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    Second charger and still working

    I have a Macbook pro 15" Mid 2012. The first charger that I had with this computer got damaged in a year; the cable broke near the plastic charger.
    The second charger that I bought (from Apple Reatiler in Colombia) is working until now, I think that the most important thing to do is not trying to bend the thin cable under any circumstance, this strategy worked for me, and I pack the charger in my bag without bending this cable.
    Besides of that, I think that Apple engineers must redesign the thin cable on newer models, because it's so fragile.

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    Buying yet another due to frayed cord

    As reviews say over and over, cord frays, these don't last, they're expensive for a disposable item.
    Compared to power adapters for other powerful laptops I've had these are exceptionally light and easy to carry, and the mag attachment is awesome. That's why some stars.

    Notice how "most useful" reviews shown are 5-star? How deceptive is that! Its like Apple wants us to hate them.

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    Expect to replace annually...

    this review is really useless... they've already updated the magsafe and they haven't remedied the MAJOR issue... the cord frays close to the "brick". I saw one review that suggested they design it to be detachable from both ends, THAT WAY people aren't forced to continue replacing power "bricks" when only the cord is the issue... I won't give the product one star, because the idea of magnetic connectors is brilliant, both on the outlet side of the "brick" and at the AC port on the laptop... So 3 stars...brilliant concept, poor construction...

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    Skinny wire is terrible with pets, no cheap way to replace

    I don't know what it is about the Apple wiring but our cat continually chews on only the skinny white wire. I've had to replace about 7 of these over the course of the past year and am off to the store for more tonight! I wish Apple would make a small plug in for the adaptor similar to the other end with the AC cord so that I wouldn't always need to purchase the white block which I'm sure is the most expensive part.Also if the wiring was thicker it might be more sustainable to damage but I also realize this is as much an issue with my cat as it is the cord. It's just funny though because most of the other wires in our house have been safe and the ones that haven't are no more than $20 to replace. Seems like our cat prefers white or the smell of these. Have tried numerous pet related products as well with no luck. Regardless, it would be helpful to have the option to purchase just the wire making it a cheaper fix. I'm nearing $1000 on chargers!

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    Expedient Cord Repair Afghan Style

    My cord frayed while I was here in Afghanistan and I didn't feel like paying the extra $89 at the PX for a replacement - I have never had to repair a power adapter before.

    I looked at the cord construction and determined it was an inner wire wrapped with a coax outer wire mesh. Unfortunately, the mesh had separated and shrunk, so it wouldn't connect to complete the circuit. All I had to do was cut a 1" piece of aluminum foil and wrap it so it connected both ends of the coax, and then I wrapped the "crud" out of it with black electrical tape. No sweat; it works like a charm now and I look like Mad Max at the airport!

    I gave the charger an extra star for the three prong cord it comes with. It makes the cord long enough to do some good and will actually plug into a standard power strip. I also gave it another star because it came with my 13" MacBook Pro which is hands down the best laptop I've ever owned!

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    Too delicate for heavy use?

    I have an early black MacBook, and the original charger is in perfect shape. My daughter's charger for her new MacBook started to fray after about 6 months, with the white insulation pulling away from the wires at both ends. The difference seems to be in how you use the chargers: mine usually gets used at night, when the MacBook is just sitting on a countertop, while she generally runs hers with the charger in all the time, sitting in bed, at her desk, in a chair - you know, "student style." :-)

    I wind my cord fairly tightly when I put the charger away, and that's done no harm over the years. The problem seems to come from tugging on the cords so that the mechanically weak insulation is stretched, while the strong interior cabling takes none of the stress. I can only suggest what might be counter-intuitive: get a really tight grip on the cord before you pull on it, so you're pulling on the interior cable, not just the white insulation. And try to avoid working with the cord fully stretched out.

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    its fine

    You people are whiners. If you can find it cheaper buy it somewhere else. Google it. I'm only replacing mine after 2 years because one of the pins in the L connector got pushed in some how, so i "have to position it just right to get the magnetic thingy to work." If your connector is wobbly when you plug it in to your computer, look INSIDE IT, something, MIGHT BE IN THE WAY. I have kids, so I'm surprised it's lasted this long. Durability should never be an issue. Are you using your adapter for nun-chucks or something? It should just sit, and be still while you compute. If you're not computing, what are you doing to your adapter? It was just fine until you touched it.

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    I didn't buy this as a seperate item, I'm just reviewing the one that came with my late fall 2011 mbp.

    The cord is fraying near the connector. I taped it up real ghetto like with electrical tape, and a week later the split just started again above the tape. so idk. It is clear that these won't hold up too well in the long term, and I don't know what the average life expectancy is of power adapters. I got a year and a half out of mine, now I must buy another. I'm not real happy about that. What would make me happy is if the DC out cord was interchangeable, just like the AC in. Then I could just buy a much cheaper cord to replace, instead a whole new adapter.

    3 stars for the ingenuity of the mag connector, knocking 2 off for the short lifespan.

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    Attention Apple! We Need a Wireless Charging System!

    ...I know it was considered for the iPhone5 (although not a feature yet). Why can't you design wireless charging for a macbook pro? I'm no engineer but neither are my cats. Last week, they finally ate through the charger cord I've had for over 3 years. I ordered a new one -- and rather liked the new style of magnetic connector plug on the computer end too. However, I use the cord to charge my macbook on a table and the cats have now discovered a taste for it. Hence, my second order in a week at $80 because, of course, they couldn't eat the outlet end. They chewed the part of the cord attached to the adapter...(Do I sound calm...well I'm not!) Yes, it's a laptop, true, and the idea is for convenience and portability. However, I just hadn't planned on having to find a CLOSET with an electrical outlet in it!

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    So i know that I have had this charger for almost 3 years but I feel like a charger shouldn't tear or break and now I have to spend 80 bucks to get another one. I guess Apple should figure out a way to better design their chargers, and maybe use a different material to wrap the wires in the charger. I know that Apple is all about how things look but maybe they should start also thinking about the quality in the materials they use.

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    The DURABILITY in my opinion, should be better.

    I have two thoughts about the adapter. I like and dislike it. The adapter part of the charger is tearing yet the big power cord/extension part is fine. When I bought my MacBook Pro and all of the things that came with it about a year ago now, I really expected it to last a very long time. Now I can say that I played a part in the tearing of the product but nothing too major. Minor steps on the cord or constantly rolling the cord up may be the issue because I am a college student who is not stationary, I use my computer just about everywhere and my charger comes along with me. This product is not inexpensive, $80 is a nice chunk of change for a computer charger. I am not complaining about the price but the quality and durability of this charger should be a lot better, especially considering the fact that it is an Apple product.

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    Pretty Good.

    I can't give the product more than three stars because it has started to get finicky here over the last couple of months. I purchased my MBP 17" last year and have had the original cord this long. It is still in good shape, but sometimes when attaching it to the MBP it doesn't connect to charge, and other times it is not readable until it is unattached and reattach. Other times I can wiggle it around and it will be recognized. I feel that this shouldn't be an issue, and it's happening more frequently. There isn't anything obstructing it from connecting properly, so that is not an issue and they are both clean. I just feel that this is too soon for it to be going downhill and possibly having to be replaced so soon.

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    Cord frays about the 18months in.

    You would think cord damage would be something of a non-issue when the cord easily detaches. However, due to the way it is designed, the cable bends severely right at the connector. This is due to the sharp change from stiff hard plastic to the soft rubberized cable; there's nothing to restrict the curve which imparts compression and tension forces, which, over time,will cause compromise in the sheathing. You would think that people as smart as apple would realize that semi-stiff rubber/plastic sheathing over the first inch or two of the cable to inhibit the degree of the curve and offer a more gradual and resistant to this issue.

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    Yes for older MacBook Pro's

    I have a 15" MacBook Pro 4,1 (early 2008), my original MagSafe Power Adapter lasted almost exactly 4 years of light use, meaning a couple hours a day, 3 or 4 days a week. I was concerned because one of the reviewers said this new MagSafe Power Adapter would not work with the older non unibody MacBook Pro, that is not correct. I just received my new MagSafe Power Adapter model A1343 and it plugs in just like the old one and is less obtrusive because of the "L" shape.

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    Excellent!, but still needs a few enhancements.

    I bought my first MacBook Pro 15" in September 2011. I find all Apple products innovative and logical, as well as efficient.

    The Magsafe 85W is an amazing piece of technology, however it needs to be enhanced little bit more.

    The EXCELLENT things:
    - Small size
    - Tough
    - Magnetic DC plug
    - Amazing feature lets you furl the DC cable for convenient travel size
    - Smart charging

    The needed improvements:
    - Can the DC wire be more flexible? (it is, but more flexibility will make it better)
    - More power, 85 W is not sufficient for the MacBook Pro 15" when running heavy programs and games (it gets very hot and even sometimes the Mac borrows some power from battery (playing need for speed THE RUN under windows)
    - Is there any chance Apple can make the AC plugs (Universal), it is very useful when travelling
    - Finally is it possible to include a USB outlet?

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    Good adapter but magnet breaks easily

    I've read a lot of negative reviews in which people complain of the wire fraying. I've never had that happen to mine (it's the L shape), but the magnetic piece did break after less than a year. I fixed it with superglue but a few months later it broke again. I can't justify the expense (I don't want to replace parts that aren't broken), so I'm using a strong rubber band to hold the power cord onto the magnetic piece. It's not the greatest solution but it's proven workable.

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    I can't keep buying chargers and batteries

    The battery lasted 2years. The charger went sometime after then the new one it's been a year and it started sparking and browning then stripped away at the laptop area and around the block. Hopefully they cover this.

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    Don't be fooled

    Don't be fooled by the flexible wire, if you wrap and unwrap the thin cord every time you use it it's going to weaken and break, according to all these reviews, and according to my gut feeling when I first saw it. Throw the whole cord in the bag without wrapping it up and it will last you much longer. The magnetic attachment however, is truly awesome.

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    Good idea but it still needs work

    I love the magnetic attachment, finally a way to plug your computer in without having to worry about warping the power connection and having to replace it. This cord does have one MAJOR drawback, the point where the cord from the computer attaches to the transformer frays in less than a year, if you use the clips attached to it to wrap up the cord when storing then it will last maybe 6 months. I have owned my MBP for less then a year and I am already on my second power cord. I like that it doesn't cost as much as the battery (which should last longer if you ask me) but spending $80 every six months is a waste of money, you have no choice unless you want to void your warranty by fixing yourself or buying an off brand power cord.
    MAKE SURE when storing or using you bend the cord at the transformer as little as possible to make it last longer, and never wrap it with the attached clips!

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    Runs hot; cables are wily

    Runs hot... not too surprising.

    The surprise is the quality of the cables. There are two cables, the AC cable (plugs into the wall), and the DC cable (plugs into your notebook). Both cables are much stiffer than on the adapter that I received with my mid-late-2009 MacBook Pro 15". They are so stiff, that they tend to whip around when you are winding or unwinding them. There is some hazard if children are nearby, because the ends of the cables can flick around. Take care.

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