with my monitor, but I cannot use it if it may not work somewhere out of the office, where I have no control over available equipment.

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    works for pirates

    Useless if you honestly buy and rent your movies from iTunes. ahhhh the beauty of DRM

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    iPad Vga Adaptor

    Simple connection and preferences found easily under Video. Disappointed it does not output everything including desktop and apps. The best thing is that AirVideo WORKS!! This will see your setup movie folders on multiple machines and play on your VGA screen allowing you to connect a screen in the kitchen or bedroom to your Media Center hard drive. Youtube also works so as long as the App developer has added the API it works. Photos does not work so yes there are going to be allot of disappointed people including me. But lets see what the ios 4 brings.No games I tried seem to work common developers lets think out side the box.

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    Apple's dirty little secrets

    1. They provide no picture of the VGA connector so you can't know until you buy it that you don't have the cables or video display inputs needed to use it.
    2. The iPhone component cable works fine with the iPad.
    3. The iPad Photos app doesn't support any slide show transition other than dissolve.

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    Let this crippled boy walk again!

    This adapter is but a software update away from being a useful add-on. I was amazed at how limited this VGA adapter was... I mean, I am in the middle of a presentation, someone asks to see a web page. "Oh, sorry. I can't show any Web sites through this VGA adapter." What? And that isn't all. This adapter has more handicaps than Timmy. Why is this the only VGA adapter in the history of VGA adapters that comes with rules? Please update and fix this barely usable iPad tail.

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    Only Works for Video, Presentations, and Slideshows

    The adapter only allows you to output a video (either stored on the iPad, or from YouTube), as well as share Keynote presentations, Numbers presentations, and photo gallery slideshows. But, it will NOT allow you to "project" the desktop. In a regular laptop, I can connect a projector to the laptop, and I can easily share what I see with an audience. Not so, with this adapter.

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    Limited capabilit translates into disapointment

    I have adopted my iPad as my primary work computer in the office. It handles 80% of what I need, and the other bits I take care of on my laptop as the needs arise. The display adapter is a different animal though in that it will only project specific content and from within designated applications. For example, I had a email I needed to review with my department today. Well, no luck, I can't use the adapter to project my email communication to the projector. I WAS able to do this is Keynote which was nice, but another flaw there is that the content on my ipad is replaced with basically a report, and you have to look up to the projector to see the actual content instead of being able to view and navigate from the iPad itself. Both major disapointments.

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    It works, but not not as I had hoped

    Everyone else has already covered it, but I had intended to use GoodReader to show a nice presentation PDF through the VGA connector. Easy, right? No. It doesn't work.

    For those looking for a way to what I was, I ended up importing the presentation as a bunch of slide pictures into Keynote and then I was able to output that to a projector through the adapter. What a waste of time :( I hope 3rd party apps can choose to use the VGA output, because right now it's just not that good of a solution. It would have been much easier if GoodReader could use the adapter.

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    What are developers supposed to do?

    The adaptor is useful for displaying Keynote presentations and if that is your primary need, then it is probably worth it for you at the price point. I am developing iPad apps and need to demonstrate them to large groups so it is an ENORMOUS disappointment that there is no way to do this. How does Apple expect developers to show off their great new apps in a presentation setting, buy iPads for the entire audience? What does Steve Jobs use to demonstrate the iPad? Commercialize that connector and you will increase the value of the iPad tremendously, especially for developers.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    this is much better than component cable

    I bought component cable first, and I tried but i was so disappointed with the quality of the video and pictures and keynote slide show, so i refunded it and i bought this VGA cable first, and tested it and now i really satisfy with the video quality output in HD samsung LCD tv.

    it is way crisper than component cable, so keep this in mind who is interested at this item.

    but as you know, this doesn't show the mirror mode like steve job showed in his presentation.

    when are you apple guys gonna sell the cable that he used? (it was grey cable when i saw in youtube)

    this cable shows exactly same as the component cable does(but the component cable outputs the sounds! that's only the benefit of that item),

    1. it shows only the movie when it's only played. then the ipad screen stops and the movie plays in the TV. at the setting you can turn on/off the widescreen mode for the ratio.

    2. it only shows the pictures when it's on slideshow mode.
    remember, it doesn't show that nice pinch & zoom interface on your ipad to TV. very disappointing. hope apple update this.
    you can't play with orgami mode nor other animation except the dissolve mode.it only has dissolve mode only on iPad to choose. very disspointing again.
    and the most dissapointing thing is that, it doesn't have turn on/off widescreen mode like the video so the ratio of the pictures gonna be always strecthed, and it really looks weird and ugly for portrait pics.

    3. it only shows keynote when it's only in play mode. it doesn't show anything on the tv until you press the play button.
    you can see the laser pointer when you press with your finger for seconds, and this might be useful in presentation.
    when you press the play mode, the screen on your ipad turn black and you see only page numbers and arrows for turning next page.
    and also it doesn't have turn on/off widescreen mode like the video so the ratio of the keynote gonna be always strecthed, and the presentation willl look weird and ugly.

    4. you can't play the videos in AirVideo apps, so you cant see the movie thats on your computer.

    5. you can't play any other apps with this cable.

    6. you can't output any other screens you have that shows in your screen.

    so apple plz solve these problems in next upate of firmware, would you?

    and plz sell that cable that steve jobs used in his presentation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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