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    Works great

    I'm using this with an iPad 2, fully updated to iOS 5.1.1 and ALL apps (including DirecTV, videos purchased on iTunes, YouTube, Safari, Angry Birds, etc...) work just fine when connected to a monitor, widescreen TV, or projector. Keep in mind that it may not adjust the resolution to fit the TV so you might have black bars on the sides and such. DirecTV and videos seem capable of scaling to 16:9 aspect ratio of the TV.

    The plug does come out pretty easily so it's best if you can just leave the iPad sitting flat on a stationary surface. VGA does not transmit sound so if you want to watch videos, you'll have to plan ahead or listen through the iPad.

    I've also used this with an iPod Touch 4th Gen and the results are the same as with the iPad2.

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    Works as described

    Just got it home, expecting only to see my Numbers slide shows, some videos, and perhaps photos on my computer monitor. Wow! Everything is mirrored to the monitor. All apps. Everything. Moved it to a "computer" vga input on a TV with the same results. iPad 2, IOS 5.1. One caution: unlike the Composite AV Cable, this adapter does not charge your iPad. Not likely to be much of an issue, but if you need to make sure the battery doesn't die, use the Composite AV Cable. It sends the audio out, too.

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    Works great for me

    I use it to give presentations from my iPad. I've simply connected it to the VGA cable on new and old digital projectors and turned on the iPad. Mirrors my iPad 2 just fine. That was the last thing I needed the iPad to do so I could stop packing my laptop around.

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    Works like a charm!

    This product worked perfectly for me. I read a lot of bad reviews from people but they are totally unwaranted. The product description clearly says that mirroring only works on the iPad 2 so I think all the people complaining have first generatioin iPads. I just plugged it in and it worked perfectly for me, didn't have to do anything. I would recommend it to anyone that has an iPad 2 or New iPad and needs to show content on a VGA projector, VGA monitor or TV with VGA input.

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    works perfectly

    I bought this adapter to view pictures with a projector from my I-pad2. I don't know what people are complaining about since I just plugged it in and it works perfectly. I'm 100% satisfied!

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    Works Like A Charm

    I have an iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4S.

    It should first be noted that only the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 will display "live mirroring" of the display.

    Secondly, the iPhone 4, iPad 1, and iPhone 3GS; it will only display video from certain apps such as: YouTube, Photos (slideshow feature only), Videos, Netflix, and any other third party app that has added video out support (there's not very many out there).

    For the iPhone 3G, I receive an "Accessory not supported feature" and was not able to get any video to output.

    In regards to the iPhone 4S performance, it's crisp and sharp on any monitor I've hooked it up to. One downside that I've found is when I hook it up to my "vertical orientation" monitor. There are not any kind of settings on the iPhone to force a 90, 180, -90, -180 degree rotation. Newer monitors might have manual rotation in the settings; unfortunately, my Samsung 23" SyncMaster (from 2008) does not.

    Alternatives for non iPhone 4S and iPad 2 would be the "Component AV" cable that essentially allows you to connect to any TV that accepts video (yellow) and audio (red or white or both) which obviously covers most televisions over the last 15 years. I have personal experience with the iPad 1 using the component cable and it works great for playing YouTube videos (such as Sesame Street for my daughter) or photo slideshows (showcasing my photography).

    Overall it's a solid cable. I usually buy knock off eBay cables; but after my last experience buying the junky knock off component cable that was half the price of the Apple cable; I have regretted it (primarily due to the fact that it gets stuck in my iDevices and makes me feel like I have to rip it out dangerously to get it out).

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I am not sure if others are not using this product correctly but in my opinion it is perfect!

    I teach and I use it to project my slides and videos to my students during lectures


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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works GREAT! iPad 2 = 100% Mirroring.

    I was not sure about this after reading a few reviews that were casting a shadow on it, but I had a meeting and needed to show a KEYNOTE on the big screen from my iPad2.

    Instant Set Up: Plugged the VGA Adapter into the iPad2 then the projector and it immediately worked.

    100% Mirroring: KEYNOTE came off perfect and after the meeting I played with every other app I have...Games, YouTube, Video, E-Mail... you name it, it was on the big screen!!

    Works like a charm!! My biggest issue is that everyone in the office keeps wanting to borrow it and "forgetting" to bring it back! If you need to project, buy it, it will do exactly what you want it to.


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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    I love my VGA adapter!!!!

    I use it everyday to read books nd watch TV episodes. It was well worth the price. It does not working my iPad, but it works well with my iPad2. It's small, portable(All Apple products are) and I plan on buying another real soon.

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    Works great

    I use an ipad 2, 5.0.1 and it did the job just fine. I think is great

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    Works as advertised

    Oops - i posted this review on the digital cable...

    this AV cable works with every projector i have tried (at many locations). if you wantto give a slide show using you ipad2, get it.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Mirrors the iPad 2 perfectly via VGA

    Works as described and mirrors your iPad 2 to a connected display using a VGA connector. Plug this adapter into the iPad, and attach to the male end of a VGA cable connected to your display and you see the iPad 2 user interface.

    *Product Used: iPad 2 v5.0.1
    - You will need a VGA cable to connect between this adapter and your display.
    - You see the entire iPad user interface and the content of each app as you open it.
    - I tried a bunch of apps and games and all were mirrored on the display without issues.
    - iBooks worked perfectly for displaying presentations. Just open an email with the PDF presentation, select the attachment and select Open in iBooks, and it adds to your library. Open here and flip through the presentation.
    - As you might expect, the adapter does not allow copy protected material to display:
    [x] HBO Go - Is blocked and will not display when connected
    [x] Cox TV Connect - Will run and you can see the show listings, but the display area will not show any content when connected
    [x] Downloaded Videos from the apple store would not display

    *Product Used: iPhone4 v5.0.1
    - Would NOT mirror the general user interface like on the iPad 2
    - I tried YouTube and could view videos
    - I tried a couple other apps that specifically have TV-out capabilities and they worked

    In general did what I needed it to do for business presentations.

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    ipad vga adapter

    It shows every app, every screen, basically everything it needs to show! I use my ipad in my 3rd grade classroom and need this adapter to show the kids what to do and how to work things. WARNING: if you go to show a video, make sure you close out of that app before ding anything else, otherwise you will have no video. It simply works!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Excellent product, does exactly what I want it to do (i.e watch Netflix on my TV), well worth the price.

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    Excellent with iPhone 4S

    Beautiful full mirroring with 4S and a business projector that has no hdmi (otherwise I'd use an apple TV).

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    I have waited for this for the longest time!

    I live in a 3rd world country and we don't have alot of HDMI screens here..

    So FINALLY I'm now able to show keynote presentations using the company projector..

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    Works great with projector and saves carrying MacBook

    This does exactly what I expected it to do: show my Keynote presentation/slideshow through a projector. I have been running informational slides during the networking portion of our professional association meetings, and this makes it even more simple as I don't even have to take my MacBook Air.

    I can make a Keynote slideshow on either directly on my iPad2 or create on my computer and move it to the iPad later. (I used Dropbox, but iCloud should be a good option.)

    It mirrors what's on the iPad. I also tried it with my iPhone 4 -- worked perfectly with that also.

    I'm not using sound.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent product!

    Essential for teachers!
    It works perfectly.
    iPad2 iOS 5

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    It Works for me

    I have this adapter connecting my iPad2 to a projector. Everything that appears on the iPad screen is projected onto my classroom whiteboard. Everything... If it is on my screen, it is mirrored by the projector.
    My particular projector doesn't support sound, so I have to connect an external set of speakers using the headphone jack. It works for me.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works perfectly on an iPad 2

    I'm wondering if most of the negs are from iPad 1 users, because this thing works great on an iPad 2! Everything on the iPad shows up on the monitor in mirrored mode. I used the Time Warner app to watch TV in a room that has none. It also worked with a switch box, so I can do a presentation on the pad, then switch over to my MacBook. Sweet!

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